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January 14th, 2015

[info]sybarite in [info]rooms


[After awakening from all the sedation and things.]




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Shane A

[After this.]

I know I ask you for a lot of favors.

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Locks: Graham R and Shane A

[after this interesting situation and after she's made her way back to her apartment in Marvel - with Baby Girl in tow.]

[Graham R]

How is that whole coming back thing working out for you?

[Shane A]

Went to Gotham. Saw Clementine. Baby is with me at my apartment in Marvel. How was your day? Did you end up with any surprise children? Because I did.

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Peter P

[Upon receiving the GPS coordinates from Gwen for that out-of-state facility.]

[Locked to Peter P]
I could use your help, Peter. Any chance you're free?

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Marina S, Ford C, Sam A

[Marina S]

[Sometime around lunchtime the morning after CPS's visit arrives by recorded-delivery, a batch of paperwork from a medium-level Gotham legal office, setting out the intention of one Russell Campbell to sue regarding custody arrangements. The contact details for a lawyer at the firm are included.

[Ford C]

so don't freak the fuck out on me.

[Sam A]

they returned him this morning. she's got him right now.

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Text: Clementine M

[During this.]

[Text to Clementine M]
the fuck, Peaches?

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quicklog, chinatown: pete & gwen

[Hello, memories. So maybe asking Gwen to meet at the place where they'd broken up on graduation night (not that he'd wanted to, that was worth noting) wasn't the best idea, but whatever. Peter had no idea what he was doing. Okay, so he had some idea. An idea. So he wanted to see her, was that so wrong? No Harry locked up in the basement, no zombies or other people, just them. No big deal.

And if he kept telling himself that, maybe he'd believe it after, you know, he hit the triple digits.

She had a boyfriend. Gwen was dating someone else. Peter tried really, really hard to drill that into his head, just like he tried to be supportive and not jealous and a bunch of other stuff he thought he should be. Problem was, it wasn't working. And then MJ had go to and bring up how Gwen looked at him, which made him wonder. And wondering drove him nuts. Which was why Pete was early, jeans and sneakers and a hoodie-- and gloves, yeah, Aunt May was big on lecturing about the cold. He'd skipped on the earmuffs, though. No thank you. Speaking of MJ, he kept going back and forth between calling and not calling, worrying and trying to play it cool; she was upset, and probably drunk, but he hoped she'd just gone home and was sleeping it off. Right. Maybe he'd have Aunt May make sure, just in case, and then once he got back from his Vermont trip with Cap he'd check in again. Because everything else aside, all the messed up complicated stuff, he cared. She was his best friend. Gwen was, like, convinced that it was only a matter of time until they ended up together, and maybe back home that might've been true, but things were different here and she really didn't get it. Subtlety? Failed miserably.

He covered his face with his gloved hands and groaned. Harry locked in a box was less complicated than this. Giant lizards and electric men were less complicated than this.]

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Email: Sharon C, Public, Max M

[Email: Sharon C]

[After a series of bounce-backs redirects to Sharon.]

Ms. Carter, I'm sorry about my unplanned absence, there's been a family emergency. If you're willing to give permission I can take the materials home to work there. [Does she, doesn't she, screw it.] And there appears to be a discrepancy in the numbers from Shaw's department.

E Dean


Sometimes I wish all those health guides hadn't been updated and you could still say 'screw it' and serve refined sugar and carbs to kids every day.

[Max M

Let work know I'm still not in. Flowers dead yet?

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Stark Tower: Robert/Selina

[Maybe it wasn't the best time for a visit to Marvel, but Selina was licking her wounds, and she always liked to leave the Gotham smog behind when she felt particularly vulnerable. Not that she'd admit to feeling vulnerable. Oh, no, musn't do that, even if it was the truth. But there it was, and there she was, using the Tower entrance Tony had built for her, three Marvel New York jewelry shops in her wake.

Once she reached Robert's rooms, she used the door (good kitty), but she didn't knock. She let herself in, tripping no alarms and purring a little thank you at JARVIS as the doors closed behind her.

She was sleek black, and it wasn't even for show. Those jewelry stores, remember? Emeralds and diamonds at her throat and wrists, and the whip around her hip had a shiny little chain accompanying it in blinding white. She did like diamonds. She wouldn't go so far as to say they were a kitty cat's best friend, but they certainly took the edge off.

Oh, about that. She believed Bruce when he said he didn't sleep with the girl Holly ran into at the store. Bruce and Dickie, and neither of them had faces for lying about what they did when they weren't wearing any kevlar. But the feeling of false betrayal lingered, and it mingled with lost friends and a not-daughter that was as nasty as any feral cat.

So, kitty ears (goggles) up, she prowled around Robert's rooms, a swish of hip as she sought him out.]

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Les Womens of Marvel, Public

[The Women Club: from Natasha's previous post - Wanda M, Sharon C, Jane F]

If we ever came to a conclusion on invading the clubhouse, I didn't see one. But how about having our own?


I have, three days in advance of the usual deadline, broken my New Year's resolution.

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[Batman. Because it's so logical.]

hi Batman can u help me in Gotham?

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locked to tony s

[From REDACTED (in reality the name is scribbled out - anonymous). After this. Written slowly, printed clearly.]

You have something for me.