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January 13th, 2015

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Clementine M

[Just following this.]

[Locked to Clementine M]
Peaches, the fuck?

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[Not even ANON because she is high and drunk and who caaaaares.]

Anybody got the word on a good gigolo?

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quicklog: father and son in TWD

[Graham hadn't been real sure if he was seeing Jake's name in the journal for real, at first. For every lapse of sanity there was always some lucidity that stuck around. But no, it was his son, his son who didn't call him Dad and hadn't in years, the boy who hadn't been so angry once upon a time. Wished he could go back, like he always did. Except he couldn't, Jake wasn't seven anymore, he was grown and even Lore told him as much; it was hard for her, too, always was for mothers. Their babies would always be their babies. What mattered right now, she said, was finding their boy, and he agreed. He pushed aside thoughts of the baby girl out there, and Clem, who was out there too. Didn't matter a lick what Shane said; he'd only made things worse with her, and best that he keep his distance from here on out. He could see his daughter without making a mess of things again, he was real sure he could.

But that was later. This was now. Graham retraced his steps from the farmhouse to the road best he could, and he read over Jake's list to work out just where he was. He was on foot, no car, and it was just damn luck that he found one on the highway that wasn't all broken up or out of gas. Thing wouldn't take him far, but he didn't need it to. Just to his son. Lore fretted in the front seat as he drove, and when he passed a gas station he hoped real hard it was the right one.

Further he got, more dead folk there were. He went as fast as he could and up ahead, there, he was real sure he saw a truck.]

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Louis D

[Louis D]

know you're pissed. but you're a cop, yeah? teach your sister how to defend herself, even when she can't think straight.

[Delay.] and Ford's back.

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Bruce W

[Locked to the Detective]

It has not escaped me that my grandson died in your care once again.

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meredith j., lin a.

[Sometime after all the Micah stuff.]

[call to meredith j.]


[After talking to Sam.]

[locked to lin a.]

I hear you're in my door.

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Ronan X, Sam A, Public

[Ronan X]

Are you done with the honeymoon phase yet?

[Sam A, aka that girl she talked to that one time]

If you could go to any of these doors and live there, where would you go?


[A few sketches of this.]

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Barbara G

[Locked: Black Dress/Fashionably Late]

Are you one of those that has disappeared too, Black Dress?

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Silent Hill: Wren, Evie, Luke, Jack

[Wren was tucked into the back of a gape-maw closet when the sirens rang overhead.

Evie was somewhere, and Wren had no words, and the silence was deafening. Except it wasn't silent, because nothing here was. The walls of the closet grew wires, and rust developed on the floor of her sanctuary, and Wren didn't move from her spot in the corner. Knees bent up and watching, she wasn't alone.

She hadn't been alone since they'd passed that school on the way here, and Evie was so brave, and Evie was so good, and Evie was in the apartment doing something that Wren was positive was useful and necessary. But Wren couldn't. She stayed there, in the mockery of the safe corridor of her childhood, her journal beside her and the cursor a thing that blinked to life whenever her fingers glided thoughtlessly over the slumbering screen to wake it into brilliance.

She wasn't alone, but the children that came and went were quiet now, no cries of being abandoned, no attempt to gnaw screams from the sides of their tortured faces as they burned, embers in their bellies and glowing from the inside. She watched them - one - the one that was there, and she wasn't even sure if he was. She motioned him forward, knowing who he was. She didn't tell Evie. Quiet, she'd said nothing since it began.

In the distance, something slammed.]

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[Video call: Bruce B.]

[Via JARVIS house lines. Polite inquiry from the virtual butler. Much nicer than a ring.]

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I'm not complaining, per se, as this is much better than the last time I time traveled, but finding the way home is far more difficult. If I could figure out what sort of magic is at work I'd have an easier time with it. Is the book the key? Will the right glyphs appear eventually?

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text: max m / dylan m

[During this.]

Okay what?

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spidey gals.

[Sometime after Harry is brought to Stark Tower. Fuzzy timelines woo.]

[text to mj watson.]

hey. checking in. you okay?

[locked to gwen s.]

You took off pretty Hey.