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January 12th, 2015

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Bucky B

[Locked to Bucky B]


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Marta F, Sam A

[Marta F]

We should talk about names for Bean. I mean, maybe. Right? Little girl names? [Totally not freaking out.]

[Sam A]


[Helena W]

Still gone somewhere?

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[After a significant period of leafing through back-pages and disbelief. In neat, albeit cramped handwriting:]

How can you tell which world it is?

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Wait. Hold on.

Should I be more worried that I woke up back in Gotham, or more worried that I have an earring I didn't have yesterday?

Oh my God is it the gay ear? Which one is the gay ear? Quick. Someone. Gay ear. Go.

Neil? Louis? Thor? SAMMY?

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Log: Max and Solas

Who: Max and Solas
Where: Max's Flower Shop
What: Old dogs learning new tricks, mostly
When: Present
Warnings: Elfyness.

there’s too much smoke to see it there’s too much broke to feel this )

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Ocean's Eleven: Meredith & Loren

Who: Loren & Meredith
What: A little get-together
Where: The penthouse at the Venetian | Ocean's Eleven
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: TBD, likely none.

She had invited Loren over on a whim, without really thinking about what she was doing. Neil had been away, dealing with issues regarding his ex and his family. She really wasn't sure of the details, but she didn't fault him for needing to be there. Meredith had always considered herself a rather independent sort of person, the type that didn't need to know the whereabouts of people 24/7, and this was no exception. If something was wrong, she trusted him to say something. Until then, she'd not worry.

But that didn't help the growing loneliness that came from being in a place that wasn't really home. Sure, the penthouse was comfortable and definitely their's, but this Las Vegas wasn't quite the one she had left. The friends she had made weren't here, and it left her a little lost as to what to do, whom to call, when she had free-time. She considered calling Louis to check in with him, but instead had contacted Loren, asking him over for lunch. Dinner. Something. Anything to break up the loneliness in that penthouse.

The penthouse was, in a word, gorgeous. Luxurious and full of warmth, she felt at home within its walls, comfortable in a way that felt so natural. She wasn't really sure what her and Loren might do when he got there, whether she would cook or if they would order in, but she supposed she would leave that decision to when he actually got there. So she pittered around and straightened this and that, and waited for the doorman to announce Loren's arrival.

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News: Marvel

[It's late Monday afternoon before the bodies are found. There's two, this time, male and female. Both are missing any form of identification, but initial indication seems to place them both in their 20s. The two bodies were posed, hand in hand, and while there were signs of sexual assault on the female, there was none present on the male. Cause of death of both victims is determined to be blood loss after multiple stab wounds. Fingerprints are run on both victims to determine identity, and it seems both have records. The woman, Sammi Daniels, had been picked up multiple times for prostitution, while the male, Louis Darnell, had an extensive record of drug-related offenses. Other than the shared death, the two victims don't appear to have anything in common.

The deaths earn a small mention in the papers come Tuesday morning with few details released to the public.]

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[marvel: news update]

[In the early hours of Tuesday morning, following the release to news outlets of an odd double murder, another corpse is found.

It's not a pretty picture. )

Despite the lack of evidence for the presence of anyone else in the bathroom, the death is, not shockingly, ruled suspicious, and placed under investigation.]

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log: gotham russian tea room; loren & jules

Who: Loren & Jules
What: A reunion.
Where: A Russian teahouse in Gotham
When: Recently.
Warnings: TBD

The place was extravagant, even in the day time. Most of the ourists came from breakfast or brunch, and by now, most customers were dwindling out because it was getting later and colder. The threat of cold only really bothered the tourists anyway, and this was one of the most touristy joints in town, so soon enough the opulent place was close to vacant.

Ordering in Russian made the server smile and nod, and the booth that they gave him was in one of the far corners, without even a request. Maybe it was the suit and tie, the Prussian ice of his eyes, but they gave it to him, and Loren sat. He liked the booth, it didn't corner him and it have him a very good view of the front entrance. The waitress, the blonde-side of auburn and very young walked up to ask him what he'd like to drink. Loren ordered tea, and when the girl turned away with a nod, he thought of Hannah. But only for a moment before he smoothed his tie and waited.

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locked to joey a

[During this.]