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March 28th, 2014

[info]roomsverse in [info]rooms

Log: Welcome

Who: Newcomers and old guests
What: A welcoming place
Where: The hotel
When: Always
Warnings/Rating: TBD. Please place any required warnings in headers.

No matter the time, the place, or the universe, the hotel has drawn them here. And what a hotel! )

[info]anickname in [info]rooms


[In very ordinary, flatly American print.]

Sadly, this is not the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.

[info]author in [info]rooms


Pretty sure I didn't get drunk last night, pretty sure this isn't Vegas. But I have absolutely no idea where I am.

Anyone out there? Or is this some sort of waking nightmare?

[info]ingeniarius in [info]rooms


[after fiddling way too much with the system settings, as J. Bly]

Well this is neat. I mean, you know, I was all set to go to work tomorrow, and now I'm living in a cardboard box in an alley because, hey, it looks like the government developed transporters without me.

So, uh, does anyone need a mechanical or nuclear engineer? please someone need me i have no money literally Because there is only lint in my pocket. help And that only goes so far.

[info]oiseau in [info]rooms

Luke H

[Locked to Luke H]

Luke? Please be there? Please. I tried the door, and I don't know where I am, but it's not Gotham. This isn't Gotham. My journal says there's a storage thing somewhere, and there's a key to something called Ziegfeld's, but this looks like New York. Are the kids with you? Please say the kids are with you.

[info]sobernow in [info]rooms

Public as Abigail K

It's been a long time since I woke up in a strange place not knowing how I got there. I thought those days were behind me.

[info]perkyartist in [info]rooms

Jonathan? Dallas? Ronan? Anyone here?

[info]aneternity in [info]rooms


Max? Jack? Evie?

[...] Anyone?

[info]anything1 in [info]rooms

CIA Deadlist

[CIA Deadlist]

Alright, so are we all here? And do we all have swipe cards for a place called SHIELD? My phone says I need to report at 0800.