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Mar. 25th, 2014


news: gotham

[While normalcy has been restored to Gotham, clean-up is still occurring throughout the city. Police coordinating security, repairing damages done during the escapades of sirens, and corralling those that are having the biggest problems transitioning back into the real Gotham. Despite the immediate danger gone, it'll be days until everything is restored to perfection. Among the bats and birds flying through the night, there has been one notable absence: Batgirl, who has always had a hands-on approach during city disasters. But, she's been nowhere for days, and whispers start to fill the city of something bad happening to the blonde bat the citizens have grown to know (and dare they say love?).

There is a new face on the scene though. A woman in slick black kevlar and bulky utility belts everywhere and a purple shroud. Spoiler she goes by, and she's been seen a lot around the city the past week. On the night that the Bat, Red Hood, and Wonder Girl storm the New Arkham proverbial castle, Spoiler is seen downtown with the Riddler, who's gotten a new look of his own. People are starting to gossip about the new vigilante in town, and news outlets are starting to talk about the girl in purple and black. Curious about who was out there protecting Gotham now.]

Mar. 24th, 2014


dc door update

[Normalcy has once returned to Gotham City, or as normal as the city ever gets. In an official statement released by city officials, Jonathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow, is once again in custody after an apparent attack on the city through a contaminated water supply. City officials assure the public that the problem has been taken care and the water is safe for consumption. Citizens who believe themselves to still be affected by the contaminated water are urged to seek medical assistance at Gotham General. New Arkham Asylum is now under the management of a temporary director, and Crane will remain in custody in an undisclosed location.

Unofficially, after this, Batman, Red Hood, and Wonder Girl intercept Huntress' attack upon Jonathan Crane. Crane was taken into custody by the group and delivered into the hands of the authorities to receive medical attention due to the wounds he received at Huntress' hands. As soon as his condition was stabilized, Crane was taken into custody and held at an undisclosed location. A temporary director has been assigned to oversee New Arkham Asylum, in the wake of Dr. Leland's death.]

Mar. 19th, 2014


Gotham Zoo, in person: Bruce/Selina

[After this.]

[Getting to the zoo with the girls had been a little tiring, and she was hoping Dr. Banner would come through with a place to stay after, maybe some painkillers and something to take the edge off. But that was a concern for later. Just then, she was sitting atop the lion keeper's house, wondering what the zoo really looked like. She saw well-fed animals, and she saw grass that was so green it brightened up the Gotham night. The animals, slumbering in their enclosures, were healthy and hale. She wondered if that, too, was a lie. She was dressed in red and black, her cape lined with bright yellow (or so she thought), goggles atop her head and a whip low against her hips. And she wondered, not for the first time, if this was a very bad idea.]

Mar. 2nd, 2014


[News: DC]

[Sunday morning, the residents of Gotham City may notice that the water tastes a little different. Not bad, not in the slightest, and in fact, there are some that say that the water is the best water that they've ever had! Cheer starts to spread over Gotham, and even though winter hasn't quite left the city behind, there's promise and hope in the air. People are smiling, helping one another out, and for the first day in a long while, the police force finds themselves with very few calls to attend to.

A different day, a different time, and there may have been questions as to why things were feeling so different, but no one quite cares enough to question the good feelings sweeping over the city.

Nearby, at New Arkham Asylum, news issues forth about the good doctor Jonathan Crane and the improvements in the patients at the asylum. No questions about where Dr. Leland disappeared to, and those that are questioned seem to think that Dr. Crane has been watching over New Arkham for some time.

It's a good day to be in Gotham City, and the good that's already come forth is only a taste of what's to come.]

Mar. 1st, 2014


[news: gotham]

[The removal of Watchtower from Blackgate City, now closed, doesn't go unnoticed. No official explanation is given at the time but witnesses claim they saw someone carrying a very large foreign object into the sky and out of sight. There's some disagreement on who it was, exactly, and a great deal of discussion over what, but some swear up and down that it was Superman. What most seem focused on, however, are the giant green dinosaurs which appear at the same time and, if shot at or approached, attempt to eat those who get too close. They disappear, eventually, and the questions and speculation continue.]

Feb. 20th, 2014


news: gotham

[It begins early in the week, the rumblings of discontent among Gotham's elite, and continues throughout the week. Those who previously remained silent on the subject of Blackgate City begin to speak out, the rich and the powerful spearheading the protest and putting the pressure on those in charge to act. Finally, early Thursday morning, it's announced that Blackgate will officially close sometime next week as prisoners are currently being transferred elsewhere.]

Jan. 21st, 2014


News: DC

[The whispers from New Arkham start Monday but really take life on Tuesday. Jonathan Crane has been readmitted to New Arkham on a voluntary basis. No official news comes from the asylum, but gossip leaks regardless that Crane felt at risk of falling back into old behaviour and wanted to receive further in-patient treatment to prevent that from happening. There are whispers, of course, that the straw man is up to no good, but evidence states otherwise.

Is there redemption for the Scarecrow? Only time will tell!]

Jan. 11th, 2014


[News: Gotham, Metropolis]

[The destruction starts in Gotham, but it doesn't stay there for long. Reports of a young girl are sporadic, but they come in throughout the morning. Heat rays take down buildings, and cars get thrown over with abandon. Gotham PD is targeted, and the main building goes down in rubble. The news describes it as a "super temper tantrum," but the girl is seen flying toward Metropolis before too much destruction is done, making her someone else's problem. The government makes statements about eradicating the threat, but the threat seems to eradicate itself, going quiet after taking down a few buildings in Metropolis and destroying the police station there.]

Dec. 4th, 2013


News: DC

[It doesn't take long for the news to spread throughout the more questionable portion of Gotham's population.

Jonathan Crane has been released New Arkham.

Not only has he been released, the whispers say, but he's been released without restrictions. There are no anklets tracking his location, no required check-ins to prove that he's clean. Oh, he's still doing therapy, they whisper, but Jonathan Crane is a free man.

Rumours circulate about where he's gone to now, where he's decided to come home. The truth comes from a boarding house in a neighborhood that might have been nice once upon a time, but has lost its shine and gleam in the ensuing years. Pictures surface of the decidedly younger Crane going in and out with bits and pieces of a life, a suitcase, a pile of books, a sack of groceries from the store.

Has the infamous Scarecrow gone good? Some want to believe, but the whispers still hedge towards a decidedly negative answer.]

Nov. 26th, 2013


[Residents of a certain neighborhood in Gotham notice that the Peaceful Passing Funeral Home has been quiet (moreso than usual) for the past week. Some of the windows have gone dark, and while vandals still stay away, there's a different sort of stillness settling over the building. It's not abandoned, not yet, but it's eerie in its silence.

Phonecalls and notes have not been returned, though after the first day or two, people stopped leaving messages. Something about the emptiness of the house kept people's thoughts from settling there as an option for their loved ones' care. After the span of a week, the doors (usually kept unlocked because the house itself keeps intruders away somehow) click and snap shut at the click of midnight over into the new day.

The sign near the front door changes.

Post-life services are not currently available
at Peaceful Passing Funeral Home.
I apologize for the inconvenience
and wish you and your family
the best of wishes.

-M. (Proprietress)

The only time the doors will open is if someone truly needs refuge and has nowhere else to go. Then the house will know, and the door will unlock only for them. Otherwise it sits, a quiet witness to the neighborhood's comings and goings, dark and silent.]

Nov. 8th, 2013


[Delivery: Wayne Manor]

[Hours after this, a standard delivery truck crosses the gates into Wayne Manor. Its appearance is nothing special, since it has all the right plates and license numbers. The very young male driver goes around the back, as instructed, and unloads eight children - three boys and five girls - between the ages of three and six. The children all wear second- and third-hand clothing, and they are thin and badly cared for, if clean. They are all dark-haired, dark-eyed little things, and they knock and knock on the back door, as if they had been instructed to do just that. Not one of them wanders or leaves that spot, regardless of how long the wait is. If asked, the children refuse to say where "home" is, though they will steal anything that isn't locked down if they're allowed inside. The truck is returned to the delivery company, with the real driver trussed up in the back and all his real packages for that day undelivered.]

Oct. 2nd, 2013


[News: Gotham]

[Wednesday morning hails the opening of New Arkham Asylum. The Arkham family's mansion set on a small island outside of Gotham was refitted for the purposes of an asylum over the past five months with all the high tech equipment needed to keep in the criminally insane. The facility looks clean, new and is separated into different wings. The more dangerous criminals are to never leave their cells and are placed under high security, while a patient who is less likely to eat another man's face is allowed to use the common room, the garden and other therapeutic amenities.

The new warden is Doctor Joan Leland, former warden of Arkham City. She holds a press conference explaining the importance of mental health and states she wants her patients to be treated with dignity and care. Edward Nigma and Jonathan Crane are the first to be transferred and Leland states that she has high hopes for both men.

Arkham City's name is changed to Blackgate City and remains open.]

Sep. 27th, 2013


[News: DC Door]

[Shortly after this conversation, Oliver Queen is quietly moved from Arkham City to an undisclosed location. There no is public comment given as to why the JLA member was moved, and officials are remaining silent on the matter.]

Sep. 14th, 2013


[News: Gotham]

[Shortly after this, in a plan that was put in motion shortly after Superman left A.R.G.U.S. on Friday evening, JLA officials hold a press conference about the damage to the building.

They point out the childishness of the action, and they assure the public that they did not authorize Oliver Queen's attack on Supergirl. They also release footage of the girl in her holding room, where nothing physical was done to her, along with footage of all the injuries she caused others as she broke out of the facility using super-force, and footage of her attack on Gotham PD's officers the day she was taken into custody.

Steve Trevor gives an impassioned speech, in which he explains that the JLA exists to ensure that there is a system of checks and balances for all citizens of the planet, including the ones with superpowers. He questions why super-entities should get rights that normal citizens do not, and he explains that the JLA was created to keep everyone safe, not to harm others. Footage is shown of recent JLA rescue missions across the globe,

He concludes his speech by regretfully explaining that Gotham's members of the JLA are being taken into custody, as recent events have made it clear that they are sharing classified information with known aggressors. The names, which are read at the end of the conference, are as follows: Jason Todd, for collusion with Batman. Oliver Queen, for collusion with Green Lantern and Superman, Harley Quinn, for collusion with Poison Ivy, and Edward Nigma, for collusion with Batman and Batgirl. Selina Kyle is also arrested, but her name is not listed. All former JLA members are moved to Arkham City in the overnight hours.

Before their arrival, Arkham City is fortified with new, A.R.G.U.S. developed technologies that will not allow use of any superpowers within the prison, nor will they allow superpowers to be used to enter/exit the facility.]


[DC News]

[Above the same A.R.G.U.S. facility that Superman toured earlier on Friday, a mysterious message appears in the air. It is bright green and surrounded by bright green flashing lights in true billboard form. It reads simply 'THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA TORTURES TEENAGE GIRLS HERE.' After thirty seconds the message changes to read, 'THE JUSTICE LEAGUE BELIEVES IN PROTECTING EARTH AND ALL ITS PEOPLE. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.' The message cycles twice more before the sky goes dark. It's not long before images of it hit the internet.]

Sep. 13th, 2013


[News: DC]

[Friday evening, Superman is invited to A.R.G.U.S., and the visit is televised on live television. After a disturbing walk-through of the facility, which highlights the damage done during Supergirl's destructive escape the prior month, Superman is presented with a contract to sign. The contract does not (as he expected) make him a member of the JLA. It does, however require Superman to live as a mortal Earth citizen, without use of any of his powers. There is much talk about equality, safety, and checks and balances. In the end, Superman refuses to sign. He is allowed to leave without incident, and Steve Trevor goes on to explain that the goal of the JLA is to protect all citizens of planet Earth from any and all threats, and that all members of the JLA organization are united in that one goal.]

Sep. 11th, 2013


[News: DC]

[Wednesday evening, during a nationally televised press conference, Amanda Waller announces the two newest additions to the Justice League of America: Jason Todd, also know as the Red Hood, and Harley Quinn. She explains that both Todd and Quinn, despite their questionable pasts, have gone clean in order to join the team, and that existing members are pleased to have them among their numbers. The press conference goes on to expound on the Justice League's commitment to the safety of all citizens of the planet, regardless of nationality or gender, and their vision of a tomorrow where checks and balances exist to ensure that no group of individuals can circumvent the law. The conference ends with a candid Q&A session about recent jobs/missions the JLA has been involved in.]

Aug. 20th, 2013


[News: Gotham]

[As promised it's pooooooorple this time. Tuesday, early, Kyle's gets completely splashed, of course, though one of these things is not like the others. Because the schools around Gotham are the real target! The buildings are all turned bright violet, and the children and teachers inside are all soaked through with the new little blend of LuthorCorp's BETA aerosolized X-K Supesblend™ - certain to make adults hover for a full hour! But adults aren't children, and the weight ratio is offfffffff. All of Gotham's pooooorple kiddies are flying around the city by lunch! Oops! But don't worry, mommies and daddies, they'll be down by bedtime (assuming they don't get owied along the way)!]

Aug. 16th, 2013


[News: Gotham]

[Late night Friday, Gotham PD gets painted NEON PINK. The policemen - even the dirty ones - are stripped down and pinkified. And the prisoners in holding tanks are all pinked and freed from their cages. The pens and pencils and forms and computers, PINK! Oh, and then there's the orgy. It's a little bit bigger than expected, because there was too much of LuthorCorp's new aerosolized Red K Supesblend™ - manufactured to bring out the ANIMAL in your man - in the air. WHOOPS. And the whole rutting block is naked. Indecent exposure all over the place, and plenty of time for Gotham's dirtiest little rogues to make a "killing."]

Aug. 5th, 2013


[News: Gotham, DC]

[Monday afternoon, amid PR flurry and swank celebrations planned throughout the evening, Arkham City opens. Prisoners, who were being housed in neighboring cities, are carted in like a parade, and Gotham's Mayor declares the prison a revolutionary marvel. Gotham PD, it's announced, will have no role in running the new prison, which spans Gotham's seedier areas and sits atop old Wonder City. Instead, specially trained TYGER guards will run the prison and maintain order. The prison is lauded as the perfect way to wash clean Gotham's worst neighborhoods, while keeping the good, law-abiding citizens of Gotham safe.]

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