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May. 9th, 2013


DC Door Update

[On Thursday night, Wayne Manor is stormed by Bane's armed guards. After the mansion is ransacked and torn apart, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd are detained and brought back to Gotham. They are charged for stealing from the people and being parasites on Gotham City with resounding jeers from the peanut gallery. The two are uproariously sent to Blackgate to carry out life sentences with the filth.]

May. 5th, 2013


[DC Door Update]

[Throughout the night and into the morning, twelve of Gotham's most important politicians are shot dead by a sniper. When no one seems to care, investigate or call the Bat, it gets worse. Baseball stars, war heroes, cops, priests, postmen, stage actors and third grade teachers until there isn't a pattern anymore. By morning, the Gotham library is burning. Drugged citizens stand outside smiling and enjoying the smell of burning books. Some of them even casually walk inside the burning building like moths to a flame.]

Apr. 24th, 2013


[DC Door Update]

[During a dinner with fellow politicians and high class society members, the mayor of Gotham is found shot dead in the master bedroom. Authorities initially claimed it a suicide since the gunshot wound was through the mouth, but the lack of a note or motive left detectives scratching their heads. Those attending the party are put through questioning and have hired their expensive lawyers, leaving nothing but intrigue and finger-pointing behind.]

Feb. 10th, 2013


[DC Door Update]

[Early Sunday morning, a tied up and unconscious Jonathan Crane is dropped on the Arkham doorstep with a note on his chest that simply has a large question mark painted across it. He was tranquilized, but otherwise unharmed and the wanted criminal is quickly ushered into a well protected, padded cell.

Later that night, a local news station receives a call from the newly reformed Riddler who has three different shrinks happy to deem him rehabilitated. When asked what he might do with villainy behind him, he mentions a private detective agency that is free of meddlesome bats.]

Jan. 27th, 2013


[marvel door update]

[The power comes back not with a boom, or a crash, but with the flicker of electricity and the subtle hum of engines. Suddenly, everything is working again, like nothing at all has changed.

There were casualties, of course, during the month or so that the world lived without power. People died frozen in the streets in northern climes, people killed for food or supplies. For the most part, however, the casualties were much less than they might have been otherwise, and so says the message that flickers across every electronic screen when the power surges.

Your hospitals might have been shut down. Your nuclear plants might have been left to melt down and destroy your cities, your societies, your world. The secret places where your governments keep ancient diseases and terrible substances that could melt your flesh, they could have been shut down, breached, and allowed to flow freely into the air.

But I am not a cruel god. Not yet. And adequate worship might maintain your present peace. Ask yourselves - if Loki could achieve this, then what else might he achieve? Learn from your ancestors. Learn to kneel before a greater power, and accept a fate as happy slaves in peace.

There is no sign of Loki himself anywhere, however. Interested parties who go to the warehouse to check on the stone there will find it cracked with a fissure down the side, dark and ordinary.]

Jan. 8th, 2013


[door update: gotham]

[Door Update: Gotham City]
[Per his conversation with Batman, Gordon has stepped up police presence in Gotham. He does his best to make it unobtrusive as possible, upping the number of patrols in key locations like the worst parts of Gotham as well as hospitals, chemical and water plants. Police officers are working around the clock, paid overtime and this heavy schedule is put forth through to the end of next week at minimum. EMS and other emergency response teams are put on alert that a drill will be happening in the coming days and it's all hands on deck, but no one is alarmed. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Jim Gordon doesn't know that it's the last time he'll be able to cross for a long while.]

Jan. 7th, 2013


[marvel door update]

[The outage goes on throughout most of North America and Japan, but many of the usual expected outcomes of a prolonged lack of power haven't occurred. Gas prices spiked briefly, until people realized just how much fuel it took to get their generators to work, and that most of them wouldn't start at all.

Looting, of course, goes on right as scheduled. Dark storefronts without power are looted rampantly, as are homes, and the police in major cities are stretched absurdly thin, lacking any feasible means of communication by radio or phone. Danger is rife, and help is hard to come by without emergency services.

People begin congregating in the few places that still have power - government facilities, hospitals. Even though they can't charge cell phones or use electronic devices, these places at least have light, and those who fear the looting and crime can at least huddle together there, against the dark, like their ancestors once did around fires.]

Dec. 18th, 2012


[marvel door update]

[After this.]

[It's all gone dark.

The range of the disaster is at first completely unknown, since the entire grid has gone dark from coast to coast. Eventually, on cell phones with dying batteries, it becomes clear that North America, as well as some of South America, Japan, and the Pacific island nations, have all gone dark.

Things that run on their own power still run, but feebly, shutting down every few minutes. Generators work, but nothing wants to hold a charge for long. It's as if every piece of machinery sheds the electricity pumped into it.

It's a strange outage on many accounts. Planes in flight when the outage occurs retain their power until they land safely on the ground. Hospital generators hum to keep patients alive, but cell phones won't charge from hospital outlets. Clearly, it isn't so simple as a series of power plants going out. The outage is selective, and it fights any attempts to circumvent it.

Power stations refuse to turn back on, but radioactive containment units stay online. Army choppers won't start, but government laboratories full of dangerous chemicals have power. Car ignitions no longer work, so when the cars are turned off, they refuse to come on again, but there are no massive pileups on the highways. So perhaps the outage is benevolent, the work of an eco-terrorist intending to teach a lesson.

The peace and apparent mercy of it all is complicated by the prisons. Electronic locks go down with everything else, and soon there are criminals breaking out of maximum security everywhere.

And communications, such as they are, are most definitely down. Radios meet with heavy interference. The internet works only in fits and spurts for those people lucky enough to still have phones and computers with battery power, just long enough to spread panic through the populace with scraps of information over how widely spread the outage is. Only the highest of high tech still works, the most esoteric and out of range of normal human communication frequencies.

In the end, the outage is not so much selective as it is calculated, coolly and professionally, to create panic without pure demonization of the person responsible. It is a canny thing, creating mayhem and chaos just by turning off the lights, and giving the people of a third of the world motivation to hold their children close and pray for a savior, as, in the northern climes, it begins to snow.]

Nov. 10th, 2012


[Door update: Fairy Tales]

[The presence of non-Fairy Tale magic in the Fairy Tale door does not go unnoticed, and it does not go unpunished. Shortly after Draco's visit, darkness begins to envelop the world beyond the door. It begins at the edges, casting the Mundane world beyond the Homelands in shadows first, and it moves inward, blanketing the entire world in dark and cold and black. Ravenna's men carry the word across the land: Other magic will not be tolerated here.]

Aug. 10th, 2012


DC Door Update

[Around 8pm Friday night, two armed gangs (one dressed as nightmarish clowns and the other in green question marks) barge into the otherwise quiet and upscale Saint Sebastian's hospital. They go straight for the maternity ward and while the Riddler goons instantly snatch up a couple nurses, the clowns suddenly go for any and all newborns they can get their hands on. Meanwhile, the hospital internet and security systems are infected by the infamous Riddler virus that opens up the floodgates to an entire goody bag of malware. Chaos, gunfire and faulty security allow the two gangs to leave with their hostages and go their own separate ways.

The boys aren't done though. The second their respective bosses let them lose, the two groups of hoodlums riot the street like they were looking for a ticket to Blackgate.

On the other side of the city, Scarecrow unleashes a cloud of fear gas over an unsuspecting summer camp. Imagining everything from demons to elephant sized bugs, the children panic and run through the park to escape the madness.

This is not a good night for Gotham city.]

Jun. 20th, 2012


Song of Ice and Fire Door Update

[Unrest around King's Landing rises from murmurs on the street to drunken shouting from brothel windows. The people of Westeros have heard the young king is sick, but a worse rumor, a more palpable one to the common people, is that he has already died. More and more people ask for proof that the unpopular king is truly alive and when they do not receive an answer, chaos breaks out. Perhaps the riots could be controlled, but once the Master of Coin's brothel goes up in flames, King's Landing becomes a bloody warzone. Lord Baelish is presumed dead and made an example of the deceitful council, but no one has yet checked to see that the now charred brothel is completely empty of his gold and riches.]