March 2014




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Mar. 24th, 2014


[Public as The Joker]

Gee golly, no one told me that Arkham is offering crucifix massages now. I'm almost regretting not turning myself in.

Mar. 12th, 2014


[As Harvey Dent, during Gothoptia.]

I always knew Gotham could count on itself to prevail.

Feb. 26th, 2014



[After this. Anon, and not Caleb's hand.]

Approximately how much common sense does it take to grasp the concept of not drinking candy from strangers?

Feb. 19th, 2014


just beating cupid., wren h., charlie g.

[During this.]

[locked to the just beating cupid.]

I need to talk to you. Now.

[After talking to Max.]

[call to wren h.]


[locked to charlie g.]


Feb. 3rd, 2014


[public, by poison ivy]

Something's different.



[Locked away from Jack Corvus]

Anyone know about the last thing a man named Corvus wanted?

Jan. 29th, 2014


Jack C, Charlie G

[Group to Jack C, Charlie G]
[Oblivious about the CIA thing.]

Been gone. Both safe?

Jan. 12th, 2014


[locks to: luke h, charlie g]

[luke h]


[charlie g]

[...] I don't know if you heard, but if you see a story that says I died this week, it isn't true.

Jan. 8th, 2014



Anybody got exp with a psychopath?

Jan. 6th, 2014


[Bat, Public]

[Locked to the Bat]

I heard about what happened. My condolences for your loss.


Freedom's enjoyable until you realise that everything out here has a price tag attached to it.

Sep. 8th, 2013


Public, Louis D, Wren H


Air-con died. Remind me, people who've been here long. Things you like about Vegas? Aside from the heat.

[Louis D]

Are you all right? Better. Perhaps not all right.

[Wren H]

I ordered a new box of paper. For printing. And I checked. The chemicals. It's fine.

Aug. 31st, 2013



You know, I wouldn't mind the crying and wailing if she kept to a schedule for it. This is like having a loud neighbor, but instead of having sex at random times during the day, she's pretending to be Sylvia Plath.

Aug. 20th, 2013



[A photograph. Not taped in; scanned. Not digital, it's grainy if you scroll in closely enough, fingerprints on gloss. It's an angle, the camera almost ground level. The bottom right hand quadrant is old stone - as old as Vegas gets and an ornate looping gate with a lock. The building next door is glass and steel, it reaches beyond the stretch of the photograph but the sky and a faint film of cloud is reflected in the uppermost window.]

[Wren H]

[Sent to the same address as the camera. Two keys, with a paper label attached. The larger labelled 'door' and the smaller 'chemicals'. Wrapped around them, a folded piece of paper. Written, 'developer won't hurt you. Books are on the shelf. Borrow what you like.']

[Louis A]

[Late; circa two am.]

Did you sleep. In the end?

Aug. 11th, 2013


[louis d/saint r]

[One in the morning, a day after Sam is in the hospital.]

Are you awake?
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Aug. 3rd, 2013


Criminals after criminals, what will we do unless the law is firmer and vigorously upheld? A man in a hood, with bow and arrows? That's barely metaphor.

Jul. 25th, 2013



You know, I didn't think Las Vegas could get much fucking weirder from the last time I was here. But congratulations book thing, you've done it.

Jul. 24th, 2013


[Posted Publicly]


Jul. 14th, 2013


[Wren H]

Need an address. [No preamble]

Jul. 8th, 2013



There was someone worried about hunting [...] being hunted. I don't remember; did you survive?

[Wren H]

Odd. Those parties.

Jun. 27th, 2013


What a novel method of communication. So efficient. So quick.

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