March 2014




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Sep. 17th, 2013



Yes, the words 'magic' and witchcraft' are included the name of the course. No, this does not mean I'll be teaching spells of any kind during or after class, nor will prior knowledge of Harry Potter benefit you in any way.

It should be noted that this is a fourth year course. This morning I wept into my coffee for the future of humanity.

Sep. 6th, 2013


[Phone call to James X]

In addition to the caller ID, James will notice that Anton has - once again - changed his personal ring tone on James' cell phone. Ringtone

Sep. 5th, 2013



And here comes the realization that I can't really consider a place home until I find somewhere that serves a half-decent breakfast between 3 and 4 AM.

Jul. 24th, 2013


James X

[Note left on the desk in his personal office.]

I need to get away. I'm sorry. -R

Jun. 26th, 2013


"Next time I'm on Life Support just unplug me then plug me back in again to see if that works."

Funny? Not Funny? Voting starts now. Only those with a sense of humor need vote.

That means not James Xander. He's banned from this decision making body.

Jun. 4th, 2013


[James X.]

[Locked to James X. Immediately after he hears about this.]

Is Anton okay? Are you okay???

May. 15th, 2013


Where the hell is my kid?

May. 11th, 2013


[As "Doctor."]

Eventually I will get the better of this situation, and someone or something responsible is going to be very, very sorry.

Apr. 15th, 2013


Antons S; Ronan X.

[Locked: Anton S]
Living with someone half your age and being responsible for them is quite a novelty. How did you manage with your daughter?

[Locked: Ronan X]
I'm considering hiring someone to come by and prepare meals for us during the week. Is that something you'd like?



So. I found a cute little two bedroom in a nice area that I'm eyeing. I can afford it on my own, and as independent as I like to say that I am... an unfamiliar city would be loads more comfortable if I had a roommate.

Anyone interested?

Apr. 8th, 2013



[As John S.]

The dreams are one thing. Now I'm sleep walking. Or something.

Apr. 4th, 2013


[James X.]

[Phone call to James Xander]


Mar. 18th, 2013



[As Amy P]

Where did you run off to, Doctor? I asked for a fun planet, not another Leadworth. Sorry, Rory.

[After 5 minutes]

Is Rory with you?

Feb. 11th, 2013



Is anyone allergic to anything food-wise? Or have any special requests for baking things? I gave everyone cookies for Christmas and I thought I'd do something similar for Valentine's Day, just with a little more thought behind it. 

Jan. 30th, 2013


[Around one am. Not loud; the sound strained by the window and door closed rather than open. Loud enough to be audible, however]

Playing )

Jan. 3rd, 2013



So darling. Curiosity killed the, and all that, but enquiring minds do want to know.

The jars. Were they everything you wanted and more?


I think I just missed Christmas. I was circling around July, but happy new year and so on, everyone's talking about Christmas. Which year is it, for you?


You weren't caught up in the funny business everyone's hinting at all over these things?

Jan. 1st, 2013



Do these books ever come to people by mistake? Can I return it? I'm pretty sure this book was delivered to the wrong address.

Dec. 18th, 2012



I really enjoy the company of the voice in my head. I can't be the only one, can I?

...well, she's not my voice, she's independent of me. You can't own another person, even if they don't have a physical body here. They must, somewhere.

But I don't know what to make of the idea that she was a time traveler. a time traveler. I don't think that's a profession that can exist in only one tense.

Dec. 16th, 2012



So this is a magical book. And everyone talks to each other in it. (Don't worry, I did the background reading and paged through the conversations that have been going on for the past two weeks or so. It seemed like the sensible thing to do, and you all are so informative.) Which means all of you are real, and milling about through this city somewhere, and I will probably encounter at least some of you eventually. It also means that I'm not crazy, I'm not the only one who hears thing, and apparently, the mumbling in Latin is at least somewhat standard issue for these voices.

This is all good to know. It has done a great deal for my perspective on my own sanity. I appreciate that immensely.

So I'm Svetlana. The voice in my brain is named Katherine. We're pleased to meet you. Because this is not the world's weirdest introduction or anything, not at all.