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Apr. 8th, 2013


[As Hawkeye, duh.]

Hey teenagers. Make like an after school special and stop doing drugs. Or stupid dares. Or whatever you're making me waste my netarrows on.

[Private to Spider-Man]

So I heard you're not some old creepy nerd anymore.

Apr. 7th, 2013



I have made a decision. I tire of the same work, over and over. I tire of throwing myself against the wall of human idiocy and indifference. I am taking a sojourn to a more sensible corner of space. Try not to blame me for anything in my absence.

Apr. 6th, 2013


[Public, as Kitane Z.]

Guess who's back?




I guess it would only be fair to give discounts to people on these things. 10% 20% off sound about right? Yeah. Now we just need to make little membership cards.

Apr. 5th, 2013



All right you damn thing, lets see if you can do something good for me.

PI seeks Girl Friday. Flexible hours, some w/e and nights. Must pass criminal background and drug screening. No recently escaped mental patients.

Apr. 3rd, 2013



When are the ghostbusters going to call and tell me to retire?


[Public, Neil D]

[Twenty-four+ hours into the Marvel anti-fear thing.]

For once, I can totally get behind whatever the fuck just happened in the Marvel door.

[Call to Neil D]
[Around 3 am. Ring.]

Apr. 2nd, 2013


[Text to Lin A.]

So what's the going Moose Tracks exchange rate when making up for being a drunk asshole?

Apr. 1st, 2013



I'm thinking about getting a bird feeder. (I can hear you laughing, W)

Every morning for the past week, I've had a cardinal and a blue jay joining me for my morning coffee at the fire pit. They watch me, I watch them, they hang around for a few minutes and then fly off. I think even Spot likes them.



[Several hours after this. Very public. Very drunk.]

I think lapsed Catholics are officially the biggest fucking douchebags I've ever met in my life.

[Deleted in the cold, sober light of morning.]


[Thea W, Aubrey R]

[Text to Thea W]
I figured it out.

[Text to Aubrey R]
You didn't answer my question.


jason t., public

[locked to jason t.]

Damian said you have Kara?


Jurassic Park in 3D? Yes, please.

Mar. 30th, 2013



Being a PI does not mean I have a fedora or a trench coat. I'm not Bogie and I live in Vegas for a reason.

Just in case you were wondering, demented etch-a-sketch.



[As Ronan X.]

I haven't even been here twenty-four hours and someone's sent me an iPad. Am I being assimilated into some sort of cult? Who are you people and what is your obsession with airing public drama? (And here I thought I left that behind in college - wishful thinking, that.)

Someone's at least got to point me in the direction of a decent cup of tea. The "cafe" in the lobby of this shithole looks fairly frightening.



A small animal broke into my house. What, they scale buildings now?

Mar. 29th, 2013


[PUBLIC] as Inara

[impersonally digital lettering; Inara's device is ridiculously electronic & incredibly similar to the selection board she uses for reference to her clients. Similar enough, apparently, to confuse her.]

My Darling Shane,
Please accept a thousand of my apologies.
I realize, indeed quite shamefully, that my response is inconveniently belated.
Your patience with me has been exceptional, and I do hope that your most generous invitation to accompany you during your promotion ceremony still stands, and has not been weathered by my untimely preoccupations. Let me know at your earliest convenience if you would still like me to join you, as I shall be landing in but a few days, and would sincerely be honored.

Truly yours,
Inara Serra.



Sweet, sweet Friday. You couldn't have come sooner. Now I just need the end of the workday and I'm all set to do... anything but this. Suggestions are welcome. I'm all ears.

Mar. 26th, 2013


locked to lin a.

[ After this.]

Do you still get sad?

Mar. 27th, 2013


Three pm, an entirely sensible hour; door still open from the movers and the windows wide )


Are you supposed to tip people who move things, in this country? I offered jasmine tea but I do not think that was sufficient.


She said they were not stolen.


Once you are back, from New York and your boy, perhaps I could do something, for you and for your Luke and Jack - I could cook? I don't promise to be very good at it, but it could be something. Something no one is worried over.



Boy oh boy, journalwebs, do I have news for you. I could tell you right away, but in the great tradition of people loving to make others wait, I'll provide a little background information instead of getting right to it.

As I've mentioned (and some of you have met) before, I have a very tall, very strong wolfman sharing my headspace with me. You know, the artist formerly known as the big bad wolf (I said formerly, crazy woman). The one the residents of Fabletown call their Sheriff. Bigby Wolf. Awesome guy, if a little grumpy at first.

Anyway, apart from having amazing comic books to their names, Bigby and the residents of Fabletown have more awesomeness coming their way. What's that, you ask? A FREAKING VIDEO GAME. Yes, I ran around screaming for five minutes when I read (sorry, Jan). Yes, I keysmashed excessively at everyone I'm friends with on chat. But now I'm calm, and can share the news with the rest of you. It's going to be the absolute best, I'll actually make Bigby stick around when I play (he disappears when I read the comic book because he doesn't want to know), and the rest of you can read about it right here: [A handwritten url]

DC & Marvel: is this how awesome as it feels every time you get something new?

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