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Mar. 22nd, 2014


[CIA dead list/safehouse peeps]

Is anyone else watching the news?

Feb. 13th, 2014


[Public as Jo H]

Talk about a wacky trip.



[After receiving this.]

Never for human consumption?

Feb. 9th, 2014


[CIA Dead List - aka Safe House]

I'm in the beer of the month club. Shit is about to get real.

Feb. 5th, 2014


[jules h]

Simple tastes, huh?

Feb. 2nd, 2014



Even if I had seen him recently, I would not give you his head. Or a spike to put it on.
So I suppose I have to ask: what sort of alcohol?

Jan. 28th, 2014




Jan. 25th, 2014


[Anti-CIA lock]

[Locked to Faol R, Chris J, Julian H, Preston R, Bo D, Dylan M, Jack C, Gwen D, Kyle W]

We have new people incoming. West has great shoulders and an impressionable daughter. Dailey's a redhead, but she'll fry your motherboard if you try anything with her. In summation, no more bouncing on anyone's dick in the kitchen.

I have no idea if they're on here, but trying them on the lock anyway.

One more week of quiet. Enjoy it. It looks like we have something coming down the pike for February.

Jan. 15th, 2014


[Locked to Chris J]

[Locked to Chris J]

How are you holding up?

Jan. 13th, 2014



[As Jules W]

I'm looking for someone here named Dean.

Jan. 12th, 2014


[The Crew, for lack of a better name]

[Locked to Jack C, Bo D, Julian H, Chris J, Dylan M, Faol R, Preston R]
[Because it's easier than tracking everyone down in Davis' Club Med version of a safehouse.]

Rawlings has everyone's new aliases. When you get a chance, pick them up. Everyone has a name, a solid history, references, SSN and license. This doesn't mean we get sloppy. The falsified DNA worked, and they aren't looking for us, but don't make phone calls home, and don't go home. We stay here for now, even if it's just to sleep. Be careful. The journals are alright, as far as we can tell, but at least make sure your surname initial on public posts is different, in case anyone government is on here, alright? We have someone to fund our operation. If we're Charlie's Angels, then he's Charlie. Salaries should start coming in soon into the bank accounts assigned to the aliases. To keep collecting, we work. I'm hoping we'll get a tech person our way soon, too. In the meantime, everyone stay safe, and don't do anything stupid. If you think your family and friends can't keep their mouths shut, then don't tell them you're alive. Alright? If you need a pep talk, knock on Davis' door.

Jan. 4th, 2014


[Group CIA Comm from a new channel, one Bo set up separately]

beep beep

His voice is tired, it's been a long few days in his door, and he'd promised to go right back through but the incident has derailed him

So, we've had a bit of an incident. This is a closed channel, so speak freely. And check in. Read me your grocery list, call me mom, I don't care just chat a bit.

[Locked - Faol/Bo]

Can you walk the dog? Late night.

[Locked - Max/Bo]

Happy New Year, beautiful.

[Locked Comm - after Max asked to check on him - McKendrick/Bo]

What's your 20?

Dec. 26th, 2013


[public, Max M]


The fact that everyone takes these events in stride concerns me.

[Locked to Max M]

And here, I thought Las Vegas would be boring.

Dec. 13th, 2013


Finals done!

Suck it, Chemistry, we are never, ever, ever getting back together.

...forgive the Taylor Swift there was an enthusiastic bridal shower at the bar last night.


[Sam A, Ben S]

[Texted separately to each, after this.]

I need a distraction. I'm panicking and I can't get hold of my sponsor.

Dec. 7th, 2013


Iris R, Liam R, Toby F, Callie N

[Locked to Iris M]

How are you liking the new facility?

[Locked to Liam R]

I'm I didn't It was never my intent [Not posted.]

[Text to Toby F]

How are you doing?

[Text to Callie N]

I think his name is Earl.

Dec. 3rd, 2013


[Dean W]

[The box appears in Dean's hotel room in the early morning hours of Tuesday. It is wrapped in newsprint and twine and has no tag indicating who it is to or who it is from. Inside, a blast from the proverbial past. Horrendously coloured and jabbering away in something that is distinctly not it's normal language, the thing sits and watches Dean once it is opened.]

Dec. 2nd, 2013



Do preexisting connections or forged connections, courtesy of the hotel, make up the majority of the fraternizing? It seems most know most.

Nov. 23rd, 2013


[Ben S]

[Left as a note by where Ben leaves his keys, just before he heads out with Freki and Geri for a walk.]

[Cut for brevity.] )
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Nov. 22nd, 2013


jack r, liam r, public

[Filtered to Jack R]

Heeeey. How's it hanging?

[Filtered to Liam R]

I feel like I've missed 100000000 things about this place, and here I thought the Door side was confusing as hell.

[Public as Callie N]

So how about them [insert sports team here]?

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