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March 14th, 2014

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[After this.]

[Heavy-handed writing, ink smears the page.]


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News: Las Vegas

[A mid-afternoon report breaks with the story of four non-lethal shootings happening within hours of each other across the city, with a member of the controversial Murphy family the suspected target of each. The police give few details, citing the investigation as ongoing, but an anonymous source confirmed that the shootings appeared to be warnings, all without the intent to kill. Jude Murphy, son of UK government officials Kenneth and Mariah Murphy, and Clementine Murphy, Kenneth's daughter by another woman, were both out and about when the shootings happened, with bullets striking within inches of each. Chloe Murphy, ex-cult member turned author, however, was not so lucky. There is no consensus on where the exonerated, so-called 'Debutante Dealer' was hit, only that there was blood at the scene and witness statements were being taken. The fourth shot, one officials suspect was intended for Alexander Murphy, struck a window at his workplace, the Murphy-owned Aria hotel. The deviation, though still unexplained, is suspected to be the result of increased police activity in the area from the three prior shootings.]

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shane a.

[After this.]

You do it?

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[A phone call comes through in the hours following this with the caller ID showing UMC. The caller informs Alexander that he was listed as Ms. Chloe Murphy's emergency contact, and they are reporting that she was admitted to the hospital that afternoon. The details of her injury are not released over the phone, though he is assured that she is, at least, in stable condition.]
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[Sent after the news story]

[Texts to Chloe Murphy]
God, please tell me you're okay.
I'm coming to the hospital now.
Or if anyone has this phone, please respond?

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[Tess A]

[Much later in the day after this. Still from the hotel. She hasn't gone far - just to a dark little alcove.]

Things have changed.
I said I'd tell you.

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Silence is deafening.

I think it's time to go home. I've spent nearly two years here, I think. I don't even remember now. All I know is that it is time.

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Jude M, Joey A, Graham R

[Locked to Jude M]
Tell me you're living.

[Locked to Joey A]
This wasn't making peace on no island. This didn't have a damn thing to do with peace.

[Locked to Graham R]
You know about this before it happened?

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[locked to alexanders and donovans]

I want to know who is responsible for plunging this family into even worse danger than it was already in.

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Jude M

[Over the journals instead of texted.]

Cut for violence. )
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[Luke H]

How's that gorgeous baby of yours?