March 2014




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Mar. 23rd, 2014


[Locked to the Deadlist Peeps.]

The walls are closing in. I'm going out tonight. Don't burn the place down, I couldn't afford a babysitter.


wren h., max m., jack c., matt o.

[text to wren h.]

So. I ran into Adam.

[locked to max m.]

You're right. Not worrying just isn't me.

[locked to jack c.]

Hey. [...] Sorry about [...] everything. How're you feeling?

[locked to matt o.]

Has she gone quiet?

Mar. 22nd, 2014


[CIA dead list/safehouse peeps]

Is anyone else watching the news?

Mar. 21st, 2014


[Public as Abby K]

Why do I still have this journal if she's not in my head anymore?

Mar. 19th, 2014



(after unanswered locked posts to both)

Has anyone seen or heard from Rose or Blue?

Mar. 17th, 2014


Dylan M

[Comm to Dylan M]

[Around 3 am. She's nowhere near the safehouse, and she is so unbelievably drunk. Beep.]

Mar. 8th, 2014


Max M

[Max M]

Your niece is turning two next Friday and the donut thief is scared of me. You want to come by for cake and beer? I think I get out of throwing parties before she can remember them.


[Wren H]

Bonjour, mon ami. Ça va?

[Jack C]

Just checking in. I've been a little remiss, and I'm sorry about that. Luke reminded me to check in with you, and he shouldn't have to do that, I should just DO THAT. I was operating under the idea that I didn't want to pester you too much, but...Honestly that's just who I am so you may just have to get used to it. How are you, Jack?

[Max M]

Hi. I don't really know how to jump into conversation with people you haven't seen since you were 19...Sorry about the abrupt message. Do you remember me? I'm Evangeline Sablier, I used to live across the hall from Luke when we lived in Seattle.


[Public Post from a giddy]

Fucking love Saturdays, its gorgeous outside, I've been super productive. Made Breakfast, destroyed some 12 year olds on CoD, made Sangria, baked a pie, took the dog to the dog park, braided Apple Jack's tail to a six year old's exact specifications. Only had to give the swear jar five bucks so far.

I'm on a fucking roll, and its not even lunch time yet.

Mar. 6th, 2014


Jack C

[Locked to Jack C]

I hear you're alive So, I think the kid is on drugs.


[Locked to ex-CIA safe house]

Fresh meat incoming. Mai Sheppard. I take requests on groceries, but only this one time on my way in. Tequila's on me.

[Text Message to Aaron T. from blocked number]

Guess who's in town? I'll give you one hint. "You've just been Mai'd."

Mar. 5th, 2014


Max M, Aaron T

[Locked to Max M]
Sup, sis.

[Locked to Aaron T]
Yo, bro.


max m.

Hi, Max. Jack's going to be fine, so don't kill him, okay?

Mar. 3rd, 2014



I was aroused last night from my slumber by the breathless stillness outside my shuttered dormer. No howling, no moaning. Lungs at rest. Silence! The hiemal tempest has abated! As the bear from his cave at the advent of spring, we may stir from our hibernacles, hugger-mugger, and apricate under the wide white sun!

Feb. 24th, 2014


[Safe House of the Walking Not-Dead]

So. We had a little bit of a hiccup. That's putting it lightly, but that's what I do to try and ease the tension.

Corvus is in the hospital, stable for now, things are shit. But we're muddling through.

Did anyone else receive any Valentine Gifts from the hotel we ought to be looking at and/or worried about?

If anyone wants to talk, I'm around.

This situation ain't ideal, kids, I know it. We're all going stir crazy, and things like this only add to it - I'm around if anyone needs anything.


Public, Max M, Lin A


Gotta wonder why people pick out pie when they have a hangover. I figure it would make everything worse, but on a Sunday, we get a run on just about everything we've got.

[Max M]

You doing okay? I just had the rabbit bail and a really talkative female show up.

[Lin A]

So these Golden Girls. So long as you don't mind a toddler, we can do this already.

Feb. 22nd, 2014


[Public, as "Beast."]


Feb. 19th, 2014


As Draco M., Public

This place is -- COLD. There is no such thing as winter wonderland. Seriously, this stuff needs to stop falling already. I've got constant warming charms all over this place just to keep it reasonable.

~ Which doesn't mean I'm leaving any time soon, by the way.

I know I missed the holiday with candy and flowers, or ~ I was just busy. I'll make it up, if I don't turn into an ice cube.


Preston R, Bo D, Luke H

[Immediately after this.]

[Comm to Preston R, Bo D]
[Amid CPR.] Corvus is unconscious in his room. Vitals low. CPR in progress. We need a bus. I'm dialing 911. Clear everyone else out if necessary.

[Text to Luke H]
[Transcribed.] Kid.

Feb. 12th, 2014



[In the nice, familiar, I-am-SO-DRUNK-handwriting lean.]

I find the ineffability of God to be extremely worrisome. Given a subjective opinion, He either has an equally ineffable sense of humor, or none at all.

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