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Aug. 10th, 2013


[Donovans, Sam A, Aiden S]

[On the heels of this]

[Donovan Lock]

Emergency situation back home. Sorry that this isn't in person, but I hope to be back in a few weeks. I just need to get away before I start crying again.

Be safe.

[Locked to Sam A]

Take care of yourself, love. I'm heading back home for a while. I'll be back soon.

[Locked to Aiden S]

Take care of yourself, Aiden.

Jul. 24th, 2013


[Posted Publicly]


Jul. 22nd, 2013



Why do I feel like there's stuff going on that I'm not privy to.

And here, I was getting ready to invite anyone who was interested to my first game with the local derby.

Jul. 10th, 2013



I'm looking for the guy at the bar with the bad attitude and the tattoos.

You know who you are.
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Jul. 8th, 2013


donovans, ella d.

[donovan lock.]

So, apparently I missed out on some party. Everyone still in one piece?

[locked to ella d.]

Are you okay?

Jun. 28th, 2013


[Sam A]

[The knock on the wall separating their rooms comes late in the evening.]

Knock knock!

Jun. 22nd, 2013


[Private to X-23]
[As Venom.]

Been a while. You still slicing and dicing?

[Private to Kitty P.]
[As Flash Thompson.]

Hey. We went to high school together. I was the hot jock turned hot brony.

Jun. 18th, 2013


joey a., ash d.

[locked to joey a.]

Sam talked to you about moving into my place, right?

[locked to ash d.]

How do you feel about company?

Jun. 17th, 2013



Should I be worried that this book seems to be dripping blood?

Jun. 16th, 2013


Ash D, Logan W

cut for creepy imagery )

Jun. 12th, 2013



[After returning to a dishevled home with an unlocked door, and nobody inside. Forgetting to make private, or just searching wide.]


Jun. 8th, 2013


[Phone call to Aiden S]

[Saturday afternoon]


May. 29th, 2013


[Neil D, Casey D, Ash D, Joey A, Iris R]

[After this.]

[Locked to Neil D, Casey D, Ash D, Joey A, Iris R]
So, according to Thor, Lou might be prepubescent or some shit. He says he's not hurting, but he's asleep. Or Loki is asleep. Whatever. They have no idea how long he might be asleep for. And his balls might not have dropped yet or something. So, yeah.

May. 19th, 2013


Kitty P, Venom, Public

[Late, after Faol gets his phone back and after he agrees to play nice. When nearly everyone is asleep, he lets her have some time.]

[Locked to Kitty P]

I do not think I will make it there before the end of the school year.

[Locked to "Venom"]

I have not forgotten. When I am in New York, I will find you.

[As Laura X]


May. 9th, 2013


donovan fam, sam a.

[locked to the donovan sibs.]

Are any of you good with babies? Maybe? Even a little. I'll take anything you've got.

[locked to sam a.]

Hey. [...] Sorry I didn't make it back before you left.

May. 6th, 2013


[public, Donovan sibs]


A few questions.

1) Car or bike? Which one do you think might be better in this area? Because I'm kind of digging this, but I'm not sure.

2) I have spent the last few Friday nights in. I'm going out this Friday. Anyone want to join me? Plans are up in the air.

3) Anyone else enjoying this entire 'living vicariously through your other half' thing? Because, there are days when I wish I was young and in school again, but only for the good parts.

[Locked to the Donovan siblings]

Dinner? Just for us? It's been a long time since we've all been in one place at the same time.

May. 5th, 2013


locked to marvel, from tony s.

[Marvel lock.]

Whose been playing with my toys and why are there high school textbooks on the work table? [...] More importantly, what sick mind took a highlighter to the source appendix and wrote Summer Reading List in the margin?

Apr. 30th, 2013


[Bruce B, Billy K, Kitty P]

[Locked to Bruce B]
Dr. Banner? The cook at your favorite curry place said you were back?

[Locked to Billy K and Kitty P, individually]
Hey, do you have a minute?

Apr. 29th, 2013


[locked to neil d, ash d]

I just wanted to let you both know that I'm moving back to my apartment. Hopefully you will both survive adequately without my immediate presence, but I have a great deal of faith in you.

Apr. 27th, 2013



[As Kitty P]

New school just in time for prom?

This was either planned beautifully or disastrously, I'm not sure which yet.

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