March 2014




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Mar. 28th, 2014


In person - UMC: Neil/Sam

[She didn't waste any time getting to Neil's room after rushing out of the car and leaving shoeless-Daniel and bleeding-Lin behind. And maybe she should have been worried about them, yeah? But she was coming down hard, and she was jittery in a way that only happened after a multi-day binge. She tried to smooth the wrinkled fabric of a shirt that was too tight, and she tried to tug up the jeans that were too loose. There was no way the clothing she was wearing belonged to her, and there wasn't shit she could do about it. She crossed her arms, unintentionally hiding marks, and her blonde hair was mess and tangles as she barged into Neil's room without knocking or whatever. She smelled of booze and smoke, even from the doorway, and her eyes were red-rimmed and blood shot.]


Mar. 26th, 2014


UMC, in person: Neil/Louis ; call to Sam A

[After the police came to take his statement, Neil slept. A couple hours, give or take, before he was awake again and promising the nurse that he wouldn't try to get out of bed. Again. It's quiet in the room, the doctors having come in and out a couple more times to check his vitals and make notes on charts that he doesn't particularly care about. Morphine dulls the pain, and there isn't much else to do but lie back, listen to the muffled sounds he can hear outside his door, and let his mind wander.]

[call to sam a.]

[At some point after/before/whenever. Fuzzy timelines.]


Mar. 19th, 2014


louis d.

[In the hours following this, Louis receives a call from UMC. The caller, a doctor, identifies himself and informs Louis that Neil Donovan was admitted with multiple stab wounds, suffering from severe blood loss. Emergency surgery was performed to repair organ damage and Mr. Donovan is currently unconscious, being closely monitored in the ICU. The doctor also informs Louis that, while the surgery was successful, it's too early to tell if Mr. Donovan will pull through.]
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cal h.

[After Sam links him.]

[locked to cal h.]

You're the lawyer who was talking to Sam, right?

Mar. 18th, 2014



[During this, and with a fair amount of real panic-typos that aren't for show.]


Yeah right so Chloe says shes moving across the street with her fucking brother Alexander. Can we get a fcking restraining order against an entire psycho family? Are there any cops that can do anythng because this is fucked up. Shes sending links and talking about realtors.

Mar. 15th, 2014


[louis d/neil d]

Any sign of Ash?
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Mar. 14th, 2014


[locked to alexanders and donovans]

I want to know who is responsible for plunging this family into even worse danger than it was already in.

Mar. 10th, 2014


iris m.

[locked to iris m.]

This is so stupi Hi, Iris.
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Mar. 9th, 2014



[After this]

So. Any tips on a good place to go to have a good time on a Sunday night?


[donovans/alexanders, -casey and iris]

That's Casey and Iris, now, behaving strangely. Casey is out of his mind enough that he's considering going back to drugs, and that can't be allowed to happen.

Mar. 8th, 2014


[Public as Casey D]

Where's the party at tonight?

Mar. 7th, 2014


[Locked to Neil & Dair Donovan]
Might either of you know a reputable private investigator in the area?

Feb. 27th, 2014


[Neil D]

[Phone call to Neil D]


Feb. 25th, 2014



[After this.]

I do not appreciate my carriage being destroyed by some 'opera ghost'. There is no opera ghost, just people who are determined to be a nuisance.

Tantrums are unattractive, both in those that are real and those that are make believe. I would hope that whoever is responsible can see to it that they be less destructive in the future.

Feb. 24th, 2014


[Lock to Donovans/Alexanders, Lin A]

[Donovans and Alexanders Group Lock]

Dare I ask what happened while I was gone?

[Lin A]

I received an interesting call from one of my neighbors while I was out of the country.



Any tips for a caffeine replacement? I'm not supposed to have caffeine, and I'm missing my coffee more than I would have imagined.

Feb. 22nd, 2014


Meg G, Raoul d C, Phantom

[Note left for Meg G]
[On her bed, in the ballet dormitory. In French.] Is your mother very angry?

[Locked to Raoul de C]
You have missed me while I have been away, monsieur?

[The chapel, Phantom, aloud]

Feb. 17th, 2014



The opera house is very quiet in the absence of one of my very favourite people.

Feb. 16th, 2014



The hotel is more pleasant than the last time I was here, I think.

Feb. 13th, 2014


[Neil D]

Soooooooo....We need to talk. Just between us girls for a bit.

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