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May. 22nd, 2012


Hunter W/Syrena, Raegan W/Jon Snow, Phil C

[Locked to Callum W, Hunter W/Syrena, Raegan W/Jon Snow]
Are all of you safe and accounted for?

[Locked to Phil C]
Agent Coulson, I was wondering if you had a moment? If you're in the field, it'll keep.

May. 14th, 2012


Raegan H, Hunter W, Kellan Z, Jack C

[Locked to Raegan H, Hunter W]
I'm at Turnberry Towers for now, if you require anything of me. They don't seem to take issue with dogs, Hunter, should you wish to torment your suitor by slipping from his bed.

[Locked to Kellan Z]
Are you still speaking to Everything is quiet. I thought you'd like to know.

[Slipped under Jack C's service elevator door. Unsigned.]
Shall whisper: "Ah, thou didst not comprehend. The dead wept thus, thou woman frail and weak." And like remorse the worm shall gnaw thy cheek.

May. 9th, 2012


Raegan H, Hunter W, Theodore W, Andrew M

[Locked to Raegan H & Hunter W]
I felt it right to inform you both that I have relocated. The RV suffered fire damage, which resulted in no injuries, but it became uninhabitable. I am currently at a motel, and will find permanent housing shortly.

[Delivery to Theodore W]
[The items regarding the charity donation and the keycard are returned to Theodore on Wednesday, with the information that Maren W no longer lives at the address provided.]

[Locked to Andrew M]
Mr. Mumford, attached is a list of available positions that would place members of the family in lucrative posts throughout Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there were a few casualties during the work, to ensure the jobs were open for your selections. None of the incidents can be traced back to you. [Attachment]

May. 7th, 2012



I was at the Hallmark store today, and I noticed that there really are very few true to life Mother's Day cards. There are lots of ones involving flowery language and talk of God and blessings, but nothing really useful. I think perhaps Hallmark needs to take some suggestions such as:

Happy Mother's Day to the reason I left home at 18.

Happy Mother's Day to my father's new wife who is only 5 years older than I am.

Happy Mother's Day, Nanny! Thank you for raising me while my mom was husband hunting!

Happy Mother's Day, TV! Raising American youth.

Any other suggestions?


[Blake T.]

[Blake T.]

[After being informed of a recent title of ownership for a horse, and absolutely disbelieving the information about money.]

What, you a zoo now?

May. 6th, 2012


maren w, hunter w, raegan h, kit va

[Maren W]

[After receiving her returned apology, Theodore decides to donate the books, along with $100,000 to Reading is Fundamental, in her name. A thank you letter is sent the next morning to her RV.  Another envelope accompanies the mail, though it isn't addressed at all.  Her name is simply written in the same block letters and the key card is inside the envelope.  No note.]

[Hunter W]

[The stables at Excalibur receive a horse, saved from an abusive farm in Phoenix, along with a check for $50,000 to cover stable expenses for the horse.  Included with the horse is the deed, indicating that Hunter is the owner.  There is a second check, for another $50,000 because Theo has no idea how much it costs to care for a horse.  There's no note, but the checks are from the Wynn.]

[Kit VA]

[A donation of $100,000 is made to the charity he works at, in his name.]

[Raegan H]

[A donation of $150,000 is made in her name to The Children's Defense Fund. Her thank you letter is waiting on the dining table, along with breakfast, the next morning.]

May. 1st, 2012


Public, Kellan Z

I seek someone called Blake. He is currently cohabiting with a relation of mine, and I wish to assure he is a knight and not a knave.

[Locked to Kellan Z]
I have a job that No, I can't expect you to handle all How have you
[Not posted]


Andrew M, Hunter W

[Locked to Andrew M]
I know it's unconventional for me to reach out to you, rather than the other way around, but I was wondering if there was any work available?

[Locked to Hunter W]
Hunter, as your current landlady at the free sibling hostel, I must ask if you've retired elsewhere. In layman's terms, whose bed are you sleeping in?

Apr. 27th, 2012


Note left on the RV.

[A yellowed bit of sea-salt-stink parchment torn from his journal and affixed with gum. After this.]

Leaving puppy and Dane


Apr. 21st, 2012


Kellan Z, Raegan H, Hunter W

[Locked to Kellan Z]
Are you back from that job yet? I have family in town, and it's bringing back memories of Bastard out of Carolina, which you probably haven't read. I would love some work, a distraction, since the casinos are forbidden me by Count Olaf.

[Locked to Raegan H]
Save me from Hunter. He thinks he's a star in a Brokeback Mountain remake or something. Have you seen my brother your stepbrother since he's arrived?

[Note left on the counter for Hunter W]
I'll be spending the day at the library. It is a place with books, and you've probably never seen one. Afterward, I'm hoping I'll find a brilliant rake, one who will set me up as his mistress in a penthouse that does not allow dogs. Don't wait up.

Apr. 15th, 2012



[As Hunter W. Handwritten, horrific handwriting, almost a scrawl with a leaky pen.]

There any cheap apartments out here that aint burnt to the crisp?