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Jan. 31st, 2013


Hello, mostly anonymous people in a notebook! I have another question for you. (Not you, Jan. You skip this entry.)

Let's start with a hypothetical: you've just come back to town, and need a place to stay, and your adorable best friend is awesome enough to let you crash at their place for a while. Weeks go by and you can't find a single place that you like better. At what point do you have to suck it up and move out so you're not a burden on your friend anymore? Hypothetically speaking?

PS - if this were twitter, I'd start a hashtag just for these kind of entries called #loganlearnslifelessons.


[Director Fury]

[Locked to Director Fury]
Director Fury, we'd I'd like a phone meeting next week, Tuesday at noon, to further discuss SHIELD. Will you be available at that time?

Jan. 28th, 2013


Spencer | Tim, Bruce W, Olivia L, Nico R, Public

[Locked to Spencer | Tim]

She crossed, but I'm keeping her here for a bit.

[Locked to Bruce W.]

Helena woke up, but I need to be here for a little while before she crosses again.

[Locked to Olivia L]

I'm back. I know you have something to say about it.

[Locked to Nico R]

Did you manage to keep your sanity?


Are the doors always like this?

Jan. 25th, 2013


[Tony Stark]

Stark, contact is required. Did you know about this crisis in the next door?

[Bruce Banner]

Doctor Banner - please explain to me why there is a piece of communication from the WHO with your information clearly indicated and you thought a world crisis did not necessitate perhaps making use of the resources at your disposal?

[Jamie Madrox]

Mr Madrox. I'm told you have talent I may find interesting. Elaborate.

[Gwen Stacy]

Ms Stacy, if you are intending to recruit on my behalf, I think we may need to talk.


Resources have been developed through this door that may have some effect on rehabilitation efforts. It is to my regret that we were unable to distribute aid earlier.

Jan. 24th, 2013



Bronchitis sucks. Business trips suck. Daytime television really sucks. I have been coughing my brain out and my mother is threatening to send vats of borshch by express mail to make sure I feel better. I don't even know.

There. That's at least five minutes of whining no one in this house had to listen to. Success.

Jan. 23rd, 2013


[Director Fury & Mary Jane]

[After this.]

[Locked to Director Fury]
Director Fury, I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but I talked to someone who might be able to help you, and he's willing to talk to you if you contact him. His name is Jamie Madrox, and he's on the journals.

[Locked to Mary Jane W]
I need to just tell you Hey, Mary Jane.

Jan. 22nd, 2013


[Locked to Max/Kara]
[She writes the same message over and over again, every hour for as long as she can, not knowing where Max is but hoping she gets the message all the same.]

Please send her back. I need to see Kara.

[Locked to Olivia]

Morgan wanted you to know... We're sick. I'm sorry.

Jan. 17th, 2013


olivia l.

[locked to olivia l.]

I'm a little late about this, but did you want your scarf back? I appreciated the gesture but it's a little too nice for my apartment.

Jan. 15th, 2013


Public [Fury can operate filters. He just likes going without the trouble. Besides. It gives people the impression he can't work them]

Stark, what the hell are you doing with that Tower of yours? I can't send people there if it's closed. There are five hundred additional evacuees on last count that said their last place of residence was your tower.


Have we worked out where the hell the power has gone? Trying on our end but nothing's getting it back up.

Jan. 13th, 2013



[When she gets booted from the door.]

[Locked to Sam]

Emergency out of town trip. Stay safe and we'll have dinner when I'm back?

[Locked to Liam]

I have to go out of town unexpectedly. We'll talk when I'm back?

[Locked to Nico]

I'm sorry darling, I've got to run out of town unexpectedly. Behave yourself and I'll see you when I return.

[Locked to Spencer/Tim]

Don't let my girl die.

[Locked to Bruce Banner and Tony S]

I don't suppose either of you happen to know anyone with expertise in germ warfare?

[Email to Olivia]

I have to leave town unexpectedly. If you need to ask me anything, I will have sporadic access to email. Thank you for all your help, Olivia.


The Gardens will also be temporarily closed for renovations. All appointments will be honored in undisclosed locations. Thank you for your patience.

Jan. 12th, 2013


[Email: Daniel Webster]

Good morning, Mr Webster. I need confirmation of your agreement to the investment of increased funds.


Are we quite finished blowing the city to pieces? Has it anything to do with the population within it - through the Door, apparently we are set to endure eternal lack of power.

Jan. 9th, 2013



I can't even buy lettuce without some alien asshole babbling about the Revolution in my voice.

Jan. 5th, 2013



So this is a real thing, is it? Not some prank or some wickedly clever tablet device made to look like a book?

Well, game on, then, I guess.

Jan. 4th, 2013



I bought a House house. A House and a house.

Jan. 3rd, 2013


Tony S, Nick F, Bruce B, Loki

[Locked to Tony S and Bruce B]

The Man of Spiders has a friend that turns into black goo and speaks of a suit. It is foreign to Midgard, are either of you aware of such a thing?

[Locked also to Tony S and Nick F]

[After much deliberation.] I am unable to return to Midgard. There are other duties to which I must attend.

[Locked to Loki]

Enough of this, Loki.

Dec. 20th, 2012


public, as Captain Hook

[Written in an elegant and stylized hand.]

I find the phrase "fairy tale" to be a touch derogatory. I, for one, don't believe in fairies.

Dec. 18th, 2012


[Poison Ivy, Quasimodo, Sam & Public.]

[Chi has to take this present thing slow.]

[Ivy, Poison.]

There such a thing as a plant pound?


[Intentionally English.]

You got problems.

[Sam A.]

Next time you decide to send me something, don't.


[We're not at all afraid by the number of people who bother to send us things. No. We don't care. We are an island.]

People need to sign your damn Christmas cards. Otherwise it's like getting caught in a yard sale. With tinsel.

And don't think I don't know who is sending the shitty books.

[Significantly, Daniel has not yet given anybody one damn thing. He still has a couple days to do it, though. Theoretically.]

Dec. 16th, 2012



So this is a magical book. And everyone talks to each other in it. (Don't worry, I did the background reading and paged through the conversations that have been going on for the past two weeks or so. It seemed like the sensible thing to do, and you all are so informative.) Which means all of you are real, and milling about through this city somewhere, and I will probably encounter at least some of you eventually. It also means that I'm not crazy, I'm not the only one who hears thing, and apparently, the mumbling in Latin is at least somewhat standard issue for these voices.

This is all good to know. It has done a great deal for my perspective on my own sanity. I appreciate that immensely.

So I'm Svetlana. The voice in my brain is named Katherine. We're pleased to meet you. Because this is not the world's weirdest introduction or anything, not at all.


Would someone please explain to me the point of Christmas cards? I am positively drowning in the things.


Thank you for your advice. It has no discernible effect apart from a monstrous headache upon refusal but I am certain refusal is, at least, a step in the right direction until the headache abates.

Dec. 11th, 2012



Something bad is going to happen.

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