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Nov. 14th, 2013


CIA comm

[Immediately after this]

HQ, Davis, got a situation here. Need the fucking cavalry.

Nov. 13th, 2013



They don't tell you how sore you'll be days after a car accident, even if you've not broken a thing.

Oct. 30th, 2013


[Gabe R, Connor B]

[Locked to Gabe R]
You didn't tell me about the parties. I haven't decided whether or not to forgive you yet. If I don't forgive you, I'm going to convince Phee she wants a set of drums for her birthday.

[Locked to Connor B]
You are also entirely remiss.

Oct. 17th, 2013


gabe r., ash d.

[locked to gabe r.]

You were right about the conniving. Also, do you drink? Because I could use a beer or ten.

[locked to ash d.]

How would you feel about moving?

Oct. 12th, 2013


[Gabriel R, Addy G, Michael K, Deacon V]

[Locked to Gabriel R]
Shall I tell you all about the dreadfully maudlin wedding? There wasn't one stormtrooper in attendance. Lucas would be appalled.

[Locked to Addy G]
Did you try the Butterbeer?

[Locked to Michael K]
Pretend to miss me terribly.

[Text to Deacon V]
Designer footwear check.

Oct. 1st, 2013


[Public, as Rose R.]

Can you mundane people try not to die, please?

Sep. 26th, 2013


Lucy R, Shailee T, Neil D, Dolores C, Preston R

[Lucy R]

[with some degree of trepidation]


[Shailee T]

Thakkar, you surviving over there?

[Neil D]

You've not been thrown in a ditch somewhere by a Murphy, have you?

[Dolores C]

I warned him.

[Preston R]

[No note, a bottle of eye-wateringly good French wine on his desk.]

Sep. 13th, 2013


[Alexander M]

You want to know anything, you come to me direct, you understand? They don't know anything, Lo doesn't know a damn thing. That sly, sneaking around thing trying to run her down you're doing right now is sick.

[Dolores C]

Think anyone would miss him if he actually died and stayed dead?

[Preston R]

I need to apologize.

[Neil D]

[ETA: after this

You know a Chloe M?


Carnival. How old do you need to be to enjoy that coming to town?

Sep. 3rd, 2013


[Ford C]

you got too fucking fancy over there to tell me you ain't dead?

[March H]

he doing all right?

[Sam A]

saw someone offed the fucker.


whoever the fuck got someone named Tony in their head, the one in mine is real fucking clear he's meant to stay the fuck out of trouble when we're this side of the door.

how long before they start trying to shove through? I got to get the girly-show and hard drinking in before she fucking pipes up again.

Sep. 2nd, 2013


[Chloe M, Alexander M, Gabe R, Addy G]

[Locked to Chloe M, Alexander M]
I would say I thought I'd mistaken you both here, but there's no mistaking Murphys, is there?

[Call to Gabe R]
[To the emergency number, which she's wrangled from Queen Mum Murphy. Ring.]

[Note left on the counter for Addy G]
I think we ought to remove the silver. Shall we find an escaped convict to give it to?

Aug. 31st, 2013


[Gabe R]

I'm currently in the process of taking grievances. What are yours?



You know, I wouldn't mind the crying and wailing if she kept to a schedule for it. This is like having a loud neighbor, but instead of having sex at random times during the day, she's pretending to be Sylvia Plath.

Aug. 30th, 2013


[locked to gabe r]

I thought you should hear from me first that I've filed to be transferred to another handler.

Aug. 29th, 2013


[Text messages sent after a very long traveling day - after a very long five days away in Langley dealing with the paperwork and inquiring minds regarding the latest shenanigans taking place on his team. It's the middle of the night, and he's not necessarily expecting answers right away. But he's kicked up on his couch with his suit jacket still on and a cold beer in the hand he's not using to text with]

[Text to Max M]

I can always tell how happy they are to see me by the accommodations they put me up in when I go for a visit. How are you? What can I bring you? Tomorrow. When the sun is up and I'm nursing a hangover instead of a beer.

[Text to HQ]

Back from Langley. They say hi. I won't be in until after the weekend. But I am bringing you set of captain wings from the airline. You don't have to thank me.

[Mass text to the other CIA kids]

I'll be in the office next week. Clean up your desks.

Aug. 28th, 2013


[Gabriel R]

[Call to Gabriel R]
[Early, early morning, from a truck stop just outside Vegas. Ring.]

Aug. 27th, 2013


[Chloe M., Public.]

[Phone call to Chloe M.]

[On the ride home.]

Ring, ring.



[And then, after a moment's consideration, locked so that Eloise might not see it.]

If any of you might have news of my sister, Eloise, I would be grateful for it.

Aug. 26th, 2013


[Comm link to HQ]

[After the news; tired but contained anger]

What the hell happened? There are three active agents under my watch and our names are now potentially all over the goddamn terrorist's watchlists?

Aug. 25th, 2013


Posted Anon

Any of you wonder what kind of life this is for those around you? Whether it makes things worse, not better?

Aug. 9th, 2013


[Gabriel R, Chloe M]

[Delivered to Gabriel R]
[Via legal courier, papers to begin reallocation of child custody into his name. Her legal counsel is authorized to sign and represent during proceedings. Included: A check to cover the portion of child support that will be required of her once transfer of custody is completed. No contact information, save that of her counsel.]

[Locked to Chloe M]
Have you slipped the noose about his throat yet, dearest sister?

Aug. 8th, 2013


Email: Preston R, Bo D

[On the heels of this. Addressed to Preston, but the email goes via Bo as well]

HQ. Going to need a breather, soon as everyone's put their toys back in their boxes. Family situation.

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