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Mar. 26th, 2014



[Locked to Death]

Well, Em, I take it you survived?

Mar. 21st, 2014



Going after your own for betraying your insanity, Mr. Murphy? This is taking on a positively medieval tone.

Mar. 19th, 2014


[Public minus Sam A, with locks to Joey A, Tess A, Shane A]

[Public, minus Sam A]

We are done. No more murder. No more retaliation. We are not gangs, and this is not a war. People are dead because a girl couldn't take no for an answer when she changed her mind about who she loved and when. Well, the man she changed her mind over is likely to be dead by morning, and with the body and attempted murder count on the rise, I say, we are done. I won't seek revenge. No one will seek revenge. No one will speak or instigate with anyone, with the understanding that all that will come of it is the loss of more lives until no one is still left. I intend to protect what of my family is still here and still whole. I suggest you all turn your back and do the same, if not for yourselves, then for the people you care most for. If a single hair on the head of anyone in my family is harmed after today, I'll kill every one of you.

Now, walk away.

[Joey A, Tess A]

Where is Sam?

[Shane A]




[Tuesday, around the time of a certain couple's momentary disappearance. Still from the abandoned office building, curled up on a torn and half-unstuffed couch, Muerte feels something shiver through Gotham. There's still enough of the supernatural left to her that she's sensitive to something going on. It turns her stomach for just a second, and she frowns as she looks toward the broken window, almost expecting to see something, but nothing's there.

Exactly a minute later it happens again, and the second time is worse. The city shudders around her and leaves her gasping and digging her fingers into the sad cushion underneath herself. It takes her a bit to recover from that one, and she looks toward the window again. More long minutes pass while she works up the energy to unfold from the couch and make her way over, peering out at the city through the glassless frame. The city is as quiet as it ever gets, no sirens or shouting in response to what felt (to her) like an earthquake. Fingers digging into the sill for a while, she finally makes her way back to the couch and her journal. Her name stubbornly remains Em when she writes, and it shows up public.]

Gotham, did anyone else feel that? Earthquake, maybe? [After a few replies that say no one else felt anything, she crosses it out, though it's still visible, as are the comments.]

Mar. 17th, 2014


Death, Ivy, Harley

[The day after this, when Robert begrudgingly lets her go.]

[Locked to "Em"/Death]
Let me guess, we're not sisters?

[Locked to Ivy and Harley]
Girls, please tell me you're both in the mood to cause some trouble.

Mar. 14th, 2014


[Tess A]

[Much later in the day after this. Still from the hotel. She hasn't gone far - just to a dark little alcove.]

Things have changed.
I said I'd tell you.

Mar. 10th, 2014


iris m.

[locked to iris m.]

This is so stupi Hi, Iris.
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[Selina K, Stephanie B, Eddie N]

[A day or two after the party.]

[Selina K]
Something isn't right I feel worse than usual How's your cold? Maybe that's the problem I think maybe you gave it to me.

[Stephanie B]
[After seeing the tabloids of Eddie attacking the commissioner.] Are you okay?

[Eddie N]
What happened? Are you okay? I don't even know you, but I feel worried I shouldn't be asking

What's going on?!

[There's a visible press of pen, but no words.]

Mar. 7th, 2014





Iris M

During this: [Locked to Iris M]
if you're fucking on something, you best tell me right the fuck now.

Mar. 6th, 2014


[Tights Cupid, Bruce W, Sam A]

[After Death's been through to Gotham at least once.]

[Tights Cupid]
I tried the S'mores! They made me sick and I threw up, but I think they were good. What else should I try?

[Bruce W]
Have you ever had S'mores?

[Sam A]
If you're feeling bad today at all, you should try some S'mores. I just had them for the first time! :) [There is actually a tiny drawing of a smiley face.]

Mar. 3rd, 2014



Beautiful day, isn't it?


[Selina K, Stephanie B]

[Both via text, bright and early Monday morning.]

[Selina K]
So is this party an all hands on deck thing, or can I get out of showing my face there? ;)

[Stephanie B]
Should I just go ahead and figure you won't be at your study session the day after this week's party?

Feb. 19th, 2014


my tights like you

[Locked to her "my tights like you" cupid. Finally. After a good handful of days post-Valentines gifts. In letters that jitter and are a little hard to read.]

It's very warm, and you shouldn't have. but thank you.

Feb. 9th, 2014


[Bruce W]

[Not long after her Valentine's Day gift arrives. Her writing is slow and jagged.]

I do know it's uncalled for, and that due to past history you are entirely within your rights to say no, but might I be able to ask you for a small favor?
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Feb. 7th, 2014


sam a., iris m.

[locked to sam a.]

When did they move you?

ETA: [locked to iris m.]

Stop talking to Sam.

Feb. 3rd, 2014


[Neil D, Joey A, Sam A]

[About a week after this, after starting to eat again, after a few "good" days in a row, and after Valentine's Day things start distracting her from her own worries. She's finally been paying attention to some things on the TV and in the journals. And she knows now that Sam is awake, has even spoken to her and seen the family-locked post. And so, though her own handwriting is still unsteady (though nowhere near as bad as Sam's).]

[Neil D]
They disowned you?

[Joey A]
How are you? Have you seen her? Are you alright? Is she? Is everyone?

[Sam A]
[After even more time. She's maybe put too much sugar in her tea. And not slept in a while.]
I know I'm not supposed to be talking to you but I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're awake. And writing. And I hope you're going to get even better. And if I don't talk to you, it's not because I'm not worrying or thinking about you. I just wanted to let you know.


Iris M

[Locked to Iris M]

I am with you on that.

Feb. 2nd, 2014



[Locked to the Alexanders+ Lou and Iris]

[In heavy, childlike, messy crayon.] So, Shane has a girlfriend that draws lizards or whatever.

Jan. 27th, 2014


[public, as tess a.]

What the fuck happened here?

(after the initial round of posting and when she arrives at the hospital)

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