March 2014



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March 1st, 2014

[info]kryptonslast in [info]doors

[Group Comm to Wonder Woman, Batman, and incl. Green Lantern even though he's standing there]

It's done. Green Lantern and I are on board now and ready to bring the station online. [...] I cannot imagine any of this went at all unnoticed despite our best efforts.

I'm uploading a file to all of you. If you receive it let me know, then we'll know we are transmitting at least small amounts of data to start. Then I can start with the other systems. [said file is a ridiculous selfie Hal made them pose for in the Hall of Justice]

[info]isalwaysangry in [info]doors

luke h, tony s

[Locked to Luke H]

Hey. I'm Dr. Bruce Banner. We successfully did surgery on Selina. She's still unconscious right now, but she's young and healthy and recovery should go well. She asked us to let you know.

[Locked to Tony S]

Vitals are good. I hope you don't mind me camping here for a little while.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[news: gotham]

[The removal of Watchtower from Blackgate City, now closed, doesn't go unnoticed. No official explanation is given at the time but witnesses claim they saw someone carrying a very large foreign object into the sky and out of sight. There's some disagreement on who it was, exactly, and a great deal of discussion over what, but some swear up and down that it was Superman. What most seem focused on, however, are the giant green dinosaurs which appear at the same time and, if shot at or approached, attempt to eat those who get too close. They disappear, eventually, and the questions and speculation continue.]

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locks to diana p, clark k, riddler]

[Locked to Diana P, Clark K]

Something is seriously wrong with Kara. She claims she overheard Ollie's government overlords getting on his case for being loyal to Batman, and now she completely believes that he's a good guy. It's like she's completely forgotten Ollie tried to kill her.

[Locked to Riddler]

[Not to Eddie N, but Riddler. It's a purposeful thing, that.]

You get this one chance to explain yourself. And you should know that you're only getting that chance on Stephanie's account.