March 2014




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Feb. 13th, 2014


public, & isobel h.

[After this.]

Don't cry for me Argentina Vegas
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance

I guess if anywhere could make Mardis Gras even more gay than usual, it'd be Australia. What do you pack, though? Suggestions? The Club Med travel agent was seriously unhelpful.

[LOCKED to Isobel H]


Feb. 11th, 2014



[As Captain Hook.]

You know, when a man tells you one of his privateers has gone rogue and started raiding his own shipping lines, you say fine, not a problem, more than happy to fight fire with fire if the gold is good. You don't exactly expect to find his daughter on the vessel, though, once you've put a few dozen holes in it. You're left with the question of etiquette. Is she meant to go back to the king with the best treasures from the ship, as requested, or into the brig with all the other traitors who've turned brigand, as requested? The fish fork, or the dessert? Decisions, decisions.

Feb. 7th, 2014



Dear resident of Turnberry who was playing their music loud as balls last night,

That's a move out of my playbook. Its how I got my cherished trophy for most hated neighbor. Go get your own tactics.

- TB

Feb. 6th, 2014


Trenton B

[Text to Trenton B]

You, me, + bubbles? 2/14?

[Nothing sent.]

Feb. 3rd, 2014


Isobel H

[Isobel H]

You like pots?

Feb. 1st, 2014



[Locked to Rapunzel]

Just combs?

Jan. 29th, 2014


[Public as Winnie O.]
[Her writing is neat and boyish.]

I really don't have time for this thing again.

Jan. 26th, 2014



[As Rapunzel]

[In a flowing, girlish script.] What is this place? This is not my home, not where I was before.

Jan. 23rd, 2014



[As Isobel H]

I feel like I joined the club at the wrong time.

Jan. 20th, 2014


Public, Louis D, Wren H, 'Ash anon'


The news isn't very good. At being unbiased. Is that Vegas? Or just the channels?

[Louis D]

[At circa two am] I thought perhaps you might not be sleeping.

[Wren H]

I had a call. Client. Ex-client, really. She said she liked your work. Recommendations. You have a dark-room now?

['Ash' anon]

St Petersburg Philharmonic. It's not now. Not until March. But tickets will go. And they start now. You like old things.

Jan. 19th, 2014


Trenton B

[Phone Call to Trenton B]

[Late Sunday night]

Ring ring!


[Public. As "John J."]

[As "John J."]

Which television or movie programs do you feel are best to watch about human nature?


Addy G, Isobel H

[Email to Addy G, from his UNLV account.]
You won't believe what's happened.

[Call to Isobel H]
[From his office phone at UNLV, ring.]