March 2014




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Apr. 12th, 2013



So, it is true. Vodka gummi bears are as delicious as they sound.

Offhandedly, do you think the hotel would get pissed if I bought a mini-fridge to keep in here? I'm tired of keeping everything on ice in the sink.

Apr. 3rd, 2013


[Public, Neil D]

[Twenty-four+ hours into the Marvel anti-fear thing.]

For once, I can totally get behind whatever the fuck just happened in the Marvel door.

[Call to Neil D]
[Around 3 am. Ring.]

Mar. 30th, 2013



Rough draft done and sent off to my editor.

I dare say, I think this is one of the best manuscripts that I've written.

Mar. 25th, 2013


[Sam A]

I haven't heard from you in a while lovely, everything okay?


Must resist buying Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, at least until I've finished SC2. I will not be tempted.

Mar. 21st, 2013


[public, as Lin A]

Image behind the cut )

This is exactly what I want my life to be. Anyone handy with a glue gun and/or glitter glue?

[No icons or gifs or vids today as Tabs is on shitty airport wifi between flights. Please bear with her during this difficult time.]

Mar. 20th, 2013



So, who got fifty pages on their new book written since yesterday? That's right. I did.

Mar. 14th, 2013


Trystan C

[Locked to Trystan C]

Can I talk to you, when you've got a moment?

Mar. 12th, 2013


It turns out time travelers, they are not so fond of pianos as I am.

[Wren H]

Are you upset? You were upset.

[Daniel W]

Was this time better than last time? Or worse?

[Later] [Sunny]

Thank you for the box. It was important, I think. I remember thinking, at the time, anyway. Are you all right, now we're all back?

[Edited to add]


Are you all right? Wren said she didn't know.

Mar. 10th, 2013


[Seven M]

[Locked to Seven M]

I just wanted to apologize for the way I've been acting towards you lately. You don't deserve that, not after everything you've done for me. I don't expect forgiveness, because God knows I don't deserve it, but I am sorry.

Mar. 9th, 2013



I'm looking for Sam Alexander. It's potentially an emergency, but I can't be sure until I find her. If anyone knows where she might be, please, contact me as soon as you can.

Mar. 8th, 2013



So, how much alcohol would you estimate is needed in order to forget the last few weeks?

Mar. 3rd, 2013


[as Seven M]

[Logan W]

Fancy a spacewalk, love?

[Liam R]

I don't
I want

You still in one piece?

Mar. 2nd, 2013


[Neil D, Liam R, Aiden S - as Sam A]

[While getting ready to head over to MK's]

[Locked to Neil D]
So? Are you there at all, or are you 100% completely sadistic fucker right now? For the record, your ex is a bitch.

[Locked to Liam R]
How's the reptile?

[Locked to Aiden S]
So, shit went to shit. There's your requested update.

Feb. 27th, 2013


Sam A, Gwen S, Neil D

[Locked to both Sam & Gwen]

I wasn't sure who was where, but I'm hoping things are fine. Missed you at the lab, Sam. Waited as long as I could. Let me know you're fine, please?

[Locked to Neil D]

[After the news of Sam and the Goblin]


[Locked to Aiden S]

Are you alright? Or is the world ending for you, as well?

Feb. 24th, 2013



This is hell on sobriety.

Feb. 19th, 2013



He didn't tell me it would hurt this bad. It has to abate. It has to. Right?

Feb. 18th, 2013


[Public, Neil D, Liam R, Adam W]

[Gum snapping and totally fucking chill.]

[Public, as Sam A]
Ok, this is totally fucked up.

[Locked to Neil D]
This shit just got unfortunately real.

[Locked to Liam R]
So, yeah, I'm nowhere near home.

[After talking to Neil.]
[Locked to Adam W]
Hey, so my fuckbuddy's coming over and we're going to have some loud sex, k? K.

Feb. 16th, 2013


[Morgan C, Seven M]

[Phone Call to Seven M]


[Locked to Morgan C]

I hope you liked the scarf.

Feb. 14th, 2013


[Sam A]

[Phone call to Sam A]

[At the motel, after checking himself out of the hospital. He still doesn't have his phone, but he's found her number on his laptop. The Caller ID shows a Vegas motel.]


Feb. 12th, 2013


[Neil D]

[Phone call to Neil, the afternoon after this, to Neil's suite at the Aria. The Caller-ID shows a local Vegas hospital.]


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