March 2014




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Mar. 27th, 2014


[donovans/alexanders lock]

If you don't already know, Ash has been checked into UMC. She was injured by something that occurred through her door, apparently.

Mar. 26th, 2014


UMC, in person: Neil/Louis ; call to Sam A

[After the police came to take his statement, Neil slept. A couple hours, give or take, before he was awake again and promising the nurse that he wouldn't try to get out of bed. Again. It's quiet in the room, the doctors having come in and out a couple more times to check his vitals and make notes on charts that he doesn't particularly care about. Morphine dulls the pain, and there isn't much else to do but lie back, listen to the muffled sounds he can hear outside his door, and let his mind wander.]

[call to sam a.]

[At some point after/before/whenever. Fuzzy timelines.]


Mar. 25th, 2014


Louis D

After this: [Locked to Louis D]
found your fucking little sister at the hotel today with holes drilled through her wrists and the shit beat the fuck out of her. she's at UMC, yeah?

Mar. 23rd, 2014


[loki and steve]

cut for length )

Mar. 22nd, 2014


[After this.]

Someone saying 'told you so' would be entirely appropriate right now.

I'm sorry. I was wrong.

[It gets struck out after a few moments, because it doesn't matter anymore. She's dug her grave, so fuck her.]

Mar. 21st, 2014


Louis D

[Locked to Louis D]

How bad?



Going after your own for betraying your insanity, Mr. Murphy? This is taking on a positively medieval tone.


Sam A, Louis D, Daniel W

[After stumbling out of the door. Still in the hotel.]

[Locked to Sam A]
Hey, girl. You never showed. Did you hear ab

[Locked to Louis D]
I'm okay. Are you okay?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Can I request a ride in a platonic, literal way? Also can I request you not kill Chloe Murphy?

Mar. 20th, 2014


[During her shift with Bruce, when he steps out briefly. On the intercom, to Loki]

How's the reading material?

Mar. 19th, 2014


[Public minus Sam A, with locks to Joey A, Tess A, Shane A]

[Public, minus Sam A]

We are done. No more murder. No more retaliation. We are not gangs, and this is not a war. People are dead because a girl couldn't take no for an answer when she changed her mind about who she loved and when. Well, the man she changed her mind over is likely to be dead by morning, and with the body and attempted murder count on the rise, I say, we are done. I won't seek revenge. No one will seek revenge. No one will speak or instigate with anyone, with the understanding that all that will come of it is the loss of more lives until no one is still left. I intend to protect what of my family is still here and still whole. I suggest you all turn your back and do the same, if not for yourselves, then for the people you care most for. If a single hair on the head of anyone in my family is harmed after today, I'll kill every one of you.

Now, walk away.

[Joey A, Tess A]

Where is Sam?

[Shane A]



louis d.

[In the hours following this, Louis receives a call from UMC. The caller, a doctor, identifies himself and informs Louis that Neil Donovan was admitted with multiple stab wounds, suffering from severe blood loss. Emergency surgery was performed to repair organ damage and Mr. Donovan is currently unconscious, being closely monitored in the ICU. The doctor also informs Louis that, while the surgery was successful, it's too early to tell if Mr. Donovan will pull through.]
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Graham R, Neil D, Tess A, Public

After this: [Text to Graham R]
need your help. check out whatever hit houses you know of near fucking Fremont, yeah? my sister's in one of them. tiny thing, you saw her on the news. drag her ass out. pay whoever for whatever and we'll figure it out fucking later. if you can't get a hold of me, try Tess A on the journals. she'll fucking take Sam. don't say shit to Neil Donovan. feed the cat. thanks

[Locked to Neil D]
Sam's not feeling safe. she's crashing with me.

[Text to Tess A]
leave that fucking casino. make up some excuse. Sam's gonna need you in a bit, yeah? Graham's gonna contact you. answer him and do as he fucking says.

ETA: [public]
your fucking vampire boyfriend, Alexander Murphy, is fucking his sister, Chloe Murphy, Ashleigh D. found that interesting. thought you might too.

ETA II: [Locked to Louis D, Neil D, & Tess A]
[All it is a link, forwarded from Clem's good deed.]

Mar. 16th, 2014


[Call to Louis - from the police station...]

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[Stark Tower, 17:00]

[In the room with the screens, Steve waits for everyone to assemble. He's facing away from the door, watching Loki's movements in the cell on the screen.]

Mar. 15th, 2014


[louis d/neil d]

Any sign of Ash?
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What does one need do to get proper accommodations on Midgard? There isn't so much as a book to pass the time with. I think even your native prisoners are better treated.

Mar. 14th, 2014


[locked to alexanders and donovans]

I want to know who is responsible for plunging this family into even worse danger than it was already in.

Mar. 9th, 2014


[Locked to Lou Donovan]
Hello. I'm not certain if you remember me, but my name is Olivia Wyeth. I'm an old collegiate friend of Neil's and Dair's.

If you have a few moments free, I'd like to discuss something with you.


[donovans/alexanders, -casey and iris]

That's Casey and Iris, now, behaving strangely. Casey is out of his mind enough that he's considering going back to drugs, and that can't be allowed to happen.

Mar. 8th, 2014


[Public as Casey D]

Where's the party at tonight?

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