March 2014



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March 8th, 2014

[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Public Post from a giddy]

Fucking love Saturdays, its gorgeous outside, I've been super productive. Made Breakfast, destroyed some 12 year olds on CoD, made Sangria, baked a pie, took the dog to the dog park, braided Apple Jack's tail to a six year old's exact specifications. Only had to give the swear jar five bucks so far.

I'm on a fucking roll, and its not even lunch time yet.

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[Wren H]

Bonjour, mon ami. Ça va?

[Jack C]

Just checking in. I've been a little remiss, and I'm sorry about that. Luke reminded me to check in with you, and he shouldn't have to do that, I should just DO THAT. I was operating under the idea that I didn't want to pester you too much, but...Honestly that's just who I am so you may just have to get used to it. How are you, Jack?

[Max M]

Hi. I don't really know how to jump into conversation with people you haven't seen since you were 19...Sorry about the abrupt message. Do you remember me? I'm Evangeline Sablier, I used to live across the hall from Luke when we lived in Seattle.

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[Public as Casey D]

Where's the party at tonight?

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Max M

[Max M]

Your niece is turning two next Friday and the donut thief is scared of me. You want to come by for cake and beer? I think I get out of throwing parties before she can remember them.

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[Public as Eddie Nashton]
[Early in the morning after this. Charges against Eddie for attacking the police commissioner are dropped because gee it was just bad booze that made him go a little nuts, right?]

It's nice how a good donation seems to solve all my problems. So many forgiving and lovely people in this shining, perfect city.

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[Locked to Luke & Batman]

[Locked to Luke H. & Batman both.]