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Mar. 26th, 2014



Why I Like Fridays:


Mar. 25th, 2014


Cal H, Graham R, Hatter

[After waking all bruised and aching and nauseous, like the morning after prom and she wasn't sure where her clothes were. It took a few tries, waking, and the cops were waiting there. She could barely see them, eyes all puffy and some doctor saying she was a real lucky girl. The doctors went on about a knife used somewhere else, and she couldn't remember real clear, but she didn't remember a knife. She remembered one thing - Alexander Murphy. And she told them as much, all disjointed and the world keep going black and bright again. But there was the knife, and she wasn't sure how much they listened, though they said they listened real good. Once they were gone:]

[Text to Cal H]
Cal. They're saying a knife.

[Text to Graham R]

[Locked to Hatter]
You still doing fine?

Mar. 21st, 2014


[News: Las Vegas]

[Before sunrise on Saturday, traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. is stopped for hours due to a collision between a Hummer and a local cab. The cab driver reports that he was dragged out of the cab by an unknown man, who then returned to his vehicle and rammed the cab repeatedly. The cab's passenger, who is identified as Clementine Murphy, was declared DOA by police, but was later revived by paramedics on the scene. She remains unconscious and in critical condition at UMC hospital. The driver of the Hummer is still at large, and police release composite images and grainy cellphone videos of the Hummer slamming into the cab repeatedly, and they ask anyone with information to come forward. Media reports also state that Clementine had, in her possession at the time of the accident, a weapon that is a possible match for the knife used in the Neil Donovan attempted murder, but police refuse to comment further.]

Mar. 19th, 2014


[Public minus Sam A, with locks to Joey A, Tess A, Shane A]

[Public, minus Sam A]

We are done. No more murder. No more retaliation. We are not gangs, and this is not a war. People are dead because a girl couldn't take no for an answer when she changed her mind about who she loved and when. Well, the man she changed her mind over is likely to be dead by morning, and with the body and attempted murder count on the rise, I say, we are done. I won't seek revenge. No one will seek revenge. No one will speak or instigate with anyone, with the understanding that all that will come of it is the loss of more lives until no one is still left. I intend to protect what of my family is still here and still whole. I suggest you all turn your back and do the same, if not for yourselves, then for the people you care most for. If a single hair on the head of anyone in my family is harmed after today, I'll kill every one of you.

Now, walk away.

[Joey A, Tess A]

Where is Sam?

[Shane A]




[After this, and is that blood splatter on the page? Sure is.]


[Calm as anything. Blood splat.] Jude's dead. We all done now?


[After Jude is in the door for 24 hours]

cut for violence )


Graham R, Neil D, Tess A, Public

After this: [Text to Graham R]
need your help. check out whatever hit houses you know of near fucking Fremont, yeah? my sister's in one of them. tiny thing, you saw her on the news. drag her ass out. pay whoever for whatever and we'll figure it out fucking later. if you can't get a hold of me, try Tess A on the journals. she'll fucking take Sam. don't say shit to Neil Donovan. feed the cat. thanks

[Locked to Neil D]
Sam's not feeling safe. she's crashing with me.

[Text to Tess A]
leave that fucking casino. make up some excuse. Sam's gonna need you in a bit, yeah? Graham's gonna contact you. answer him and do as he fucking says.

ETA: [public]
your fucking vampire boyfriend, Alexander Murphy, is fucking his sister, Chloe Murphy, Ashleigh D. found that interesting. thought you might too.

ETA II: [Locked to Louis D, Neil D, & Tess A]
[All it is a link, forwarded from Clem's good deed.]

Mar. 15th, 2014


Clem M, Graham R, Public

[Clementine M]

Is this what extremely safe looks like? Or did you suddenly become the star of a telenovella whilst I was preoccupied elsewhere?

[Graham R]

Do you know anything about the trouble Clementine appears to be in up to her neck?


The teenage misery has taken a respite break from giving me a headache; is this cause for celebration, or to be treated with suspicion?

Mar. 14th, 2014


Jude M, Joey A, Graham R

[Locked to Jude M]
Tell me you're living.

[Locked to Joey A]
This wasn't making peace on no island. This didn't have a damn thing to do with peace.

[Locked to Graham R]
You know about this before it happened?

Mar. 11th, 2014



It's really refreshing to see the way some people waste their time. I'm quite sure there are more useful ways to spend one's day, but perhaps that's just the way I feel.

So far today I've met with an outreach program that deals with counseling for those escaping abusive situations, spoke to another organisation that deals with bullying and made a donation to the cause, and I touched base with an old friend from college that I haven't seen in some years.

It's been a very productive morning.

Mar. 8th, 2014


[Public as Casey D]

Where's the party at tonight?

Mar. 3rd, 2014


Jason T

[Locked to Jason T]

There is a party. Are you invited?


[Public, as Diana K (K for Kent)]

I never know why people hate Mondays so much, I find them invigorating.

Mar. 2nd, 2014



I remember Sundays during school. Service in the mornings, and it was something I actually looked forward to. I've never considered myself to be someone who's particularly spiritual, but there was something about the peace I'd find there that was entrancing. Perhaps it's time to find a place here in town to go to.


Jude M

[Locked to Jude M]

I told one of them what you said, and they want to talk peacekeeping.


Hiding is a skill you never quite forget.

Feb. 26th, 2014


[locks to kara z, selina k, batfamily]

[kara z]

Hey. Haven't heard from you in a bit. How's it going?

[selina k]

You'll be glad to hear somebody gave me a crate of ballet shoes for the boys for Valentine's.


I'm starting to feel like I never know when anything's going down around here. Anybody feel like giving me a heads up on anything I ought to know?

[bruce w]

[After this.]

What the hell is going on with Kara, and why did Selina just tell me to ask you what was going on with her?


Clementine M

After this: [Locked to Clementine M]
you tell Graham we're watching fucking stories at his place tonight.



I thought blood was thicker than this.

[The post is visible for only a handful of minutes before disappearing, but long enough that someone might have caught it.]
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Jude M

[Locked to Jude M]

[After a real sleepless night.] You still talking to me?

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