March 2014




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Jun. 22nd, 2013


I find myself, sometimes, missing the pleasantness of a city that actually appears to sleep. Las Vegas is always far too bright for my liking, but it is a good city to get involved with the hotel business.

How do you all handle the bright lights of Las Vegas, out of curiosity?

Jun. 19th, 2013


It does feel good to be back in Vegas, even if the heat in the summer here is unbearable at best for a Brit since it's so dry. Thank goodness there's the hotel pool here to cool off; probably one of the best benefits of living at the hotel. I was lucky enough to get my old suite back. Seems they thought I'd be coming back.

[Aubrey Rois]

You still around here, somewhere? Still head of security? Do you know if we're doing anything at The Wynn for the fourth of July? That's a fairly big holiday here, right?


Public, Anon

And what happens when we're dealing with a psychopath?

[A minute later.] I don't even mean the kind with a proclivity for cutting up puppies or anything like that. I'm talking straightforward, nonsensical crazypants, someone from a whacked-out world and absolutely zero sense of their own reality (beyond duplicities and pretty words). What. Happens. To us, to them - do we find a way to coexist, or can they be rehabilitated? Do we try? Do we bother?

Jun. 15th, 2013


[Public, Introduction]

[As Ichigo Kurosaki]

Okay, somebody had better start talking. Because if this is another game from Mr. Hat and Clogs, I really am not in the mood and was kind of in the middle of, you know, something important. Which he should very well know, damn it. Like I really need another voice inside my head. I'm sure everyone already thinks I'm crazy.

Jun. 13th, 2013



Here, again. This time I randomly got a smart-Phone in the mail when I moved back in to The Wynn. Not really sure who I've got this time yet, but it's not the same guy as before.


You still around? I've moved back to Las Vegas, just started working again today.