March 2014




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Apr. 15th, 2013


Public; Anton S; Sebastian V-P


Coachella was fun, but I think I'm ready to go a whole year without seeing hipsters in cut-offs and ripped up vintage t-shirts.

[Phone Call: Anton S]

Ring, ring

[Locked: Sebastian V-P]

I still can't get over how much fun that was. Oh, I called Anton's realtor. Does Wednesday work for you?

Apr. 4th, 2013


[public, Nell M]


So. About that party. I need to figure a date for it now that I own the place.

[Call to Nell M]


Mar. 27th, 2013



I've spent more time in the office with financers this week than I have in my own home. It would be easy to say that I ought to get people to do this stuff for me, but I do like to know what it is I'm putting my signature to.

In other news.

As soon as this deal closes, I'm throwing a shindig party at my hotel. Fancy dress. Black tie. Everyone's invited.

Except for you, Dell. My apologies.

Mar. 20th, 2013


Phone Call: Sebastian V-P

[Phone call: Sebastian V-P]

Ring, ring

Mar. 3rd, 2013



[as Jean V]

People claim that their lives are difficult, but they cannot imagine how hard things could be had they lived in a different time. This is not said to trivialize the difficulties people experience, but it is hard to reconcile this world with the one which I am used to.

Also. I very much miss the dark. Are people allergic to it, here? Is that why there are so many of these electric lights?

Mar. 2nd, 2013


[Public, as "Beast."]

I am sorry. I wasn't aware it would come over him so quickly.

Feb. 18th, 2013



[As Javert. In frenzied, sharp handwriting.]

Ce n'est pas Paris. Je ne comprends pas, c'est quoi?

[Ink blots.]

Je suis un officier de la loi. This is unacceptable. [Heavily underlined.] Whoever is responsible for this, je vous promets, I will find you.


Luke H; Anton S; Sebastian V

[Locked to Luke H]

Hey, are you in Gotham? What's going on?

[Locked to Anton S]

Anton, what the hell is going on?

[Locked to Sebastian V]

Sebastian? Where are you?

Feb. 12th, 2013


Public; Anton S; Maddie Kate R; Sebastian V

I know this is Las Vegas and all, but it can't be normal for employees to ask for time off on Fat Tuesday, can it?

In unrelated news, having a badass on the other side is awesome. This one's a lot less secretive than the kid, so that's a plus.

[Locked to Anton S]

I didn't have a chance to tell you this before I got stuck in Gotham, but Houston, we have a problem. Surprise, surprise.

[Locked to Maddie Kate R]

Where is my favorite redhead?

[Locked to Sebastian V]

How long is too long for me to keep hiding?

Feb. 10th, 2013



[Locked to Jean Valjean]
[She begins to do this anonyme, but realizes he will not answer if she seeks him out in such a manner, and she only wishes to know if he is present.]

Monsieur, êtes-vous là?