March 2014



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March 24th, 2014

[info]willpower in [info]doors

Ollie Q

How long have you known something was wrong?

[info]ambition in [info]doors

Lyra V

After this: [Locked to Lyra V]

My cousin would like to meet you.

[info]pesadilla in [info]doors


Some time after this, without needing Lin to go through the door: [Locked to Mouse]

No, sister.

[info]ridesaredhorse in [info]doors

[Public as Carmine Z.]

[Written in the same color as her name.]

Welcome to you too, Passages.

[info]playalong in [info]doors

[Public as The Joker]

Gee golly, no one told me that Arkham is offering crucifix massages now. I'm almost regretting not turning myself in.

[info]myluckyhat in [info]doors

[Public, minus Snow]

I'm looking for a talking pony.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

dc door update

[Normalcy has once returned to Gotham City, or as normal as the city ever gets. In an official statement released by city officials, Jonathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow, is once again in custody after an apparent attack on the city through a contaminated water supply. City officials assure the public that the problem has been taken care and the water is safe for consumption. Citizens who believe themselves to still be affected by the contaminated water are urged to seek medical assistance at Gotham General. New Arkham Asylum is now under the management of a temporary director, and Crane will remain in custody in an undisclosed location.

Unofficially, after this, Batman, Red Hood, and Wonder Girl intercept Huntress' attack upon Jonathan Crane. Crane was taken into custody by the group and delivered into the hands of the authorities to receive medical attention due to the wounds he received at Huntress' hands. As soon as his condition was stabilized, Crane was taken into custody and held at an undisclosed location. A temporary director has been assigned to oversee New Arkham Asylum, in the wake of Dr. Leland's death.]

[info]isherprotege in [info]doors

Always knew I hated Gotham.

[Diana P]
I'm going to the island.

[Tim D & Kara]
Getting out of town for a few days.