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Mar. 23rd, 2013


The weekend is here, finally! I must say that I'm relieved.

...probably a strange question, giving the sorts of entries that I'm reading here. Has anyone else heard another voice inside their minds? Is...does this mean that perhaps I am crazy? I haven't really heard mine yet, but sometimes there are flashes of memory that certainly aren't mine!

Mar. 14th, 2013


I received this strange journal recently upon returning to Las Vegas. I'm still not quite certain what it means, but I'm going to be cautious. I've also got an interesting new pen. Not sure what either of them are for, nor can I do any kind of trace on them to track them down, but hopefully soon enough their meanings will be clear.

Y, ojala, que estos regalos no son regalos de los matadores de mis padres. Si es la verdad, voy a encontrarles y voy a hacer algo sobre eso. No estoy segura que voy a hacer, pero...quiero encontrar los matadores de mis padres si es posible. Eventualmente. Ellos todavia estan en Mexico, pienso, pero si hay un deseo, hay una manera para hacer algo.

What do we know of that we receive upon coming here?

Mar. 13th, 2013


for Andrew and Beth

[As Leonard Drury, please ignore the icon!]

Message left for Andrew Percy )

Message left for Beth )

Mar. 4th, 2013


As Anonymous

Is there some sort of office for directions, perhaps a church that one might be guided toward one's destination? I appear to be [...] out of my way.

Feb. 12th, 2013


[Public, but filtered away from Lin A.]

Everyone is officially insane. I give up.
If anyone needs me, I will be marrying a bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Feb. 5th, 2013



[As, simply, Javert. In crisp, black ink.]

Quelle folie ce que c'est? Words, not my own, appearing on the page before me. The ramblings of a madman, my fellow inspecteurs would say, yet my eyes do not deceive me. A door, between two worlds, and a key to allow passage-- it defies all logic, all explanation, mais il est vrai.

[A pause, the pooling of ink.]

I find it unacceptable that my time is limited by a man who cares little for the law, though he claims to serve it.

Jan. 25th, 2013


[Filtered for Aubrey Rois]

You've been at The Wynn longer than I have, so if it's okay, I'd like to work together a bit more closely to maybe plan an event for Valentine's Day. I think we could do something to draw in more clientele, but I'd like security in on it too. Available for a meeting some time this week?

[Filtered message for Beth]

Been busy lately? We haven't seen you around at the Wynn too much.

I'm looking for a few new concierges to step in since over the holidays we did have some quit on us over at The Wynn. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at with your resume attached if you're interested in an interview.

Jan. 19th, 2013


Public, Blake, Justine

The deal is done and I now have a house. It will be nice to move out of the Wynn. The deal for this house will be signed Monday, cash delivered, and it's mine. I know there are some there that just hate to see me leave the Wynn.

I know it has 7 bedrooms and more space than I need but look at it. I could not say no.

What do you think? Do you want to help me move? I think a housewarming may be appropriate.

Jan. 18th, 2013


[Public] What is the sound of nothing?

Latitude: 36-09'49'' N
Longitude: 115-30'19'' W

The whisper of a voice
When no one’s around
A shuffle of footfalls
Softly browned


[Public, as Roy Mustang]

I've only recently heard of some illness spreading through another Door. My name is General Roy Mustang. I'd like to help, whatever way I can. I'm no doctor myself, but we've doctors in my world who are very skilled who I could send to assist. I, though Tony Stark refuses to accept it as a science, also am in possession of the Philosopher's Stone, which has been known to cure disease before in my own world, and partially in other worlds as well.

[Filtered to Chris Redfield]

Have any prognosis updates on the victims in your world yet? Is red water proving still to be more effective rather than not?

[Filtered to Riza Hawkeye]
I've found hintings at an illness effecting some other world. I believe we could assist, with our medical knowledge here. The Elrics have some research on alkahestry that could prove useful. Edward's report on using alkahestry to heal his own injury in particular was quite interesting. See what else you can find out from these other worlds for me, would you? I'm afraid I'm at odds with one Mr. Tony Stark in regards to alchemy being science, and their opinions may be biased in response.

Dec. 13th, 2012


[Filtered message: Riza Hawkeye]

So, my loyal lieutenant, what would you say to a holiday? I think we could both use one, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps I could arrange something out to the east again.

[Public Entry]

Out of pure curiosity, my friends, what are some traditions for the holiday here ?

Dec. 9th, 2012


Filtered to Beth

I wanted to thank you for your assistance earlier this month. It was...not something that I am used to, but I certainly appreciate your kindness. How are you?

Filtered to Aubrey
I've spotted a few unusual guests frequently requesting the strangest of things from the concierges. Perhaps it's just as we have started the holiday season, but could I request that you keep a close eye near the concierge desks? We have a few new employees whom I'm concerned about there.

Dec. 1st, 2012


Filtered to Pepper Potts

Well, I must forward my sincere apologies, Miss Potts, for any trouble the conversation with Mr. Stark may cause you in the future. I must say that your science sounds fascinating, though I doubt that there may be many opportunities at least in the near future.

Filtered to Riza Hawkeye
My, my. It would seem that the supervisor of your new friend, Miss Pepper Potts, is even more hot-headed than I am, if that's even possible. He's quite an interesting man, though.

Nov. 30th, 2012


[As Roy Mustang, filtered to Tony Stark, Pepper Potts]

I hear your group had a bit of trouble before, and my question went perhaps on dead ears. Here's hoping, at least, that this is better timing on my end. I've heard from Miss Pepper Potts that perhaps you might be interested in another kind of science, Mr. Stark. Ah, yes, I should probably introduce myself. That's usually good. I'm General Roy Mustang.

[Filtered message to Chris Redfield]

Any updates on your end with the Philosopher's Stone and their research?

[Filtered message to Nicholas Fury]
I believe you were the one asking about fire power not that long ago. If you are still interested in assistance, I'd be willing to meet with you personally, but my apologies if I'm mistaken.

Nov. 23rd, 2012


I must say that while it was certainly entertaining to host a Thanksgiving meal, I am relieved that it is over. So I must ask, how many of you went out into the madness of this morning for early discounts on Christmas shopping?

I much rather prefer Boxing Day, in my opinion.

Nov. 20th, 2012


Las Vegas News Update: Thanksgiving Banquet

[Las Vegas News Update: Thanksgiving Banquet at The Wynn, advertised on television, and local newspapers, as well as signs around Las Vegas]

For those on vacation in Las Vegas or for those who simply do not wish to cook for themselves, The Wynn would cordially like to invite any and all to a Las Vegas Banquet held this Thursday evening at 6 PM. Dinner will consist of a 5 course traditional Thanksgiving meal, including two drinks per person. We will be serving the finest turkey, salads, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, a fine selection of desserts and soups for starters. The price to attend the dinner is $45. We will also be offering free taxi rides, upon reservation of a hotel room, throughout Thursday evening and into Friday morning for all of you Black Friday shoppers. We hope sincerely that you would like to attend!

Nov. 19th, 2012


Public, Leonard D

I used to have a very normal, very boring life. At times, I think I want to go back to it.

[Text to Leonard D.]
I haven't seen you in awhile. Are you free for lunch or dinner? I've been meaning to ring. I guess we've both been busy.

Nov. 15th, 2012


Messages for Tony Stark, Riza Hawkeye, Pepper Potts, and public

[Filtered message for Tony Stark, made visible to Pepper Potts as well]

Hello, Mr. Stark. You don't know me, but I've spoken with your assistance, Miss Potts, previously. She thought you may have an interest in a science called alchemy, which is not as fictional as most worlds say that it is. Oh, and I probably should introduce myself, shouldn't I? I'm General Roy Mustang.

[Filtered message for Pepper Potts]

So I've written to your boss. I'm sort of curious to know if he'd be interested.

[Filtered message for Riza Hawkeye]


So, any other bosses out there have personal assistants who you are very thankful for???

Nov. 5th, 2012


Today is a day that should not be forgotten. While yes, we are in America, it is a traditional holiday still in England.

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot.

Nov. 3rd, 2012


Filtered message for Riza Hawkeye )

Filtered message for Chris Redfield )

Filtered message for Pepper Potts )

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