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Apr. 10th, 2013


[general cia comm]

[A soft click. Ambient noise from the faint clack of keys.]

Someone asked for a file for research. [Irish accent, clipped and short.] Origin point in the Phillipines. [Brief silence.] Don't know your name, but it's on the server.


[Bo Davis, Kellan Z]

[Encrypted message left for Bo Davis]
I hope the Feds aren't boring you to tears, legs. Just wanted to update you on a few things, so you don't rip me a new asshole for not cluing you in. Corvus' last job was a good one. We think we have a lead on the origination point for the black market sale of agent names from December. Our new hacker doesn't get transferred for a week, so I have an FBI agent on loan for the month. He's good. He's going to try to get in remotely, but we'll see. He's field trained and certified for this job, just in case. Reed is settling in. He's good with Corvus. It's a good match. Thakkar is antsy, but getting used to a desk is a pain in the ass. We both know that. You owe me a beer once you're home.

[Text to Kellan Z]
[After finally, finally tracking down his name and a contact number. The text comes from a perfectly legitimate phone, one belonging to a Nancy Riley, who (on paper at least) has a dingy apartment on Fremont and a drug habit that has gotten her arrested more than once.]

I hear you're good.

Apr. 8th, 2013


[Dylan M]

[Delivery for Dylan M]
[To his desk, a CIA-issue box, with a CIA-issue comm inside.]

[Comm to Dylan M]
[The next day, after he's had time to verify it's legitimate and, she assumes, deactivate any tracks on it. Beep, at about 7 am, because she figures nerds stay up all night playing console games, and are sound asleep at 7 am.]

Sep. 24th, 2012


[Locked to Kitane Z]

[After a long couple of days spent staring at the box in abject horror.]

Sweetheart. Honey. Hi. Please tell me you sent me that package by mistake.

When have I ever given you any indication that I wanted or needed a clear thon


[Filtered message: Kitane and Theo]

Flight times and information, for both of you! I thought Theo would like to have too!

American Airlines Flight 776/ 6121 Confirmed 2 Passengers [First Class]
Depart Las Vegas 7:25 PM Thursday, September 27
Arrive: Los Angeles, CA [LAX] 8:35 PM

Depart: Los Angeles, CA [LAX] 11:50 PM
Arrive: Hong Kong International Airport [HKG] Saturday, September 29 at
5:40 AM.

Return flight: 6072/1843 American Airlines
Depart: Hong Kong International Airport [HKG] Thursday, October 11 at 12:55 PM
Arrive: 11:10 AM Los Angeles, CA [LAX]
Depart: 2:20 PM Los Angeles, CA [LAX]
Arrive: 3:30 PM Las Vegas, NV Thursday, October 11

As my parents live in Shenzhen we can take a bus to cross the border from Hong Kong. Very close to the border! The flights inland if we want to go north to Beijing are all in Chinese but I can translate if you want!

Also, Kitane! Remember to bring a jacket with you. Especially if we go to Beijing it is cool this time of the year.

Sep. 22nd, 2012


[Delivery for Aubrey R.]

[A small, plain, non descript package arrives for Aubrey at work. It makes no noise. Inside is a single pair of these (NSFW) along with a note from Kitane that reads:

For your next date!]

Sep. 21st, 2012




Black? With cream? Sugar?

Or some fancy frou frou drink that you likely can't even pronounce from Daddy Starbucks?

Sep. 14th, 2012


Theo W., Mingmei S., Ainslie G.

[Locked to Theo]

Justine has a date with a Prince! But not the Prince that was playing with balls and sticks at the hotel.

And, also, dragon horse girl wanted me to let you know that she's probably going to take me tomorrow unless we have plans. Did you get my text about the China trip? I found out what you wanted.

[Locked to Mingmei]

I can't wait for China!

[Locked to Ainslie]

I feel like we haven't talked in forever. Are you okay?

ETA: [Locked to Justine]

Prince Charming, is he from a fairy tale?

Sep. 13th, 2012



[As Aubrey R.]

I swear to god, if I have to give one more interview about this bullshit with Prince Harry playing strip billiards at our hotel, I am going to strangle someone. He's twenty-seven and he's got money falling out of his ass. Exactly what else would they expect him to do in this town, of all places?

[Theo W.]

Haven't seen you around too much lately, boss. Enjoying getting some regular action?

Sep. 12th, 2012


I guess if I'm going to keep reading this thing, I should commit and write something myself. Still don't entirely believe any of you are real. Then I don't know shit about Harry Potter or comic books. People have strokes and develop a different accent or can speak a language they never studied. Maybe you can get hit in the head and wake up a dissociative nerd...

Any tips on shutting the voice up? Mine is [pause] opinionated. And more into dragons than a high schooler who started his own metal band... It's getting embarrassing.


Sep. 11th, 2012




Okay, so. Mike really needs to get out of the apartment and doing things.  Does anyone have any hobby recommendations for a 40-something ex-Navy SEAL? Though, don't let that fool you.  He's actually a complete sweetheart (if you get to know him).  Or, if anyone needs to rent a bodyguard or something, he can do that too!

Plus.  You know.  Friends. Girlfriends.  He could use those too (but only one girlfriend, obviously). 

Sep. 9th, 2012


How many other of you are scared of your other person???

[Filtered: Kitane]

Thank you for your help the other day. I'm not as scared now.

Do you still want to come to China with me? It will be just before October. October 1 is the holiday. We live in Shenzhen but we can go and see Hong Kong too, and maybe go north for a day or two and see Beijing! It is very crazy during this time but I think you will like all the people.

What do you say??? And I will teach you Chinese!


Theo W.

[Locked to Theo W.]

I found the dog I want. It's called an American Alsatian and they have a breeder in Colorado. I looked to see if I could rescue one from the shelter, but they don't have any, it's not even listed on petfinder.

They also have a DVD that you're supposed to get, which I want to get first so I can watch it and be ready. They have to stay cool too, which means they have to have lots of water and probably need to stay indoors during the summer, at least until it cools off.

I think I'd like a silver one.

Also, Mingmei wants to take me to China and I really want to go!

[Locked to Aubrey R.]

Do you have a new boyfriend yet? Have you gone on any dates?

Sep. 1st, 2012


[Filtered message to Kitane]
I do not know who else to ask. I am...a bit scared of the man inside my head.

Can I come over?

Aug. 28th, 2012


[Isaac C.]

Hello, Mr Isaac?

You don't know me but we have a mutual ac ack friend.


[PUBLIC, Very very public.]

Cut for pictures )

ETA: Everything but the top picture is removed and a line at the bottom saying, "Isn't he cute?"

Aug. 25th, 2012



Does anyone else struggle with the thought that their alter beyond the door deserves more time in their world than you manage to offer them?

I simply feel as though he is more accomplished, more successful than I'll ever be, and it's not the most comforting of thoughts.


Public, as Theon G.

No longer am I on Pyke, for which I am, in part, grateful. Though the fact remains that Westeros is missing vast numbers of its nobility, it is somewhat of a consolation that here it is a touch less desolate than the stony Iron Islands. And I know wher It is likely that no one before me, at any point in history, has said such of this barren stretch of land north of the Neck - yet, at this moment, it is true.

I suppose I should thank the Drowned God that the brothel at least still stands occupied. Perhaps there is something to be said for religion.




Aug. 24th, 2012



I still haven't gotten the hang of what exactly I'm supposed to say in this thing, but I'll follow the lead of the rest of you and speak my mind, for better or worse. (My mind is a much more interesting place than my life is at the moment, which means you should all be glad you're not getting the short end of the stick.)

For those of you (read: one person) who's still interested, I'll share: I have a bonafide badass living in my brain. Not only is he the sheriff in town (no, literally, I swear!), he actually wolfed out the last time I was through. You think the wolves in the Bourne Legacy and that Liam Neeson movie were scary? Trust me, they've got nothing on my guy. If this were the internet, I believe the only appropriate reaction to the situation would be "!!!!!!". Or maybe "dsfglkjdgljkdfgj".

Anyway, that's enough from me. What I really want to know is what fun things the rest of you have gotten up to in Sin City. Come on, help a girl out!

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