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Feb. 26th, 2014


news: marvel

[Wednesday afternoon, a press conference is held outside Oscorp with very little advance warning. News outlets and reporters are only alerted an hour before, and due to the suddenness and lack of information given the turnout is impressive. It's assumed that Harry Osborn, who has been acting as head of Oscorp in his father's absence, called the conference, but to the surprise of those gathered it is Norman Osborn himself who emerges to a wave of shouted questions and camera flashes. Osborn, appearing cool and collected, announces his return after a trip abroad to "enrich the future of Oscorp" and assures the press that he will be resuming his duties as CEO. Present with him are the head of the PR division and scientists from multiple departments, who give short speeches on "new and exciting prospects" being worked on behind closed doors.

Osborn himself gives a brief outline of Oscorp's planned future endeavors, hinting at a new military deal, the reason for his sudden departure, and afterward takes questions from gathered reporters. They ask about his son, Harry, about his adoption months earlier, and of course there are more questions about the company itself; he answers them all without hesitation, saying that his son did well under the circumstances, that the adoption was "the right thing to do" as he could provide a good, stable home and bright future for the little girl, and repeats earlier statements about Oscorp's future and promises "great things" to come. Coverage of Osborn's return continues into the evening, as the footage is replayed over and over on the nightly news.]

Jan. 16th, 2014


Marvel Door Update

[In the dead of night, thousands of Spider-Bots are released in New York City. They do not cause harm, though it's very obvious to even the casual robotics fan that their purpose is for surveillance. They crawl over every surface, creep up from sewers and hang in the corner of your favorite local coffee shop.]

Nov. 10th, 2013


[news: marvel NYC → Iceland.]

[The Iron Man suit lifts off from the top of Stark Tower. Tony isn't in it, but nobody else needs to know that.

Iron Man comes in and out quite a bit from that location, but on the off chance anyone is in town, it may be remarked upon.

No media coverage.]


[news: marvel]

[At 2:33 AM on a Sunday, something falls out of the sky in Iceland.

The area onto which it falls is mostly populated by volcanoes and ice rather than humans, particularly as the nights grow longer. But something illuminates the sky so brightly that it can be seen for miles around, just outside a small town to the remote north.

It hits local news as a UFO story, at first. Relatives of people in the town, however, can't seem to contact anyone they know. Within 24 hours, a news crew and some intrepid UFO investigators head out to interview local residents about what they saw.

The town is empty. Most of the homes have been demolished, and the residents are missing. The town looks as if it was hit by a localized earthquake. Toppled buildings and debris are left, but no bodies to speak of. The only sign of what might have happened is a symbol burned into the ground at the end of the town's single main street. The symbol is recessed down six feet or so, as if it has been carved into the earth, unlike other examples of this mysterious phenomena which have appeared elsewhere on the planet. The soil around the symbol is burned, and the edges shine with glass melted from the soil by the heat of whatever struck there.

Eventually, most of the residents are tracked to a cave nearby, recessed into the cliffs, where the tiny town's population of a hundred fled. They describe a great light in the sky in the middle of the night, a thunderous sound, and a shockwave which leveled their homes. Most of them luckily had time to run, warned by the approaching thunder and flickering in the clouds. There are just a few casualties, all told, and only one firsthand eyewitness, a very young boy. His image is transmitted around the world, insisting to reporters that there was a man in the light after the shockwave, that the man was screaming, and that he stumbled north.

The Icelandic authorities try to write the incident off as a freak storm, a strike of lightning in the night, but the international media speculates, and speculates. A new invasion from outer space? The international community insists there is no evidence to prove such claims.

Authorities find no sign of the man the boy claims he saw. North of the town there is only ice, and the desolate, beautiful coastline, and the billions of stars in the long, clear night.]

Nov. 7th, 2013


[marvel news.]

[Winston Pendergrass, a corporate shareholder for Oscorp, was found dead late Wednesday night. Police are investigating the possibility of foul play, but have stated that suicide is a probability. Oscorp stock has fallen sixty points since Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, was appointed CEO in the past few weeks, and Winston Pendergrass was at the helm of losing his life's fortune. Harry Osborn was quoted as offering his condolenseces to the family this morning when he received the news.]

Oct. 9th, 2013


[News: Marvel]

[Early Tuesday, the tabloids run a scandalous little story about Norman Osborn having fled the country. Rumors range from suggestions of a runaway wedding, to a terminal illness, and New York is abuzz with speculation, citing everything from his recent, odd adoption of a little girl, to Oscorp's failure to produce anything innovative in the first three quarters of the year. By evening, a press conference is held outside Oscorp, in which Harry Osborn assures stockholders that his father is abroad, spearheading a new project, and that he (Harry) will be overseeing Oscorp during this time. The conference continues with strong financial statements from the company treasurer, and a rousing speech about the future of Oscorp, which is made by the head of PR. This, of course, doesn't silence rumors, but there's nothing to disprove the official statement. Still, the tabloids continue printing their speculations, and the appearances of Harry Osborn on their covers increase immediately, including whispers about his personal life and pictures that showcase his "friends," and question his prominent engagement.]

Jul. 14th, 2013


[marvel door news]

The announcement is made at midnight with the belief that it won't hit the papers well until morning. The Internet has other ideas, and within the first hour, images begin to circulate. The woman is laughing with eyes sparkling like goldmines, but that is nothing compared to the ring. Eight-teen karats and valued at five million, it is not even the real talking part of the story. Nobody saw the engagement coming, nobody even speculated considering the numerous pictures of the soon-to-be groom in the company of other women.. but the ring cements it. Harry Osborn is engaged to Lily Hollister, daughter of a local political candidate.

Apr. 11th, 2013



[It starts as a rumor that most don't quite believe, but there's no arguing against the evidence. Dozens of pictures are uploaded via cell phones, undoubtedly of Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy during various states of undress while in the Bio Lab at Midtown.]

Apr. 7th, 2013



[The news about students at Midtown continues to trickle through the papers and other news outlets. Reckless behaviour, out of control teenagers, authorities say it's gone beyond thrill-seeking to downright dangerous. Authorities are encouraging any students displaying any sort of strange behaviour that is new over the past week to seek medical help immediately.

"...four Midtown seniors were hospitalized Saturday evening and another two were pronounced dead at the scene following a high speed race between two vehicles. Both vehicles lost control after approaching speeds of over 120mph, colliding into an embankment. Local police are investigating. The names of the victims have not been released..."

"...a local convenience store was the site of tragedy this evening when a seventeen year-old junior from Midtown was killed during a botched robbery. The student apparently went to the aid of the cashier on duty when he was held up at knife point. The attacker fled from the scene after the incident and police are asking the public for any information regarding the individual..."]

Apr. 1st, 2013


News: Marvel Door

[Late afternoon, after this, news stories start trickling down from Midtown High School.

“ unexpected altercation between members of the debate team at Midtown. Three students were sent to the hospital with various injuries, including a broken hand and lacerations to the face. School officials are looking into the cause...”

“...a promising young member of the Track and Field team was taken to the hospital today from multiple strained muscles in the legs while attempting to break the school record in the long jump.”

“...the sixteen year old junior was taken by ambulance to a local hospital after eye witness reports of the student jumping off of the roof of the high school. Witnesses have been quoted as saying that the young man thought he could fly.”

“...a teacher in the art department was treated at a local hospital today for second and third degree burns to her hands after attempting to take pottery from a kiln that was still hot. The young woman was being held for psychiatric evaluation.”

“Three students fell ill during the lunch period at Midtown this afternoon. Reports of nausea and weakness in the limbs has been reported, and any student experiencing these symptoms is urged to see their primary care physician as soon as possible. Officials are looking into a cause for the sudden illness.”]

Mar. 7th, 2013


[Door Update: Marvel]

[Stark Tower makes the news early Thursday morning when 911 is called to the building, which has been relatively quiet since the death of Tony Stark two months earlier. Unconfirmed reports state that two teenage students from Midtown High School were removed from the premises by paramedics. Witnesses report that police spent hours removing illegal substances from the premises. One of the girls, an unidentified redhead, is said to be in critical condition at a nearby hospital, a victim of an overdose that might leave her with irreparable brain damage. The other teenager has been medically cleared and transported to NYPD holding, where she is expected to be charged.]

Feb. 2nd, 2013


[News: Marvel door]

[Late Friday night, the news stations in the city are flooded with witness reports of a giant lizard seen in different areas of the city. The reports are all within 10 block radius of Oscorp, and other than a vehicle with damage to the roof by something impacting it, no other property damage is reported. Several photographs surface Saturday morning of a strangely-shaped shadow, a hulking figure, glowing eyes in the darkness. By Saturday morning, the city is abuzz with rumors of a giant lizard stalking the streets of the city.]

Jan. 30th, 2013


pepper p.

[Delivered to Pepper Potts: a sympathy arrangement and a fruit basket, both within a half hour of each other.

Included is a tasteful card:


I was very sorry to hear of Mr. Stark's passing. Forgive my lateness in offering my deepest condolences. If you need anything, at any time, please don't hesitate to ask.

- Norman Osborn

Jan. 27th, 2013


[marvel door update]

[The power comes back not with a boom, or a crash, but with the flicker of electricity and the subtle hum of engines. Suddenly, everything is working again, like nothing at all has changed.

There were casualties, of course, during the month or so that the world lived without power. People died frozen in the streets in northern climes, people killed for food or supplies. For the most part, however, the casualties were much less than they might have been otherwise, and so says the message that flickers across every electronic screen when the power surges.

Your hospitals might have been shut down. Your nuclear plants might have been left to melt down and destroy your cities, your societies, your world. The secret places where your governments keep ancient diseases and terrible substances that could melt your flesh, they could have been shut down, breached, and allowed to flow freely into the air.

But I am not a cruel god. Not yet. And adequate worship might maintain your present peace. Ask yourselves - if Loki could achieve this, then what else might he achieve? Learn from your ancestors. Learn to kneel before a greater power, and accept a fate as happy slaves in peace.

There is no sign of Loki himself anywhere, however. Interested parties who go to the warehouse to check on the stone there will find it cracked with a fissure down the side, dark and ordinary.]

Jan. 22nd, 2013


stark tower.

[Soon after this. A vial of green liquid from Wonder City's Lazarus Pit is, as promised, left inside Stark's lab. No note. He assumes it will be used sparingly, and that he'll be notified should more be needed.]

Jan. 7th, 2013


[marvel door update]

[The outage goes on throughout most of North America and Japan, but many of the usual expected outcomes of a prolonged lack of power haven't occurred. Gas prices spiked briefly, until people realized just how much fuel it took to get their generators to work, and that most of them wouldn't start at all.

Looting, of course, goes on right as scheduled. Dark storefronts without power are looted rampantly, as are homes, and the police in major cities are stretched absurdly thin, lacking any feasible means of communication by radio or phone. Danger is rife, and help is hard to come by without emergency services.

People begin congregating in the few places that still have power - government facilities, hospitals. Even though they can't charge cell phones or use electronic devices, these places at least have light, and those who fear the looting and crime can at least huddle together there, against the dark, like their ancestors once did around fires.]

Dec. 18th, 2012


[marvel door update]

[After this.]

[It's all gone dark.

The range of the disaster is at first completely unknown, since the entire grid has gone dark from coast to coast. Eventually, on cell phones with dying batteries, it becomes clear that North America, as well as some of South America, Japan, and the Pacific island nations, have all gone dark.

Things that run on their own power still run, but feebly, shutting down every few minutes. Generators work, but nothing wants to hold a charge for long. It's as if every piece of machinery sheds the electricity pumped into it.

It's a strange outage on many accounts. Planes in flight when the outage occurs retain their power until they land safely on the ground. Hospital generators hum to keep patients alive, but cell phones won't charge from hospital outlets. Clearly, it isn't so simple as a series of power plants going out. The outage is selective, and it fights any attempts to circumvent it.

Power stations refuse to turn back on, but radioactive containment units stay online. Army choppers won't start, but government laboratories full of dangerous chemicals have power. Car ignitions no longer work, so when the cars are turned off, they refuse to come on again, but there are no massive pileups on the highways. So perhaps the outage is benevolent, the work of an eco-terrorist intending to teach a lesson.

The peace and apparent mercy of it all is complicated by the prisons. Electronic locks go down with everything else, and soon there are criminals breaking out of maximum security everywhere.

And communications, such as they are, are most definitely down. Radios meet with heavy interference. The internet works only in fits and spurts for those people lucky enough to still have phones and computers with battery power, just long enough to spread panic through the populace with scraps of information over how widely spread the outage is. Only the highest of high tech still works, the most esoteric and out of range of normal human communication frequencies.

In the end, the outage is not so much selective as it is calculated, coolly and professionally, to create panic without pure demonization of the person responsible. It is a canny thing, creating mayhem and chaos just by turning off the lights, and giving the people of a third of the world motivation to hold their children close and pray for a savior, as, in the northern climes, it begins to snow.]

Nov. 27th, 2012


[News, Bruce B]

[The equipment that goes missing from Oscorp was designed to help find cold-blooded creatures for Dr. Connors. It is reported missing by one of the lab managers, but there are no signs of a break-in, and the surveillance cameras pick up nothing out of the ordinary. The equipment, it seems, it simply gone.]

[Locked to Bruce B]
Dr. Banner? Flash and I need something from SHIELD.

Does anyone out there have Harry

[Not posted]

Oct. 30th, 2012


[Marvel Door Update]

[As the storm rages on in the Eastern seaboard, Spider-man makes several headlines along with other rescue workers, firefighters, and volunteers. The blue and red mask means no few pictures pop up with him securing a broken crane and assisting the NYFD with the blaze in Queens.]

Aug. 20th, 2012


[marvel door update]

[Jane Foster is missing.

She was reported as such when a passer-by noted her home in New Mexico had been broken into and called the police. Jane was nowhere to be found, but the officer found traces of chloroform on the broken glass from the door. None of her things were removed from the apartment except her cell phone, but a note was left on the floor, near the door. Written in green ink, it states simply, I told you that you would regret.

It has only been roughly four hours since she was kidnapped, but there is still no sign of her anywhere.]

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