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Nov. 13th, 2013


[news: harry potter]

[On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Magic is temporarily thrown into chaos.

It all began with the discovery of a body in the Atrium, that of an unconscious young man bearing signs of brutal torture and the word 'TRAITOR' carved into his chest. Witnesses were unable to determine when the body appeared, or who was responsible for delivering it, only that "it was just there." Suspended in mid-air, Ministry officials and members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad are unable to get the man down and attempts to do so backfire horribly on the attempted rescuers. Only after an hour does he fall on his own, to be immediately rushed to St. Mungo's, but in his wake the Dark Mark lingers in the air, both in the Atrium and in the sky above ground, in that very same spot.

Whispers that the injured man is Severus Snape, who has not been seen in recent days, and that He Who Must Not be Named is responsible begin to spread, but in a statement the Minister vehemently denies such claims and assures the wizarding community that there is no need to panic, as the situation is under control, and more information will be released as it becomes available.]

Nov. 9th, 2013


[News: Harry Potter]

[One of the Time-Turner displaced, a young James Potter, father of Harry Potter, caused a panic at the Leaky Cauldron late this afternoon. Witnesses say he stood up from his table, where he had been sitting obscured by a scarf, and urged patrons from the pub, telling them to run, citing the old building as the target of an impending Death Eater attack. He did not say how he knew.

Diagon Alley was quickly flooded by fearful witches and wizards unable to escape to Muggle London. Many Apparated away, but those too young, too old, or with too many, hid behind the walls of Gringotts for hours.

A Magical Law Enforcement squad came upon the scene and secured the Cauldron. There was no attack.

Harry Potter could not be reached for comment.

The elder Potter is being sought by the authorities for questioning. He fled the scene shortly after the pub was cleared and was last seen wearing a Puddlemere United scarf, a black set of robes, and red gloves. The public is being asked for assistance in finding the man; any with information are asked to contact the DMLE.]


[News: Harry Potter]

[Late Friday night, there is a disturbance in a Muggle library in London, where disoriented adults speak of a raving girl coming in and rousing the children and kidnapping a fifteen year old girl. The girl’s identity was not given out, due to her status as a minor. A Magical Law Enforcement squad responded to the scene with representatives from the Improper Use of Magic in tow. All members of the Wizarding Community have been asked to stay in their homes, with proper safety precautions in place, and to block off their Floo networks, if applicable. All updates will come across the WWN.

Update: A Dark Mark was found suspended above a relatively remote bit of forest in an undisclosed location. It was discovered after an anonymous tipster contacted the DMLE, telling them they would find the person responsible for several of the most recent crimes there: Alecto Carrow. Carrow was at the scene, Petrified and bound. She was taken to St Mungo’s for medical attention. Ministry officials have made no statements as to how Carrow escaped Azkaban and how she appeared much younger than she ought to have. An inside source, who contacted us on the condition of anonymity, says the Ministry believes this to be the work of the Time-Turner Fault that has brought so many back, though none of the culprits have been found or interviewed as of this writing.

Update II: The Muggle girl, fifteen and frightened, was discovered Obliviated on the steps of St Mungo’s near midnight. A Healer, whose identity is being withheld, stepping out for a smoke break found the girl near the rubbish bins, unable to articulate how she had gotten there. She wore a cloak over torn clothing; investigators intend to comb both for evidence. Her superficial wounds had been amateurishly mended. She was taken in for tending to and will be released to her parents as soon as possible. The Minister is working with Muggle officials and spoke of the seriousness and necessity of getting to the bottom of the recent disturbances. He assured those listening that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has not returned. More to come as the information becomes available.]

Nov. 6th, 2013


[News: Harry Potter]

[Tuesday night, the missing squib children turn up in the most unexpected place: Godric's Hollow. Residents believe they first hear them in the doomed Potter residence, where a Dark Mark tellingly hangs in the sky, but no one actually sees the children until they're on Church Lane. All five children are crawling around on their hands and knees. They bark, they howl, they pee against trees and try to bite anyone who comes near. Whatever was done to them, it's stubborn, spells layered upon themselves. The children do not respond to their names, do not have language, do not attempt to walk upright. In short, they are feral, trying to attack any residents of the village who come near them. In the end, the Ministry is called, but the children have scattered into the surrounding, snow-covered areas by the time help arrives.]

Nov. 2nd, 2013


[Door: Harry Potter]

[The children are taken from a muggle daycare on Saturday morning. Five of them in total, and the Dark Mark shows in the sky above the building before the teachers even realize the children are gone. An unnamed teacher at the preschool confides to local authorities that the children taken all had a relative that was a witch or wizard, but that the children have no magic themselves, their bloodlines having been long since diluted. The Minister makes a statement that afternoon, which is printed in the Prophet, where he insinuates that all of these incidents are related to unauthorized Time-Turner usage. He assures the matter is being looked into, that all displaced witches and wizards will be returned to their proper time, and that the missing children will be found.]

Oct. 15th, 2013


[News: Harry Potter]

[The news keeps getting better through the Potter door. Late Tuesday evening, there's a spectacle outside Hogsmeade.

A young woman hangs suspended in the air, screaming, under the influence of the Cruciatus curse. The Dark Mark hovers in the air overhead, summoned by a cloaked figure in the woods nearby, calling all to be witness to the sight. The woman, when she finally lands on the ground, is insensible, but whispers of her identity spread like wildfire through the village. It is said that the young woman was Lily Potter, but before her identity could be confirmed or denied, she is rushed to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Officials at the hospital refuse to comment on the woman's identity, though whispers later raise some doubt as to who the woman really was.]

Oct. 14th, 2013


[News: Harry Potter]

[Monday evening, there's an impressive display above muggle London Bridge.

Three mostly-dead muggles in their early twenties are suspended high above the bridge for a full three minutes, with a firework display lighting up the night above them. The trio is in their early twenties, and there are two males (one with dark hair, one with red hair), and one girl with bushy brown hair. Emergency services come, only to find they cannot get the suspended trio down.

Once the three minutes pass, the three muggles fall onto the bridge, where traffic has been halted. The trio falls on stopped cars, as the Dark Mark appears in the sky above them. They are rushed to the nearest hospital, where they repeat one phrase over and over, despite the broken state of their bodies: "Victory to the Dark Lord!"]

Sep. 15th, 2013


Around midnight on Saturday night just as the Wizarding Wireless Network is signing off for the night with the typical  )