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Nov. 14th, 2013



[After this.]

How did he betray anyone? What did he do? Did he stop that ugly witch from terrorizing children? No. This is unnecessary.

Nov. 9th, 2013


[MPP + Lily P, Narcissa B, Lily P, Severus S]

[Very late a night after the news goes public; locked separately.]
Carrow's gone.

ETA: [Lily P]
How are you feeling about your healing spells?

[Severus S]
Where are you?

Nov. 3rd, 2013


[Severus S, Narcissa B]

[After her discussion with Alecto.]

I would thank you to keep your opinions of me behind your teeth when speaking to others.


Oct. 29th, 2013


Remus L, Lily E

[Locked to Remus L]

I would like to talk to you, if you have the time.

[Locked to Lily E]

You are well?

[Begrudgingly Public]

James, I wish to apologise to you for my actions. They were uncalled for and born out of my anger and frustration. I do not expect that you will forgive me, but I am regretful of what I did.

That is all.


[Narcissa B, Tom R]

[Handwriting so shaky that it's unrecognizable. Though it at least comes with her name attached.]

[Narcissa B.]

Please tell me that you are alright.

[Tom R.]

Were you there? On the ship? Did you become something else?


[public, as James P; Lily E]

[After this.]

Sirius, he's talking about you, mate. Sounds like you've an admirer.

[Locked to Lily P]
Evans, be a dear and say hello. You have me, your darling husband, very worried.

Oct. 16th, 2013


[Narcissa B, Draco M]

[After she wakes from her dream and makes it, limping, back to Hogsmeade to hide in someone's shed. Early Wednesday morning. Handwriting almost impossible to read.]

Who was the married couple?

[Draco M]
[Added after this.]

Draco, dear. I can rely on you to keep yourself and your mother safe, can't I? Through whatever might come? Before anyone else?


[Private to James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Draco Malfoy], added in later to Narcissa Black

[After learning about the most recent HP news, Harry this! Visible only to James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Draco Malfoy]

Hold me back. Merlin help me, hold me back. If it's Voldemort, and if he comes after any of you, hold me back, because I don't know what I'll do this time around. I thought I was done with it all, that I'd finally killed the man...though he changes it after a moment... bastard. And this starts up again. Hold me back, because I'm tempted to go straight to the Ministry with this. To make sure they know this time that Tom Riddle is Voldemort and that he's back. Because last time? They didn't believe me, not even when Cedric died in front of me. He died in front of me, and they didn't believe me when I said it was HIM. They only believed after Dumbledore...[Harry trails off, though there's spots of ink on the page, like he was visibly trying to control his reaction to everthing.]

[Added in later, almost as an afterthought, but it's once Harry finally calms down a bit to properly react]

Narcissa? Please tell me this isn't the work of Bellatrix. Not after I stood up on her behalf. First they go after those who look like myself, and my friends. Then someone...I'm hoping to hell wasn't my mother. I don't know if this is the work of Voldemort directly. I don't...he never did anything really like this himself. Usually sent his croonies after them.



[On the heels of this and the earlier conversations on the journals, after having heard nothing from Lily in days. The letters are large, panicked, and drawn over and over and over with clotting ink. Gryffindor creed says NO CAUTION. NO SUBTLETY. RAAAAAAAAAH.]


ETA: [Harry P/James P]
I need the cloak, Harry. NOW.
[Scratched out after talking to Narcissa.]

Added in at the Three Broomsticks: [Lily P/James P]
Evans, I should like a word with you.

Oct. 15th, 2013


[Private to Bellatrix]



[public, MPP + Lily P, Harry P, Narcissa B]

Scrawled on parchment messily, after this: [Public]
What a show of skill, an attack on the defenseless, and a need hex them into allowing your name to dirty their mouths. You certainly have a way with people.

[Locked to MPP + Lily P]
Hell. We need to move fast.

[Locked to Harry P]
Are you safe?

[Locked to Narcissa B]
Tell me your sister was not behind this.

Oct. 10th, 2013


[Narcissa B, Lily P/Marina S]

On the tails of this: [Locked to Narcissa B]
You do cause quite a bit of trouble.

[Locked to Lily P/Marina S]

Oct. 9th, 2013


Public, Rose R, Narcissa M, Severus S

I hate to even ask what is going on out there.

Where have you been? I've tried to contact you before.

Where are you staying? I've got our space. I've also obtained more keys to our vault at Gringotts so you will not be without access.

Are you getting on alright? I'm sure you have felt a bit off since your arrival.

Oct. 8th, 2013


[MPP + Lily P, Harry P + Lily P, Narcissa B, Nymphadora T]

[Locked to MPP + Lily P]
Alright, blokes, what say you as to how we might go about resurrecting the Order in Dumbledore's absence? We know there are no rosters kept. Ought we reach out to those we knew, once upon a time, if they're not yet deceased? Or are we being stingy with our trust in regards to them as well?

[Potter lock]
Harry, I would like to discuss the Order with you. I have some questions about members.

[Locked to Narcissa B]
You've not taken the Mark yet, have you? You're awfully quiet.

[Locked to "Tonks"]
How do you feel about blood purists, Tonks, love?


[Narcissa B, Tom R]

[After her ill-fated conversation with Sirius.]

[Narcissa B]
[A number of ink blotches as the pressure of her pen varies, sharp on the page.]

Tell me again, darling Cissa, why I am even making an attempt.

[Tom R]

[A spreading ink spot.]

It's all very tiring, you know.

Oct. 5th, 2013



[As Hannibal L.]

[Another drawing, this time of the hunting lodge they sought refuge in. The drawing, of course, is missing the children.]



Another month of this two people one body and I'm going to run mad.

[James, Lily, Remus.]

What's for dinner?

Sep. 26th, 2013


Lucy R, Shailee T, Neil D, Dolores C, Preston R

[Lucy R]

[with some degree of trepidation]


[Shailee T]

Thakkar, you surviving over there?

[Neil D]

You've not been thrown in a ditch somewhere by a Murphy, have you?

[Dolores C]

I warned him.

[Preston R]

[No note, a bottle of eye-wateringly good French wine on his desk.]

Sep. 24th, 2013


As Draco M, public, Narcissa B


I think I have found an apothecary shop to purchase, or we can start our own. It is in the most damaged section of Diagon Alley, but it is being rebuilt and is nearly ready to reopen. Unfortunately, much of the supplies were damaged in the war, so I will need to restock, but as they say, Location, Location, Location.

So now you know. I hadn't heard from you, but Harry told me that you know.


[Public from Tonks (JUST TONKS OK)]

I was definitely dreaming when I decided to write this down, so excuse me if it goes off the rails a little. See, when I got up this morning I was pretty sure it was the end of the bloody world or something. The sky was this weird shade of purple, there were people running around, trying to escape all of the craziness. I didn't care though. Because they always say that the year 2000 is when the party is over, that's it. The end. Out of time.



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