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Jun. 1st, 2013



I suppose I'm back.

May. 19th, 2013


Public, Rose, Harry

So it looks like people aren't missing anymore. That's good. I don't like it when people just vanish.

[Locked to Harry]
Where the hell have you been?

[Locked to Rose]
What happened to you?

May. 15th, 2013


Dear Door,

In the future, please give me some advance warning if you plan on extending our 24 hour agreement. I have been gone for nearly 10 days. My job, my patients, and my plants did not appreciate this.



May. 11th, 2013


[As "Doctor."]

Eventually I will get the better of this situation, and someone or something responsible is going to be very, very sorry.

Apr. 26th, 2013



[An elaborate riot of watercolors in a red and orange palette, layered with skill and extreme precision. It progresses for some time, until the shadow of cacti and the Spring Mountains indicate the painting is simply upside down.]

Apr. 14th, 2013


[March H, January F, Winnie O, Sunny W]

[Locked to March H]

I was wondering how you've been doing.

[Locked to January F]

My apologies for the silence.

[Locked to Sunny W]

How have you been, Sunny?

[Delivery to Winnie O]

[A bouquet of flowers, with a simple note attached reading 'Yours, October' in Toby's narrow handwriting.]

Apr. 8th, 2013



[As John S.]

The dreams are one thing. Now I'm sleep walking. Or something.

Apr. 2nd, 2013


[public, as January F]

[Public because it doesn't cross his mind that this could be potentially embarrassing and/or unwanted.]

Toby! I know you didn't see, since you don't have a Facebook, but David posted a picture of us from your graduation and I thought you might want to see it! I couldn't get it to work in a text, so it's here for you. :) I think it came out very nice.

Picture behind the cut )

Mar. 31st, 2013


[Public, as John S.]

[1 AM EST.]

I would very much like to sleep and stop getting all these dreams about blue boxes.

Mar. 18th, 2013



[As Amy P]

Where did you run off to, Doctor? I asked for a fun planet, not another Leadworth. Sorry, Rory.

[After 5 minutes]

Is Rory with you?

Mar. 12th, 2013


It turns out time travelers, they are not so fond of pianos as I am.

[Wren H]

Are you upset? You were upset.

[Daniel W]

Was this time better than last time? Or worse?

[Later] [Sunny]

Thank you for the box. It was important, I think. I remember thinking, at the time, anyway. Are you all right, now we're all back?

[Edited to add]


Are you all right? Wren said she didn't know.

Mar. 11th, 2013


[Sunny W.]

[After his conversation with March.]

I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Toby's brother. I know this is maybe a little rude of me, but I'm unsure of what else to do - do you think I could ask you for a favor?
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Mar. 8th, 2013


March H, Jan F, Sam A, Sunny W

[Locked to March H]

You're okay, right?

[Locked to Jan F]

Sorry about everything.

[Locked to Sam A]

Contacting you, as promised.

[Locked to Sunny W]

So, on a scale from 1-10, how bad was it for you?

Feb. 21st, 2013


[As "John S."]

I miss my friends, my job, my hospital. My good dreams.

When do I get back what is mine?

Feb. 18th, 2013


Winnie O, Jan F, March H, Aiden S, Public

[Calendar Lock]

Check in and let me know that you're both safe.

[Locked to Winnie O]

Did the crazy bite you too?

[Locked to Aiden S]

Any chance you can reassure me that this might be a bad dream?


I'm guessing this is a widespread issue, isn't it?

Feb. 13th, 2013


[As "John S."]

Well, I give up. The creepy self-writing book stays.

Feb. 10th, 2013


[Selina Kyle]

She let me through the Door, you know. I didn't think after she'd spoken to that little blond of yours that she would.

[The Doctor]

So you've gone and done it [nothing]


Has anyone tried hosting a gathering that wasn't in a hotel? From all accounts, we drive you all potty, has anyone thought perhaps taking us out for a nice dinner or a party might dissuade us from doing so?

Feb. 2nd, 2013



I fucked up my wrist, so you're getting this left-handed. [But surprisingly clear for that. Also dotted with Prussian Blue.]

I see new scribbles. Enjoying the hotel?



Anyone out there figured out how to get nightmares to back off? Especially when they're not even your nightmares. Skullbuddy's coping mechanism doesn't work for me. I'm surprised it works for him.

Drinking's a given, so something less prone to hangovers would be great. I'll take narcotics as an answer, but an addiction's something I'd like to avoid.

Jan. 19th, 2013


[River S.]

Would you like to know the death toll, or would that just make you feel accomplished?

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