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November 7th, 2013

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[James P]

[Locked to James P]

I wonder if you might do me the courtesy of a face to face meeting at some point in the future.

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Addy G

[Locked to Addy G]

You missed a wonderful party, regardless of what everyone else says.

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Louis D

[Locked to Louis D]

[Handwritten.] So I need a Marvel key or whatever. Can I bum yours? It'll just come back to you.

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[January F]

[Locked to January F]

[...] Hey.

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[marvel news.]

[Winston Pendergrass, a corporate shareholder for Oscorp, was found dead late Wednesday night. Police are investigating the possibility of foul play, but have stated that suicide is a probability. Oscorp stock has fallen sixty points since Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, was appointed CEO in the past few weeks, and Winston Pendergrass was at the helm of losing his life's fortune. Harry Osborn was quoted as offering his condolenseces to the family this morning when he received the news.]

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News: Las Vegas

[Thursday evening, several news stations flock to the scene of an accident near the Las Vegas strip. Initial video from the scene show a yellow cab all but wrapped around a light pole. Several pedestrians give their eyewitness accounts of the accident. The cab is reported to have lost control, both driver and passenger were seen panicking before the cab finally came to a stop after colliding into a light pole. A fire hydrant and a nearby postal box were damaged as well, and that section of the street remains closed off for the evening, creating a bit of a traffic mess near the strip.

Both the driver of the cab, Paul Simons, 58, and the passenger, Chloe Murphy, 32, were transported to local hospitals. No one else was injured in the collision. There is no current report on their condition.

Initial reports show that alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the collision. Police are continuing to investigate the vehicle for possible mechanical malfunctions.]

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[Batfam+ any conceivable allies]

Why didn't any of you tell me he was back?