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November 8th, 2013

[info]predacious in [info]doors

Chloe M

[After this. He tries her mobile first.]

Ring, ring.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[Delivery: Wayne Manor]

[Hours after this, a standard delivery truck crosses the gates into Wayne Manor. Its appearance is nothing special, since it has all the right plates and license numbers. The very young male driver goes around the back, as instructed, and unloads eight children - three boys and five girls - between the ages of three and six. The children all wear second- and third-hand clothing, and they are thin and badly cared for, if clean. They are all dark-haired, dark-eyed little things, and they knock and knock on the back door, as if they had been instructed to do just that. Not one of them wanders or leaves that spot, regardless of how long the wait is. If asked, the children refuse to say where "home" is, though they will steal anything that isn't locked down if they're allowed inside. The truck is returned to the delivery company, with the real driver trussed up in the back and all his real packages for that day undelivered.]

[info]onerule in [info]doors

selina k., dick g.

[After this, and after managing to wrangle all eight into the kitchen and temporarily distract them with food.]

[locked to selina k.]

You could have given me some advance notice.

[locked to dick g.]

I have a [...] favor to ask.

[info]perspective in [info]doors

Becky L

[Locked to Becky L]

I thought I would say hello again.

[info]neeevans in [info]doors

russ c.

[The paternity test results came in that morning, and she waits clear into the afternoon for him to say something. Of course, it never comes, so..]


[info]pesadilla in [info]doors

[Louis D]

[Locked to Louis D]

I have a joke for you.

[info]plagiaristic in [info]doors

Good grief. Why is my kitchen full of small people?

[info]curandera in [info]doors

[Jason T]

[Note left at Jason's warehouse]

Every morning at nine, have two of the boys go to the address on the back of this card. - Cat

[The address is for Em's funeral home.]