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March 8th, 2013

[info]doorsverse in [info]doors

[Plot: Switch]

[Friday morning, things return to normal. It doesn't happen all at once, but each time someone crosses a door, things right themselves. Every time someone is kicked, they end up back where they belong. There is no fanfare, and no announcement on the journals. It happens quietly, just as it began. The actions taken by characters through doors is seamlessly attributed to their alters, and the alters leave no real impact behind on the lives of their Las Vegas counterparts.]

[info]adarkflash in [info]doors

[Private to Wren M H.]

MK overdosed. Will live. Long term damage unknown. Hope to talk her into rehab once she feels better. Already discussed it. Should work this time. Want to know if you'd visit her?

[info]pricked in [info]doors


What, that's it?

[...] Talk about a fucking anticlimax. And now I have to pay for my booze again? Total bullshit.

[Text to Blake]

Look at that, you got your wish. I didn't even get to wear my rescue tights.

[info]soundofwings in [info]doors

[Eddie N]

How's your brain, Eddie?
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[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

news update: las vegas

[Friday afternoon, an unnamed source at Spring Valley Hospital speaks to one of the countless gossip sites clamoring for information. Rumors whispered that infamous tabloid favorite MK Robinson was admitted into the ICU earlier in the day, but no one knows the circumstances at first. The source fills in the blanks that she can, and the internet titters into a tizzy. Former on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Waterhouse brought her into the ER, and the troubled model is currently in critical, but stable condition after an apparent overdose. The actual details are fuzzy even to those involved with in the case, though most question possible irreparable damage. In any case, everyone's wondering what fate awaits their favorite trainwreck.]

[info]ephemeras in [info]doors

[MK R, Adam W, Neil D, Connor B, Seven M

[Locked to MK R]
I'm so fucking sorry

[Not posted.]

[Locked to Adam W]
You're a fucking douche

[Not posted.]

[Locked to Neil D]
Are you ok? Please be ok. I don't know if I can

[Not posted.]

[Locked to Connor B]
Check on shit for me.

[After getting money from Lin]
[Call to Seven M]

[info]pesadilla in [info]doors

[Sam A., Daniel W.]

After seeing this: Text to Sam A )

Tapped in after his conversation and subsequent shady-ass meetup with Sam: Daniel W )

[info]heartofthewolf in [info]doors

March H, Jan F, Sam A, Sunny W

[Locked to March H]

You're okay, right?

[Locked to Jan F]

Sorry about everything.

[Locked to Sam A]

Contacting you, as promised.

[Locked to Sunny W]

So, on a scale from 1-10, how bad was it for you?

[info]saltedand in [info]doors

fuck trees, fuck dead shit, fuck the woods.

missed a game. out ten thou because robin fucking hood wanted to donate.

[info]anatkh in [info]doors

[march h, andrew p] [public]

[march h]

Hey there. How's the brain?

[andrew p]

You slide on over alright?


Christ yes. This calls for a celebration. I'm renting out the Opium Room at Tao. Lots of booze, bring your friends. If nothing gets broken, no one got trashed enough.

[info]bigby in [info]doors


I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so ridiculously glad to be back in my own body. To the point where I can't stop hugging myself (and Jan). Now that I've lived my non-dream of becoming a shapeshifting wolf, I would like to hide under my blankets until the end of time. I know the world is filled with excitement and adventure but I am not cut out for it. Not even a little. Nope.

Is everyone else okay?

[info]horse_and_rider in [info]doors


Goodbye Ren Faire land and bad acid trip. Hello home. Thank fuck.

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[damian w]

Hey. You take care of it yet?

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[sam a, iris r, neil d, anton s]

[sam a]

Sam. Are you alright?

[iris r]

[...] I I was I'm sorry. For my behavior over the past few weeks.

[neil d]

I don't have any idea what to say to you. I don't know if I am sorry or if I'm not sorry at all. I'm angry, and I want an explanation. But I can't tell you any of that, because I made Sam a promise that I would try to be here for you, to keep you from slipping any deeper.

How are you?

[anton s]

I [...] don't really know what to do with myself, now that everything is normal again. Are you safe?

[info]author in [info]doors


So, how much alcohol would you estimate is needed in order to forget the last few weeks?

[info]fuadan in [info]doors

[Left public by accident]

Cut for language )

[info]leavethenest in [info]doors

[Private to Selina K.]
[Seconds after this]

Sorry. I don't want to never see you again. You can have sex with my father. Thanks for the new cat.

[info]playforkeeps in [info]doors


An alien trashed my fucking house. What the fuck.