March 2014



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January 27th, 2013

[info]riddlethem in [info]doors

[Call to the repair shop Adrian works at.]
[Ring, ring.]

[Private to Thierry B.]

Yo. It's Breeze. I didn't know you had a brain tumor, too.


Does this place have clubs? Like a Wu-Tang Clan Appreciation Guild.

[info]willpower in [info]doors

[Tim D, Bruce W, Jason T

[Locked to Tim D.]

I thought I would hear from you again, but I see you got what you wanted days later, almost a week.

[Locked to Bruce W]

It's much more than mere sentiment.

[Locked to Jason T]
[After seeing this]

And what will your punishment be?

[After receiving this]

You lack eloquence, Mr Tony S.

[info]antiqued in [info]doors

[Luke H, Wren M]

[Locked to Luke H and Wren M]

I need to talk to the pair of you.

[info]runs_the_show in [info]doors

benji s, gemma + malcolm d, etienne, andrew p, batman, public

[Phone Call: Justine S/Benji S]
Ring Ring

[Locked: Gemma D/Malcolm D/Justine S]
Hey guys.  I'm sorry I've been gone for so long.  [....] How are you two doing?

[Text: Eti/Justine S]
Eti? I really need to talk to you.

[Locked: Andrew P/Justine S]
Sorry for disappearing for so long.  Take me to see your new house?

[Locked: Batman/Justine S]
Did all of your friends and family survive the plague?

I don't know if even a trip to the spa is enough to decompress after everything.  There's a part of me that just wants to dance until my feet fall off, but that won't help things either I don't think.  I just need something to take my mind off things.  Is anyone else in the same boat? I know there are

ETA: Does anyone have studio space I could rent for a few afternoons? I need a wide open space, preferably one with a wall of mirrors. I'm looking to practice ballet. Thank you!

[info]hellodean in [info]doors

Sam W, Dean W

[Locked to Sam W & Dean W]

Did you know that there is a show on the television about us? Detailing our lives?

[info]agoodman in [info]doors

[Bruce Wayne/Batman]

[Locked to Bruce Wayne/Batman]
[After this]

The illness that killed Tony, son of Stark, came from your door? How?
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[info]abettercriminal in [info]doors

[Locked to Jason Todd]

[After this news breaks.]

Who are you trying to impress, sonny boy?

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors


Is there a doctor in the house? Discretion required.

[info]garrettdonnelly in [info]doors

dc door lock

[Locked to DC Door Occupants]
To whomever decided to take justice into their own hands, your actions were not appreciated.  The punishment will most certainly fit the crime.  You would do well to remember that.

[info]maldito in [info]doors


[Locked to March H and October F]

Hey, guys - someone here is looking for some doctors/a doctor. They didn't say for what, other than stressing confidentiality, and saying they needed bloodwork and a therapist. I don't know how you feel about helping an anonymous poster, but I told them I'd ask. If you go back a bit, you'll see the posting yourselves - they said to just contact them that way.

Hope you're both doing well! Love you!

[Added after Jan's convo with Toby: Locked to March H]

Marchhhhh. :(

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[locked to neil d, sam a]

[neil d]

[...] How are you faring?

[sam a]

I looked for you at the party, but I didn't see you.

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[marvel door update]

[The power comes back not with a boom, or a crash, but with the flicker of electricity and the subtle hum of engines. Suddenly, everything is working again, like nothing at all has changed.

There were casualties, of course, during the month or so that the world lived without power. People died frozen in the streets in northern climes, people killed for food or supplies. For the most part, however, the casualties were much less than they might have been otherwise, and so says the message that flickers across every electronic screen when the power surges.

Your hospitals might have been shut down. Your nuclear plants might have been left to melt down and destroy your cities, your societies, your world. The secret places where your governments keep ancient diseases and terrible substances that could melt your flesh, they could have been shut down, breached, and allowed to flow freely into the air.

But I am not a cruel god. Not yet. And adequate worship might maintain your present peace. Ask yourselves - if Loki could achieve this, then what else might he achieve? Learn from your ancestors. Learn to kneel before a greater power, and accept a fate as happy slaves in peace.

There is no sign of Loki himself anywhere, however. Interested parties who go to the warehouse to check on the stone there will find it cracked with a fissure down the side, dark and ordinary.]