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June 12th, 2012

[info]backintheworld in [info]doors

Bruce B, Avengers

[Locked to Bruce B]
Back from your visit, or do I have to embark on a rescue mission?

[Avengers Lock]
Everyone turn their radios on tomorrow night at 9. We're going to chat with Thor about the situation with Loki.

[info]cantstartafire in [info]doors

[Delivery to Tony S at his underground cavern]]

[The box is just the same as any other but inside is a complicated lock box (that Tony could easily get into with his vast array of tools) and the pieces of the suit that Bruce got back from Hank.]

There is a note that says:

"An old mutual friend of ours says stop sacrificing efficiency for style, I'd have brought them to you myself but have to get back to Vegas. I'll be in touch as soon as I can come back. We have a lot to discuss. - B. Banner
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[info]nonelementary in [info]doors

Elias M / Sherlock H

[She's been through the door for nearly a week, John living in the flat in London. They lost track of Sherlock at some point, so Clare's taking a chance that Elias has returned to Las Vegas, but adds Sherlock to the lock as well.]

I can't keep staying through the door. If nothing else, I have to stop back at the apartment so I can go to work. Have you heard anything more about Micah?

[info]andcream in [info]doors

Clare J, Public


I'm quite tired of all the drama in this place. I'm half tempted to simply catch the next flight back to Ireland, but the bloody voice in my head won't stop ranting and raving about how I must stay.

Rock and a hard place.

[Locked to Clare J]

Are you avoiding me?

[info]earhat in [info]doors

Sherlock H./Micah C.

Cease in your attempts for redemption, or I will make your identity known and halt this idiotic waste of ink.

[info]bound_by_honor in [info]doors

public, various


I am curious, has anyone else been given a second chance at life beyond the door?

[Locked: Arya/Nell, Jon/Raegan, Robb/Aubrey]

If it is not too much trouble for your others, I would request an evening together.

[Locked: Petyr Baelish]

Any word on my daughter?

Added after much consideration
[Locked: Catelyn Stark]


[info]death_in_life in [info]doors


Vegas hasn't changed much in the past four years.  How [...] disappointing interesting.

[info]jukejoint in [info]doors


[The contents of this post get deleted after a very fitful night's sleep, though the post itself remains, blank.]

[After this got really ugly.]

"Part of me just wants to make your nightmares come true by paying her a visit." Yeah? You sick fucking bastard. Fine. Put your money where your dick is. Or do your balls shrivel up when someone calls you out?