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April 14th, 2013

[info]torresdedios in [info]doors


Does anyone else with one of these have...strange dreams? I can't quite explain it, but perhaps someone here could help me figure out who is actually the other in my mind. I've yet to meet them, but I know that they're there somewhere. It's a strange feeling, actually.

I dreamt yesterday of the strangest things. Biblical things, at least from what I could recognize. Things about the beginning, about...well, I still can't make sense of it all. I'm still not certain what, though, or why. Angels and demons. Some demon named Crowley came up frequently. I'm gathering that perhaps this is because of the other inside my head, because I felt terrified of this demon, and it felt like I knew him extensively. Does this name sound familiar to anyone on these things?

[info]knell in [info]doors

[Public, as Kara Z]


How do I find the king of the lions, when there are so many lions?

[info]heartofthewolf in [info]doors

[March H, January F, Winnie O, Sunny W]

[Locked to March H]

I was wondering how you've been doing.

[Locked to January F]

My apologies for the silence.

[Locked to Sunny W]

How have you been, Sunny?

[Delivery to Winnie O]

[A bouquet of flowers, with a simple note attached reading 'Yours, October' in Toby's narrow handwriting.]

[info]blondebat in [info]doors

jason t., helena w., bruce w., public

[locked to jason t.]

Homeboy. Gotham's still standing, so meeting Kara didn't go so bad.

[locked to helena w.]

Hey, girl.

[locked to bruce w.]

He didn't tell me Yo, Bats, long time, no see So, I'm not sure if you know, but I'm heading out of town for a bit. Thought I'd give you the head's up.


Man, if I ever complain about home, I need a smack in the head.

[info]gnawed in [info]doors

[Neil D, Lin A]

[Note left in Neil's room]
[A few hours after this.] Hey, so, yeah. I think I better go. I'm not pissed or anything, Neil. I just, fuck, I don't know. You'll argue that I didn't push you into shit, and maybe that's true, but it feels like I did. And you barely know what to say around me anymore and that's my fault for blurting out shit about my feelings that you didn't want to hear. But you can barely look at me when we're in a room together, and I miss the days when it wasn't like that. I'd kind of like them back, but it's not going to happen if I stick around. I have no clue where I'm going, but you have my number, yeah? Maybe use it sometime, without anyone needing to ask you to. - S

[Locked to Lin A]
Say something completely fucking annoying and cheerful. You're good at that annoying shit.