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March 30th, 2013

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[dc door: news update]

[The Friday morning news runs a story about a mugging gone wrong down in Crime Alley. Such attacks are hardly unexpected, particularly in that part of town, so it doesn't make major play among the headlines. The only notable detail is that the assault was stopped in a particularly brutal way. Both of the men were known criminals. One suffered a badly sliced-open hand which he is expected to lose, and the other was killed, his neck broken after being thrown into a brick wall with incredible force. The surviving victim has admitted the pair intended to assault a woman on her own for her purse, though there was no purse found at the scene, so the veracity of this has been questioned. Witnesses recall seeing an individual who matches descriptions of well-known murderous vigilante the Red Hood. A blonde girl was also spotted at the scene, with some witnesses even stating she was the one responsible for killing the man who died. She left with the Hood, but she has yet to be identified. As usual, anyone with information is being asked to step forward.]

[info]published in [info]doors


A small animal broke into my house. What, they scale buildings now?

[info]mcrory in [info]doors

[Eddie N, Joker]

A few days after this: [Eddie N]
Vivacious. Right?

Mr. J?

[info]leavethenest in [info]doors

[Private to Stephanie Brown]

I think Supergirl is here. But, I don't think she knows us. Jason doesn't want Bruce knowing, which means he probably doesn't think he checks the news. Typical Todd.

[Public as Damian W.]

I don't see the point of Spring Break.

[info]rink in [info]doors


[As Holly R]

So. You're actually into this 'dear diary' shit? Hard to believe this qualifies as an actual form of communication. No offense.

[info]antiqued in [info]doors

Norman O

[Locked to Norman O]

(as anonymous)

I've heard your name being passed around this place, and you seem like the perfect person to help me with a project.

[info]thefixer in [info]doors

Stephanie B

[after the news broadcast]

[Locked: Stephanie B]

Was not you?

[info]incharge in [info]doors

harry o.

[locked to harry o.]

You never called.

[info]gnawed in [info]doors

[Ash D]

[Shortly after this fiasco.]

[Text to Ash "Last Name Unknown"]
So, that dinner invitation still good?

[info]laminette in [info]doors

[Ivy, Harley, Eddie]

[Locked to Ivy and Harley]
Do you two even know Holly's coming to stay.

[Locked to Eddie N]
Eddie, your little plan is working like a charm. How much extra for a second favor?

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[daniel w, neil d, sam a]

[After the general fighting here.]

[Neil D]

Are you alright? Have you spoken to Sam?

[Daniel W]

Care to explain why you accused my brother of being a rapist?

[Sam A]

How are you?

[info]mcrory in [info]doors

[Stephanie B]

After this: [Stephanie B]

You Eddie's sweetie who's been callin him a moron? That's not very nice.

[info]author in [info]doors


Rough draft done and sent off to my editor.

I dare say, I think this is one of the best manuscripts that I've written.

[info]notawarlock in [info]doors


[As Ronan X.]

I haven't even been here twenty-four hours and someone's sent me an iPad. Am I being assimilated into some sort of cult? Who are you people and what is your obsession with airing public drama? (And here I thought I left that behind in college - wishful thinking, that.)

Someone's at least got to point me in the direction of a decent cup of tea. The "cafe" in the lobby of this shithole looks fairly frightening.

[info]rink in [info]doors

Louis D

[Call to Louis D, Saturday Afternoon]


[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

So, serious question! Well, sort of! I've been thinking about it, at any rate!

Do the rules of one universe apply to them all because we're all connected by one universe really? I mean. Say someone dies in another world. I can bring them to mine and revive them at least once. Is that possible? I mean, are the Other Worlds in other worlds the same or is there only one Other World?

AH. This is when someone like Vegeta is good to have around. Or even Piccolo! I'm getting hungry just trying to think about this!

[info]onerule in [info]doors

max m.

[locked to max m.]


[info]horse_and_rider in [info]doors


Being a PI does not mean I have a fedora or a trench coat. I'm not Bogie and I live in Vegas for a reason.

Just in case you were wondering, demented etch-a-sketch.

[info]bufffy in [info]doors


vintage-section smelling library, constantly anxious, stuffy british guy whose glasses can never stay up the bridge of his nose, and vampires. come at me life... i've seen it all. except maybe werewolves... and unicorns. and... elves. okay, maybe haven't seen 'it all'. please bring mermaids.
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