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September 24th, 2012

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locked to luke h, max m]

[locked to luke h]

Luke. I just thought you should know I'm going to go stay somewhere else until we know for sure whether the injection is going to do anything or not.

[locked to max m]

I know this is out of the blue, but do you know somewhere secure in town where I could stay for a while?

[info]lumokinesis in [info]doors


[In black fountain pen that splotches with pauses that require memory.]

Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
Daß ich so traurig bin;
Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten,
Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

[Translation so you don't have to search:
I know not if there is a reason,
Why I am so sad at heart;
A legend of bygone ages,
Haunts me and will not depart.]

[info]lumokinesis in [info]doors


[Text to Lin.]
[Test, test.]

Wouldn't it be intriguing if you deleted my number and we could talk as strangers now?

[info]willpower in [info]doors

Iris R.

[Locked to Iris R.]


Sam gave me your name. I'm a doctor, a psychiatrist.

[info]flirty in [info]doors

text to Aubrey R.

Yo. Are you awake? And if you'e awake, are you sober? If you're asleep, please ignore this message.

[info]caelrox in [info]doors

Finally, enough money for this.

New toy )

Might be a little short on rent, but it had to be done.

[info]fair in [info]doors

On the numeric scale of Bad Ideas, how would you rate giving a key to a perfect stranger so Rose can have some company?

Think anyone will notice if I start driving right back into the Homelands?

Are you familiar with many people who reside near those woods?

I ran into the huntsman you spoke of. He's harmless.

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

[Filtered message: Kitane and Theo]

Flight times and information, for both of you! I thought Theo would like to have too!

American Airlines Flight 776/ 6121 Confirmed 2 Passengers [First Class]
Depart Las Vegas 7:25 PM Thursday, September 27
Arrive: Los Angeles, CA [LAX] 8:35 PM

Depart: Los Angeles, CA [LAX] 11:50 PM
Arrive: Hong Kong International Airport [HKG] Saturday, September 29 at
5:40 AM.

Return flight: 6072/1843 American Airlines
Depart: Hong Kong International Airport [HKG] Thursday, October 11 at 12:55 PM
Arrive: 11:10 AM Los Angeles, CA [LAX]
Depart: 2:20 PM Los Angeles, CA [LAX]
Arrive: 3:30 PM Las Vegas, NV Thursday, October 11

As my parents live in Shenzhen we can take a bus to cross the border from Hong Kong. Very close to the border! The flights inland if we want to go north to Beijing are all in Chinese but I can translate if you want!

Also, Kitane! Remember to bring a jacket with you. Especially if we go to Beijing it is cool this time of the year.

[info]sonofthenorth in [info]doors

[Locked to Kitane Z]

[After a long couple of days spent staring at the box in abject horror.]

Sweetheart. Honey. Hi. Please tell me you sent me that package by mistake.

When have I ever given you any indication that I wanted or needed a clear thon

[info]antiqued in [info]doors


So. I don't suppose anyone is in the market for a circa-1950 'vitalator', would they?

People find the oddest things when they clean out their grandparents' house.

[info]ex_roses104 in [info]doors

[Huntsman, as Rose]

[During this.]

[Locked to the Huntsman]
Why your change of heart, huntsman?

[info]handlewithcare in [info]doors

[Wren M.]


[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Damian W.]


[info]aceofdeath in [info]doors

[public as Seven M]

So, what happens when the guy in your head disappears one day and swaps places with someone else?

Is this normal? Does it mean I have brain cancer or something?

Just curious.