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January 8th, 2013

[info]laminette in [info]doors

Bo Davis

[After talking to Silver.]

[Call to Bo Davis]

[info]redrobin in [info]doors

nick p, wren m, falcon

[Locked: Nick P/Spencer W]
So. Steph and Riddler.

[Locked: Wren M/Spencer W]
Was this Christmas everything you'd hoped for?

[Locked: Falcon/Spencer W]
Thank you. [...] I need to discuss something with you about a woman I met with a few months ago.

[info]maldito in [info]doors

Locked: January F/Maggie O

Magdalena, can we have a date soon? I miss you. I don't know if you ended up going to the hotel during that weird... wintry thing, but if you did and it was anything like my experience, you need a drink too. And a hug. I offer my services for but a small fee.

[info]willpower in [info]doors

Nico, Seven, Adrian, Public

[Text to Nico]

Might want to keep your friend from visiting home.

[Text to Nico, Seven, and Adrian]

[Just a time and place: tomorrow night, his house. A congratulatory dinner.]

[Public, as Anon]

Merry Christmas Vegas, and a Happy fucking New Year.

[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Call to Silver M]


[info]estel_crowned in [info]doors

Iris R, Wnnie O, Public

[Locked to Iris]
[Again he tries. He doesn't want to go blurting her name across the journals, nor does he particularly want to go talking to people in the quest to find her.]


[If that doesn't work, he'll leave a voice mail on the numbers he has for her.]

[Locked to Winnie O]

What the hell is going on?


I'm moving. A house half way down the block just exploded.

[info]fuadan in [info]doors

Nico R

[Locked to Nico R]

[After he watches the news.]
Did we have anything to do with this?

[info]caelrox in [info]doors

What the Hell is going on out there? I'm glad I wasn't outside.

[Text to March]
Ready with some strings?

[Text to Beth]
How are you? You weren't out in that shit, were you?

[Text to Cory]
Sup, Sup?

[info]lorddenethor in [info]doors

sevastian v

[text, after the meth lab explodes]

Violence in the city & an explosion. EMS overloaded. Staying late. Won't be able to drive home. Will call when I can. Stay SAFE.

[info]ex_thorns985 in [info]doors

Connor B & Dylan M

[During the Giacomaness.]

[Voicemail left for Connor B & Dylan M]
Knowing about the explosives and the weapons prevented precisely nothing. All that bloody almost getting caught, and for what? What is the point in all of this? If you knew that he'd something planned, why not keep it from happening somehow? He's only a man, not some deity that can't be arrested and tried like the rest of us. They're incandescently happy. You should see them. A job well done, you see. [Click.]

[info]gotothesea in [info]doors


The police are doing everything they can to keep people safe. There is no need to panic. I would recommend that you stay in your homes, however, if possible, until the situation is better contained.

[info]albagalbasi in [info]doors

[Filtered from law-enforcement types]

Might be a long shot, but hey, who's counting?

I'm an intern at local law firm here, looking for some work. Anyone need a lawyer or anything legal? If you're on here, I'd be willing to do some under the table stuff just to get my name out there a bit. Probably would help to introduce myself, too. I'm Elinor Stewart. My family's got a long history with politics and the like.

[info]bloodjunkie in [info]doors



Case anyone was wondering, the realtor didn't tell me to go expecting fireworks every night either. Reckon things are done blowing up, or we got more to look forward to?

[info]agoodman in [info]doors

Louis D, Aubrey R, Silver M, Justine S, and Public

[Individually locked to Louis D, Aubrey R, Silver M and Justine S]

Everyone accounted for?


What's with all the shooting?

[info]laminette in [info]doors

[Damian W]

[Delivery, Damian]
[The kitten is much stronger than she was when Selina received her, but she still needs bottle feeding and near-constant warmth. She's the last cat to relocate before the weekend, despite Ra's assurance that there is no need. She's left on Damian's bed, wherever the baby bird happens to be sleeping that night, without a note.]

[info]musicalwater in [info]doors

I think this is a game, no? Drink once if you hear gunshots in the middle of the night two days after you move in, drink twice if you see burning buildings from your window. What is next, dead bodies?

I have a bottle of vodka. If I play this game, I will be drunk in ten minutes.

[info]incharge in [info]doors

otto o.

I'm bored.

Let's storm a hospital

You've been quiet, Octavius. Not afraid of the dark, are we?

[info]garrettdonnelly in [info]doors

[door update: gotham]

[Door Update: Gotham City]
[Per his conversation with Batman, Gordon has stepped up police presence in Gotham. He does his best to make it unobtrusive as possible, upping the number of patrols in key locations like the worst parts of Gotham as well as hospitals, chemical and water plants. Police officers are working around the clock, paid overtime and this heavy schedule is put forth through to the end of next week at minimum. EMS and other emergency response teams are put on alert that a drill will be happening in the coming days and it's all hands on deck, but no one is alarmed. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Jim Gordon doesn't know that it's the last time he'll be able to cross for a long while.]

[info]gotothesea in [info]doors

[news update]

[After a call from a certain FBI officer, approvals are put through, people are consulted, and the National Guard is eventually mobilized. They move into Las Vegas late Tuesday night, and they come in force. There are enough of them to make the citizens of the city feel safe again, and to fill the streets with enough security that America's gambling mecca can continue generating GDP, business as usual. Meanwhile, they get to work making sure the people responsible for the chaos are ferreted out.]

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locked to luke h]

You're alright?