March 2014



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October 3rd, 2012

[info]pesadilla in [info]doors

phone call to Elise D., because Lin's a talker

[Ring, ring, ring.]

[info]changingskin in [info]doors


[Public; As Raven D]

Is this some kind of joke? Why did the key take me home?

[info]snowscar in [info]doors

Text message to Lin

[Text message to Lin A]
Met your boy the other day. He's a bright one.

[info]the_huntress in [info]doors

Liam R, Dick G, Jason T, Tim D/Spencer W, Luke H

[All from Helena W.]

[Locked to Liam R.]

This is going to be weird. Um Hi. You don't know me but I need to talk to you.

[Locked to Dick Grayson]


[Locked to Jason T.]

I'm curious.

ETA: [Locked to Tim D./Spencer W.]


ETA: [Locked to Luke H.]

Do you remember me? From a couple weeks ago?

[info]jukejoint in [info]doors

Louis D

[Call to Louis D]
[Ring. Right when he picks up, and without waiting for a greeting.] Ok, fucking listen, ok? I know who committed four murders, and I'm not going to the fucking cops, because I don't want to get killed or go crazy testifying or whatever. But I can't sleep, and I can't just not say anything. But then I remembered you, and an anonymous tip is safe, right? Right. Anonymous fucking tip. Grab a pen and paper.

[info]worththefight in [info]doors

private to Erik L.

[As Charles X.]

I've finally convinced Archie to let me through the Door. I've arrived on the other side at the mansion in Westchester and plan on staying here for a bit, if you have the time?

[info]published in [info]doors

Christine D.

[Backdated. Christine D.]

Need money?

[info]author in [info]doors

Sam A.

[Locked to Sam A]

You don't have any more of that stuff you gave me when you picked me up from the Ranch, do you?

[info]sonofthenorth in [info]doors


This is probably going to be the gayest thing I've ever said, but nothing takes care of a hangover like a bloody mary and a Tyra marathon.