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June 19th, 2012

[info]handlewithcare in [info]doors

As Caroline F.

[Elena G]


[Stefan S]

How's it going?

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I see the animal farm has gotten bigger.

(( SPOILER ALERT for GoT fans who haven't read the books. ))

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

[public, posted as Song Mingmei]

I live apartment close University of Las Vegas. Would like to have a roommate. Is there any person interested?

[info]flamemustang in [info]doors

[posted as Roy Mustang]

[Filtered message for General Peggy Carter]

General Carter. I hope that this letter finds you well. I myself am still adjusting to life as it is and on more than one occasion have wondered what caused all of this, being in someone else's body. I know that we have exchanged brief words before, but as a fellow General, I would like for an opportunity to come to know you better. I hope that my letter does not alarm you, for such was not my intention. Let it serve merely as a friendly greeting between Generals.

I would like to request a meeting with you. While I'm certain there is certain protocol in the world you are familiar with for such a request, as there is in mine, in this world we find ourselves with very different rules and outside of the familiar military that ran our lives for years. I will let you make the terms and the place for such a meeting, as I am the one requesting it. In my world, we call this equivalent exchange, a founding principle that I firmly believe in.

I hope that I should hear from you soon.
Roy Mustang
[/Filtered message]

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loren c., dahlia g.

[Locked to Loren C.]

I believe we share a mutual friend. Do you have a moment?

[Locked to Dahlia G.]

Have you spoken to Meredith recently?

[info]trickarrow in [info]doors

Maren W, Hunter W, Raegan H, Shailee T, Public

[Westerberg lock]

You've got a new sibling. He demands gifts.

[Locked to Shailee T]

I need some help finding a place that'll let me have a dog.

His name is Max, and no, he's not going back to where he used to be. Fuck people who can't take care of their animals.


Looking for someone needing a roommate. Don't need much other than a bed and someplace that's friendly to dogs. Drop me a line here.

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[Posted Anonymously and Privately to Batgirl]
[While waiting for Jonah to get out of the ER. Bored and intrigued. A very bad Sadie combo.]

Heeeey Batgirl.

Got a minute to talk?

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[locked to brielle g, poison ivy]

[brielle g.]

[After his conversation with Luke.]

I doubt you want to speak to me after the party, but Wren insisted How are you, Brielle? Have you heard from Alexander at all?

[poison ivy]

Ivy, is something going on that I ought to know about?

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I don't understand this place. It is wealthy, but it is full of complete filth. It's so bloody hot out, and someone was nearly sick all over me. I need a shower.

[info]abettercriminal in [info]doors

Text to Sadie P.

[Immediately after this. Sent from the hallway outside the DC door.]

help got a situation at passages. bring car. tell nobody
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Phone call to Jules S.

[After this.]

[Phone call to Jules]

Ring, ring.

[info]doomed_love in [info]doors


[Locked: Ivy/Harley]

Staying at the greenhouse for a few days.  hope it's okay.


[info]doesntcare in [info]doors

damon s.

[LOCKED to Damon S.]

In the mood to talk about it?