March 2014



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May 28th, 2012

[info]hitjackpot in [info]doors

simon c., roger d., adam w., public

[locked to simon c]

How'd you and the kid fare?

[locked to roger d]

While I've got faith you and Damian kicked asses and took names, MJ wants me to check in on him.

[locked to adam w]

Okay? I didn't hear anything about Pym


Heya Superman. A little redhead just wants to say thanks about the other day.

[info]jukejoint in [info]doors

Louis D

[Locked to Louis D]
You back?

[info]hemlockandhoney in [info]doors

selina k, jonathon c, harley q

[LOCKED individually to each, all from Poison Ivy.]

[Selina K]

Is the kitty cat free from the slammer yet? Or does she need a hand?

[Jonathon C]
You better not have gotten killed, I don't need the inconvenience.

[Harley Q]

[info]doomed_love in [info]doors

[Public; Harley Q]

Oh lover boy, did you find your little girlfriend? I'm positively bursting with curiosity.  Well, actually I'm more curious about who was touching her while you were with me.

[info]nekoshitsuji in [info]doors


Subject: My apologies

Mr. Winter,

I'm terribly sorry for whatever actions the other version of myself may have gotten up to while I was not...present. I believe he offered to assist your assistant, but aside from that, I'm uncertain as to what he did.

I trust and I hope that you're all right.

Yours sincerely,

[info]ex_storytell632 in [info]doors

Neil D; Louis D; Evan H; Felicia F; Lizzy R

[Locked separately to: Neil D/Louis D/Evan H/Felicia F/Lizzy R]

Check in, please.

[info]deathisboring in [info]doors


Looking for a blonde with a killer jaw and no right hand. Suit wasn't half bad either.

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[locked to neil d, iris r]

[locked to neil d]

do you know sam is I promised her I wouldn't tell you Alright?

[locked to iris r]

[...] You don't need to speak with me, Iris, but if you would check in with me, I would appreciate it.

[info]twostepsahead in [info]doors

[Individual Texts: Hailey F, Amy F]

Are you okay?

[Locked: Lizzy R]

Safe again?

[Locked: Ben R/Thor]

Thank you, for everything you did Thor.

[Group Lock: Avengers +]

Is everyone alright? If there's anything I can do, please let me know.

[info]andcream in [info]doors


[Posted Anonymously]

I'm looking for someone. From the kitchens at the hotel.

[info]isconfetti in [info]doors

Cory H, Louis D, Kate D, Public

[Locked to Cory H/Arthur]
Make it through, man?

[Locked to Louis D]
Let me guess, you're hiding somewhere and avoiding me.

[Locked to Kate D]
You're adorable when you're an impossible teenager, Katie. Doing alright?

[Not bothering with the whole anon thing.]
I'm looking for some guy from the hotel. That's probably the pick up line today, huh? Just call me Lucky.

[info]madameroyal in [info]doors

[Locked to Ezra B]

Still want that drink? I could use it.

[info]doesntcare in [info]doors


Clarify something for me, if you will.

Wouldn't the more apt function of these communal journals be an opportunity to set forth solutions rather than lamenting the repressed psychoses of our inner children? I get it, I do. You're all Germanic noble savages worshiping thunder deities and masticating horse meat, when you're not busy raising the dead. Or so I hear. Coincidentally, you could suspect why I refrained from using the traditional term Viking, which is actually of a feminine tense from which the masculine vikingr is easily derived but also easily overlooked.

To set things back on course, I have a question to steer us in the right direction from hence forth. What is the best screenplay adaption of a musical? Think carefully, there is only one correct answer.

[info]amockingbird in [info]doors

[Public: Petyr Baelish]

The council would be most honored by the presence of the Hand of the King at our next meeting.

[info]cursedlife in [info]doors

I hope everyone made it through this past week relatively unscathed. It's just left me with more questions than anything else, it seems.

Anyone want to join me on a trip to the Hoover Dam? I've never been, and I need out of the city.

[info]solitairey in [info]doors

public, from vivienne k



SMFKN;LFVJPOFVHOU L;FNF [Further unintelligible type as the phone is flung far and wide.]

[info]thesavior in [info]doors

Sam A; Scott C; Callum W

[Text: Sam A]

Tell me you're not dead.

[Secure communication: Scott C]

Were you around in this mess?

[Secure call: Callum W]

Ring, ring.

[info]skelterhelter in [info]doors

jules s.

[Locked to Jules S]
Tate told me that he thinks [All scribbled out with blue ink.] Talk to me.

[Then posted publicly, from Loren C.]
How do we accept what we've done?

[info]silverandsteel in [info]doors

[Avengers] and [People]

[The Avengers, Spider-Man & Agent Coulson -- and their alters, I guess, if Tony or Silver knows them?]

Evening. I am Tony's alter, if you did not know. He thinks it's better if we lie low and heal up for a while on this side, and I'm inclined to agree. He wants to make sure you're in one piece, even if he would say something more flippant.

I don't suppose anyone managed to nab Loki.

[Pepper P./Felicia F.]

Hiding out in Vegas, but I haven't been to the garage. Hope you're both okay.

[Bruce B./Anton S.]

Tony has deduced that Anton Sparke is probably the only person capable of making those communicators outside of government contracting, so here's hoping I have the right person.

[info]ms_smartypants in [info]doors


[Public, anonymously]

I'm looking for a man from the hotel the other night. I [...] tackled you into one of the rooms?

[info]trickarrow in [info]doors

Hunter W, Maren W, Reagan H

[Group Lock]

This is about a decade too late, but I hope the lot of you are fine.

[info]wildrover in [info]doors

[Public:: as Hailey Fulton]

If anyone has damage to their vehicle, please let me know. We accept all insurance plans, and our work is both fast and quality.

[info]agoodman in [info]doors

[Lizzy R]

I'm on the way to the Condo, is it still in one piece?

[To Winding Anon]

I'd like to talk to you. I know there are things you can't tell me, but I think you know what he did. No one wants it to happen again.