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May 17th, 2012

[info]agoodman in [info]doors

Frigga, Lizzy R

[Locked to Lizzy R]
I shall be at Passages shortly.

[Locked to Frigga]
Loki has [...] He slips further into madness.

[info]monitormerc in [info]doors

I just saw this quote on a poster next to lab and it just made my morning,

"Life would be a million times better if there were piñatas strategically placed throughout the day."

[info]unluckyant in [info]doors

The clinic is nearly full of patients that fell victim to the "dragon". Please remind your non-Passages friends that this is not some elaborate magic trick.

[info]faithfulmiranda in [info]doors


I have once again spent far to long at work and now have come home to discover half the lights in my house have blown, resulting in some very nice bruises along my legs from banging into furniture as I tried to find a working light, candle or torch.

Just what I needed.

[info]author in [info]doors

The French ponce has finally shut up.

Anyone up for a drink to celebrate?

[info]nutsaboutyou in [info]doors


Oh gee, something has gone clearly wrong. Tippy Toes and I are clearly not in the right place.

[info]doorsverse in [info]doors

[Plot: Las Vegas]

[It doesn’t happen all at once. Little by little, Alters that are in their Door Worlds are kicked back to the hallway of Passages on Thursday evening. They are kicked out of their Worlds as themselves, whole and with all of their natural abilities and states, weapons and clothing. Little by little, the doors in the hotel knit closed. Keys, if tried, won’t turn the locks. Breaking the doors down will have no effect. There are no Worlds there, nothing beyond the panels of wood, nothing that can be accessed - and no indication that the doors will ever open again. For characters not in their Door Worlds, nothing changes and, for them, life continues on under the false pretense of normalcy - with one exception: For the week, their Alters cannot control them. Even if they are still there, oddly present, the locking of the doors makes them powerless, almost nothing at all.]

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors


[The ice comes from high above Las Vegas, though no one can pinpoint the actual location, as it seems to come from everywhere at once. The layer of ice is relatively thin, but it’s enough to freeze every car on the Strip in place. Every person behind the wheel or in the backseat of a cab is trapped within. On the sidewalks, ice covers tourists in cocoons of slick, wet cold, and the Strip hotels are blanketed in cold blue. Emergency vehicles, ill-equipped for ice, can’t drive over the slick surface. Old-fashioned tools and manpower seems to be the only hope for freeing those trapped, since it’ll take hours for the sun to rise and melt the unforgiving ice.]

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors


[There is a dragon on the strip.

Or, perhaps more accurately, there is a lindworm. It has no wings, but it makes up for its lack of flight with its size (about forty feet long), its tail (spiked and heavy enough to smash through walls), its venom (which liberally coats its many teeth) and its target (anything that runs). It is very interested in human prey.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a woman is brought into the hospital, apparently DOA, with a strange mark cut into her forehead and odd, dark blue skin under her nails. Cause of death cannot be explained, but is assumed to be heart failure in the face of the dragon, and doctors move on to the rest of the many patients being brought in rather than linger over the dead woman, who twitches as soon as they leave the room.]

[info]bound_by_honor in [info]doors

public, various


The Wynn will provide shelter and medical attention if necessary due to the events currently unfolding outside.

[Individual Texts: Theo/Raegan; Theo/Kit]

Stay inside, wherever you are.

[Text: Theo/Kate]

Where are you?

[Email: Employees]

To All Wynn Employees )