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May 6th, 2012

[info]themosthappi in [info]doors


Is anyone interested in going to Tudor England? She gets bored if she goes alone and I can't stand pacing my apartment anymore

[info]ofmazandaran in [info]doors

sam a., neil d., public

[posted shortly after the events of this as aiden s., but the handwriting is absolutely not his.]

[locked to sam a/christine d]

Whether you are Samantha or Mademoiselle Daae, I wish to speak with you about recent matters. I'm sure you can imagine what.

[locked to neil d./erik]

[ ... ] Are you well, sir? Both yourself and Erik?


Though I did not intend to involve myself in this so-strange and unpleasant situation, my choice to stay my hand has resulted in nothing good. While I try to fix the damage my inaction has wrought, I wish to extend a warning to those on either side of their door: that to try and prevent passage from one side to the other has drastic consequences, especially on those in an unstable frame of mind. Do not try to solve this unusual problem by trying to destroy it or make it go away. I can assure you it will not work out the way you intend.

[ ... ] And for those of you who find yourself concerned with strangers' plights, keep a watchful eye on each other. To deal with two wills in one often leads to struggle, and a hand of goodwill could be someone's saving grace.

[info]toberuled in [info]doors


Indulge my curiosity. Have you all come to a decision, yet? Are you prepared to succumb to my rule, or will you require convincing?

[info]author in [info]doors

[Locked to Sam A/Christine D]

[before going to meet Louis/Loki]

If, for some reason, I do not return to you, I want you to know, Christine, that I love you. And I apologise for any wrongs I may have done.

Be safe, my dear.

[info]bound_by_honor in [info]doors

maren w, hunter w, raegan h, kit va

[Maren W]

[After receiving her returned apology, Theodore decides to donate the books, along with $100,000 to Reading is Fundamental, in her name. A thank you letter is sent the next morning to her RV.  Another envelope accompanies the mail, though it isn't addressed at all.  Her name is simply written in the same block letters and the key card is inside the envelope.  No note.]

[Hunter W]

[The stables at Excalibur receive a horse, saved from an abusive farm in Phoenix, along with a check for $50,000 to cover stable expenses for the horse.  Included with the horse is the deed, indicating that Hunter is the owner.  There is a second check, for another $50,000 because Theo has no idea how much it costs to care for a horse.  There's no note, but the checks are from the Wynn.]

[Kit VA]

[A donation of $100,000 is made to the charity he works at, in his name.]

[Raegan H]

[A donation of $150,000 is made in her name to The Children's Defense Fund. Her thank you letter is waiting on the dining table, along with breakfast, the next morning.]

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Sent to:
Sent: 6 May 2012, 8 PM
Subject: Promotional Idea

Mr. Winters, )

[info]darkestfears in [info]doors

[The links are posted anonymously Sunday evening, each leading to an mp3 file to download. It is nearly impossible to trace these back to a specific individual, but considering there is no effort made to disguise the voice, assumptions can be made as to who made the files.]

[Locked to Wren M.]

Good evening, Wren... )

Locked to Maddie Kate R.

Maddie Kate, or MK. Am I allowed to call you that? )

[Locked to Brielle G.]

Good evening, Brielle. )

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[Text to Felicia F]

Directly after this

Cops just served a search warrant. Think they are looking for Silver.

[info]jukejoint in [info]doors

Tristan M, Tiffani R

[Group lock to Tristan M and Tiffani R]
Thank you for your hospitality, but I am afraid things have gotten rather complicated for me, and I do not foresee returning to the Ranch for a time. Tristan, I hope to continue my work for you, but I cannot weld at present.