May 2014





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January 12th, 2014

[info]anything1 in [info]doors

[The Crew, for lack of a better name]

[Locked to Jack C, Bo D, Julian H, Chris J, Dylan M, Faol R, Preston R]
[Because it's easier than tracking everyone down in Davis' Club Med version of a safehouse.]

Rawlings has everyone's new aliases. When you get a chance, pick them up. Everyone has a name, a solid history, references, SSN and license. This doesn't mean we get sloppy. The falsified DNA worked, and they aren't looking for us, but don't make phone calls home, and don't go home. We stay here for now, even if it's just to sleep. Be careful. The journals are alright, as far as we can tell, but at least make sure your surname initial on public posts is different, in case anyone government is on here, alright? We have someone to fund our operation. If we're Charlie's Angels, then he's Charlie. Salaries should start coming in soon into the bank accounts assigned to the aliases. To keep collecting, we work. I'm hoping we'll get a tech person our way soon, too. In the meantime, everyone stay safe, and don't do anything stupid. If you think your family and friends can't keep their mouths shut, then don't tell them you're alive. Alright? If you need a pep talk, knock on Davis' door.

[info]whipoftruth in [info]doors

[Locked to DC Door, after this]

By the gods, what was that? Do we have a new foe in town? [Naturally assuming it couldn't be one of their own.]

[Locked to Kara]

Kara, please stop whatever you are doing.

[info]predacious in [info]doors

Ashleigh D

[Delivery for Ashleigh D]
[After their talk.]

[Delivered by courier in a long dress bag, something to wear on their next night out. Of course it comes with a pair of shoes in their own box and in her size. In a separate box comes the jewelry. A necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.]

See you on Monday,

[info]riddlethem in [info]doors

[Comm to Stephanie B]
[While she's on patrol. A day after Kara wrecks the city. Eddie wasn't through the door, so he comes home to a big old wtf. Beep, beep.]

[info]upintheclouds in [info]doors

[Locked - Bruce W]

I doubt you know, I doubt you're paying attention - but in case anyone accidentally mentions it to you before I get back through the door. I'm not dead, which means Dick isn't MIA or dead, but please don't tell anyone that I'm not actually dead because that could be very bad. And if you can manage it - try not to let your guy on the other side of the door know either, probably him/her most urgently of all because then I'm completely screwed. I don't know if you have a compartment for that but Dick does - so maybe you do too.

But I figure you and yours have been through enough lately that even a false inkling for however brief a time that you might not see Dick again, would do no one any good.

All is quiet on the Vegas front, I'll get back through the door just as soon as I can.

[info]isherprotege in [info]doors

[Public as Lizzie K]

A couple of random doodles in her sketchbook )

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locks to: luke h, charlie g]

[luke h]


[charlie g]

[...] I don't know if you heard, but if you see a story that says I died this week, it isn't true.

[info]tithe in [info]doors


[In the Opera House chapel, aloud]

Monsieur? Mon ange? I would like to thank you for my gift, mon professeur, and I would speak of something with you.