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November 22nd, 2013

[info]truth in [info]doors


[After this]

One would think you would learn a lesson from recent events.

If you punch someone, you'll get arrested.

And if I require surgery from this break in my cheekbone, I'm suing.

This month can end at any time.

[info]soundofwings in [info]doors

[Jack R]

[He's the only one it affects, so he's the only one she tells. In a shaky hand:]

[Name of new facility (one he is not affiliated with, not that she did that on purpose.)]
Room 214

[...] Thank you.

[info]incharge in [info]doors

daniel w., louis d.

[locked to daniel w.]

Hey, Daniel. So, I know I'm the last person you want to hear from but there's something you should know.

[locked to louis d.]

[...] Hey.

[info]ex_thisismym190 in [info]doors

jack r, liam r, public

[Filtered to Jack R]

Heeeey. How's it hanging?

[Filtered to Liam R]

I feel like I've missed 100000000 things about this place, and here I thought the Door side was confusing as hell.

[Public as Callie N]

So how about them [insert sports team here]?

[info]onerule in [info]doors

jack c., max m.

[Fuzzy timelines; before coming home from the hospital.]

[locked to jack c.]

Guess what?

[locked to max m.]

[...] So, I have some news.

[info]diedlikeheroes in [info]doors

As Gideon P

Magic book.

I can work with a magic book.

[info]isalwaysangry in [info]doors

casey d, louis d, neil d, ashleigh d, public

[Locked to Donovans]

I know this is shit timing, but Ash and I were thinking about having a family dinner in the next week. Or not shit timing, considering some of us might need a distraction.

[Public as Dair D]

I've officially decided I'm terrible at Blackjack. Will I get kicked out of Vegas for this?