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August 27th, 2013

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locked to ella d]

Ella, I'm Jack, a friend of Max's. I know Cerise as well, the woman who has your daughter right now. I can tell you that she's safe, although I don't know where Cerise has her. She doesn't want to bring her back to Vegas right now because she's concerned Ian will just swoop in and snatch her up again.

[info]flashofvenom in [info]doors

[Call to Mary Jane.]

[Ring, ring.]


New York you have the best foooooood. There's no sand in my falafel.

[info]predacious in [info]doors

[Chloe M., Public.]

[Phone call to Chloe M.]

[On the ride home.]

Ring, ring.



[And then, after a moment's consideration, locked so that Eloise might not see it.]

If any of you might have news of my sister, Eloise, I would be grateful for it.

[info]alittlered in [info]doors

peter p., harry o., tony s, public

[locked to peter p.]

Hey, tiger. Long time, no see. MK is freaking I need someone to

[locked to harry o.]

I fucking ha Why haven't you Hate you [Nothing sent.]

[email to tony s.]

[Also CC'd to Pepper Potts, though MJ doesn't realize that.]

Mr. Stark,

Sorry I haven't been around very much the past month. I've had [...] complications with the other side of the door. No more fruit salad for lunch, right? Pretty sure that it's all gone bad by now. Let me know if you need anything

Mary Jane Watson


Last week of summer in New York, and I haven't done one fun thing. It's a sin.

[info]strawed in [info]doors


[After Cerise left with the child, but before the Wallace boys get there. Fuzzy timelines are fuzzy. Squint if you must.]

Loose ends are quite difficult to clean up when everything's so frayed and ragged.

[info]milliner in [info]doors

Neil D, Sam A, Public

[Locked to Neil D]

I would like to talk to you when you have a moment, Neil.

ETA: Nevermind. I'm under instruction not to speak to you any longer. My apologies, Neil.

[Envelope left at the hotel with Sam's name scrawled on the front in Chloe's impeccable handwriting. Inside, a card.]


I am wishing you the fastest of recoveries from your horrific ordeal. If there is ever anything that I can do to help you, don't hesitate to let me know.




[After her lovely conversation with Sam.]

I'm thinking of accepting that offer I was given of doing a syndicated advice column. Relationship advice, mostly. It would be good to give advice where it's so sorely needed.

[The post goes crossed out, thick black lines until the paper's torn, and nothing more is said.]

[info]awry in [info]doors


[Locked to Loki]
When you first arrived, how did you know what was true and what was false in this place? Do you trust the muggles you were telling me about?

[info]snowscar in [info]doors

private to James Potter

Filtered message to Dad

So, um, did you work out a place for us to meet up, finally? Or would it help if I talked to Remus first, do you think?

[info]gnawed in [info]doors

[Neil D]

[Locked to Neil D]
[After this.]

Did you see Ian is back I was trying to make shit better with Lin but Daniel's been gone since Lou just kept Tell Chloe to leave me the fuck alone. Just, I can't deal with her shit on top of everything else. Just tell her to leave me the fuck alone, ok? Just, her headgames, I can't fucking deal, and you're not going to fucking believe me anyway, so just tell her to just LEAVE ME ALONE. She'll listen to you or whatever. Just, yeah, ok?

[The cursor blinks for a little while after this, but she goes through the door to keep from getting a hit, and any responses will forwarded to Gwen.]

[info]muchness in [info]doors


[And drunkenly, because no way she would make a public post otherwise. Written messily.]

Suggestions for the best local bar for good beer at unemplyed level cheap? I'll even put up with shitty music and neon lights for a decnt .99¢ on tap.